The Inspiring Journey of 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

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The Inspiring Journey of 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

Inspiring Journey of 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

Who is Manoj Kumar? Why is he in the hype? Why are people searching for him? You all surely have watched these searches on Google and are getting curious to know who this personality is. Well, this name came into the limelight after the release of the Bollywood film “12th Fail” and since then the searches regarding 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma have started trending on social media platforms and Google as well. The film 12th Fail was a big hit on big screens and it’s highly motivated and encourages people to work hard for their dreams. So again the question raised here is, Who is 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma? And what is the story that instantly brought him into the news?

Manoj Kumar is not merely a fictional character in a film, he is a real Indian Police Service (IPS) officer whose inspirational life has been featured in the form of a film. The actor, Vikrant Massey gave full justice to the character and holds the audience from their story or character from start to end. This movie helped both the reel and the real character to hold a special place in the hearts of the audience. It’s been days since the film was released but its popularity is still rising and it’s also become the subject of memes not in the form of jokes but in the form of inspiration.

Both Vikrant Massey and Manoj Kumar are trending on social media and giving inspiration to millions of Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) aspirants. The director Vidhu Vinod Chopra has beautifully presented IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma Biography. Let’s know about 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma in depth. 

Who Is 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

We already mentioned above that the film is based on an inspiring and successful story of a boy named Manoj Kumar Sharma. Coming from a remote village in Madhya Pradesh, he turned his dream into reality and was appointed as an IPS officer. We know that many of you will say what is so special in his story which inspired Bollywood to depict his biography in the form of film. The journey of becoming an IPS or IAS officer is never easy for anyone and it is the dream of every second person. 

But what makes him different is his struggle which is mostly faced by people who are not so good in academics and lack of understanding in English. Manoj Kumar Sharma was an average academic student who failed in his 12th grade. He even failed in three successive UPSC attempts but soon with his zeal, sheer grit, hard work and determination, he cleared his UPSC on the fourth attempt.

Why The Storyline Of 12th Fail Considered As Manoj Kumar Sharma IPS Biography

It is obvious to predict it as the biographical drama of Manoj Kumar depicts the story of a poor boy who hails from Bilgram village. He comes from a place where the quality of education was poor and the facility was not up to the mark, lack interest of people towards the education and the practice of cheating during examinations was uncontrolled. The perspective of Manoj towards life changed when DSP Dushyant came to his school for school inspection and he motivated students towards the importance of education, discouraged students from cheating and requested them to build their destiny.

Most of the journeys of IPS and IAS officers are similar so what inspired filmmaker Vinod to make a film? During an interview with a media outlet, he disclosed how some of his life experiences inspired his latest film. Speaking about the real character of 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma, before the film, Manoj Kumar Sharma’s IPS Biography is depicted in the form of a novel written by Anurag Pathak. The movie is the adaptation of the novel of the same name. Some of the scenes were surely inspired by the personal incidents of the director but most of them tell the story of a 12th-grade boy who became an IPS Officer. 

Real Life Story Of 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

Hailing from Morena district of Madhya Pradesh, IPS Manoj Kumar came from a poor family. He was a below-average student who cleared his 9th and 10th class with a third division. Even in 12th class, his performance was poor and except for Hindi, he failed in all other subjects. Despite being a below-average student, he always focused on learning and tried to improve himself no matter how many times he failed. 

He never let his failure be an obstruction and worked hard. Due to his poor financial background, he opted for several odd jobs and kept on studying. He used to manage work and study together, but he never let his job disturb his studies.  His zeal, determination and hard work never let him down and this is the result that he cracked one of the toughest examinations. A boy who barely passed his examination has now become an IPS officer. However, we can’t deny the fact that his wife has also played a crucial role in his inspirational journey. No doubt, he is a true inspiration for youth, especially those who think that a below-average student can never succeed in life. 

A Whopping Success: 12th Fail IPS Manoj Kumar Sharma

The journey of an ordinary boy to become an IPS officer is an exceptional story to hear. This could be the reason, people love this film and helped the maker to generate a whopping amount from the side of the audience. Manoj Kumar’s 12th fail earned ₹66 crore domestically and ₹20 crore internationally and made it the biggest hit of the year. Not just clearing the UPSC examination, he played a crucial role and carried out vital tasks for the nation. He made several crucial contributions to the Indian Police Service. 

He was appointed as a Deputy Inspector General (DIG) by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), later on, he became an Additional Commissioner of Police (ACP), by the Mumbai Police. He is serving the nation and working hard to bring harmony, peace and justice into the society.

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