Top 7 Richest Cricket Boards in the World 2024

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The world of cricket exceeds a bat, a ball, and 2 teams; sometimes it is more about the authorities who stand tall and supportive with their technical and financial prowess. At times, people may want to know about other fascinating facets of cricket such as who might be funding the cricket team and how a team is financed. These powerful authorities are known as cricket boards, which play a significant role in shaping a group of individuals as a whole. Let’s look at the richest cricket boards all over the world and learn more about them.

Top 7 Cricket Boards in the World

1. Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI)

BCCI or the Board of Control for Cricket in India was birth in India and today, it holds the first position in the list of richest cricket boards in the world with a whopping net worth of $2 billion (INR 18,700 crore). Having its headquarters in Churchgate, Mumbai, BCCI is a much sought-after cricket board as compared to others. But it was established in Chennai on 1 December 1928. Roger Binny, former Indian international cricketer, is currently managing the position of 36th President of BCCI. The association’s presence has been strengthened by the IPL tournament the nation hosts, attracting international viewership along with sponsorships from prestigious organizations such as Dream11, Hyundai, etc.

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2. Cricket Australia (CA)

Formerly known as the Australian Cricket Board (ACB), Cricket Australia was formed in 1905. Today it stands with a net worth of $70 million. The board is responsible for conducting different tournaments in cricket including the Men’s, Women’s, and Youth games with other categories of national teams such as disability or over-age teams. Cricket Australia also hosts Test matches, ODIs and T20 internationals. It is a parent authority to six member organizations that represent the different states of Australia. Being governed by nine independent officers, Mike Baird has been holding the command since February 2023, while Nick Hockley has been titled the Chief Executive Officer of the association.

3. England and Wales Cricket Board (EWCB)

This is the national cricket federation of England and Wales. EWCB is the third cricket board in the world which is counted amongst the richest cricket boards in the world. Better known as ECB, this board governs all cricket sides of England and Wales including both its national teams in Men’s and Women’s categories. Be it Test series, ODIs, or the T20Is, the cricket board manages all these tournaments alongside other teams like those of Physical Disability, Learning Disability, Visual Impairment, and Deafness. The head office of the ECB is at Lord’s Cricket Ground in London. Its valuation is $4 billion presently.

4. Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB)

Formed in 1948 and headquartered in Lahore, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is one of the richest cricket boards, with a net worth of $55 million. The association till now has produced some of Pakistan’s finest cricketers and hosted some big tournaments in the game’s history. PCB has been a member of the International Cricket Council since 1952 and it represents the nation’s national teams in both men’s and women’s category at international cricket tournaments under ICC. The head office of PCB is situated at Gaddafi Stadium and the director is Mohammad Hafeez. In 2012, PCB had its first-ever annual awards to recognize and appreciate Pakistan’s cricket talent, who have represented the country on the field of play. Pakistan’s recent Pakistan Super League earned the PCB an honorary position on the list of leading cricket boards.

5. Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB)

BCB hosted the ODI World Cup of 2011 between India and Sri Lanka and is all set to co-host the 2031 tournament with India. Born in the year 1972, the Bangladesh Cricket Board is the fifth richest cricket board in the world. The Bangladesh Cricket League is the oldest national T20 league in the country which has gained BCB a great position in this list. Today, BPL stands as one of its one-of-a-kind tournaments, and its total contribution to cricket has made it the fifth-richest cricket board. BCB has its headquarters in Dhaka and has a current net worth of $51 million. A majority of its earnings come from Ban Tech through a TV contract. Ban Tech is a television broadcaster. BCB was the organizer of the T20I World Cup of 2014 and the Champions Trophy of 1998.

6. Cricket South Africa (CSA)

South Africa’s Cricket Board has a net worth of $47 million. CSA took form in 2002 and ran opposite the United Cricket Board of South Africa (UCB). UCB was formed after the merger of the South African Cricket Union and the South African Cricket Board in 1991. Cricket South Africa (CSA) is closely associated with the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) and is an active part of the International Cricket Council (ICC). CSA administers cricket tournaments of all levels in South Africa, for both men and women. CSA is headquartered in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa. Its current Chairperson is Lawson Naidoo and its Chief Executive Officer is Pholetsi Moseki. CSA hosted the 2003 ODI World Cup between Zimbabwe and Kenya and is preparing to host the World Cup between Zimbabwe and Namibia.

7. Zimbabwe Cricket Board (ZCB)

Although they are hardly seen in any domestic tournament or cricket league, the Zimbabwe Cricket Board ranks at the seventh number of being among the richest cricket boards in the world. ZCB was formed in 1981 as the Zimbabwe Cricket Union, which later on became ZC in 2001. Headquartered in Harare, Zimbabwe, the cricket board has a net worth of $38 million. Zimbabwe Cricket has been in association with ICC since 1992. In May 2023, the nation was ranked number 10 for Tests, 11th in ODIs, and the same in T20Is by ICC. ZC hosted the ODI World Cup of 2003 between South Africa and Kenya and is gearing up for the 2027 tournament between South Africa and Namibia.

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These top cricket boards stand tall in the world of cricket because of the power they hold over the game in their respective countries. From BCCI to Cricket Australia and Zimbabwe Cricket, these cricket boards are a testament to their powerful hold over the sport. They also testify about the evolving scenario of cricket as a global game and how it has developed over recent years, through essential investments and strategies.

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