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Rahul Garg, Founder, and CEO of Moglix is a first-generation entrepreneur. Rahul embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2015 after working with Google. An engineer from IIT Kanpur, an MBA from Indian Business School and a member of Harvard Business School Owners/ President Management Cohort 62, his academic underpinnings illuminate his path in the realm of entrepreneurship, shaping his remarkable odyssey as a visionary leader. Mr. Garg, a YPO Delhi & International member, affiliated with FICCI, serves as Co-Chair of Unicorn Forum, Delhi State Head of Startup Committee, and CII Manufacturing Council Member.

A Visionary Leader – Rahul Garg adds, “India operated pretty much without catalogues pre-Moglix. I would take the liberty of saying that Moglix is the catalogue for India,” encapsulates the disruptive force he envisioned. Under Rahul Garg’s guidance, Moglix has shown remarkable growth since 2015, driving a phygital procurement transformation that brings B2B operations on par with consumer convenience and technology. Garg’s mission redefines supply chain processes for enhanced efficacy.

An Exemplary Trailblazer: Recognitions and Contributions

With 16 US patents in wireless tech and titles like Fortune’s 40 under 40, Rahul exemplifies innovation, also earning recognition as Business World Young Entrepreneur and IIT Kanpur Distinguished Alumnus. Rahul, an investor and leader, supports seven startups globally and leads CII Delhi Startup Committee for fostering growth and innovation facilitating startup growth and industry innovation.

Moglix’s Distinctive Approach

Moglix revolutionizes industrial procurement holistically, creating a robust manufacturing framework through services spanning procurement, packaging, supply chain financing, and software integration.

Moglix’s Impact

Moglix, founded in 2015, introduced a pioneering concept ahead of its time – a fully digitized B2B platform offering doorstep delivery to manufacturing sectors and infrastructure companies. Moglix’s marketplace, featuring 500,000+ SKUs, leads India’s industrial e-commerce, backed by Unilever’s global adoption of its software in 70 countries.

Overcoming Challenges

Rahul tackled uncharted challenges, educating stakeholders and demonstrating benefits to transition traditional industries onto digital platforms. Navigating shifts in audience behavior and operational challenges, Rahul’s strategic leadership and skilled team drove successful scaling and supply chain efficiency.

Envisioning Industry Transformation

Rahul’s ambition extends to seeing India evolve into a $10 trillion economy over the next decade, a feat requiring collective effort. It would require policies that foster innovation, attract foreign investment, and boost various sectors of the economy. Rahul advocates collaborative tech-industry digital transformation for streamlined supply chains and promotes eco-friendly practices to minimize carbon footprint.

Leadership Ethos

Rahul Garg encapsulates his leadership ethos in the words, “Innovate, Adapt, Succeed.” Rahul’s journey as an entrepreneur underscores the importance of starting for the right reasons, persevering through challenges, and maintaining intrinsic motivation to stay the course. Rahul Garg’s visionary leadership propels Moglix’s impact in global industrial procurement, driving digital transformation and unleashing disruptive manufacturing potential.

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