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Chahat Aggarwal: Building and Strategizing Your Business to grow with phenomenal expertise 

A living embodiment of an empowered woman, Chahat Aggrawal with her firm determination, talent and vigor incubated Impact Study Biz. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the company. At Impact Study, she helps businesses to build, execute, and grow through Brand Business Strategy;  Chahat helps to create and flourish a brand that is a money-making asset.

Quite experienced in diverse fields, from pursuing education in art and design to becoming an author, Chahat is now using her expertise to help other startups grow and strengthen. Talking about her talents more, she has been a short-film director, author, designer, management consultant, branding expert, marketer, and a strategist. She has a keen interest in human psychology, world history and adventure sports. Moreover, the wonderful cause that is close to her heart is of gender equality.

Chahat Aggarwal Chahat says, “My family had been a great influence on creating my CAN DO attitude, which is the reason for my success. I have been continuously told that perseverance is the secret to success, and this keeps me going.”

How the idea popped up to start Impact Study

At the time of Global expansion for OYO, the entrepreneur realized the need for strategic thinking and how much it is vital for the growth of any brand. Hence, she started Impact Study Biz, where she empowers startups to grow smartly and sustainably by building brand business strategies that have measurable results.

Chahat Aggarwal states, “The disconnect between Brand and business was just ridiculous. There is a need to bring brand and business strategy together in a way that Brand becomes an asset for the company helping in meeting business objectives rather than becoming an expense”.

Insights of Impact Study

Impact Study Biz is a strategic consultancy where they create a symphony between brands and business. Backed by a team of experienced professionals, their strategic services meet the needs of all sizes of startups and deliver lasting changes with sustainable growth. Impact Study Biz revamps startups to generate growth, stability and revenue. “We are masters in our field and provide specific services that are essential for every startup’s growth.” They provide exemplary services which are explained below:

  1. Brand Strategy:  Impact Study helps you answer some critical questions like what does your brand stand for and for whom? What is crucial for your go-to-market strategy? The company works on Brand Evaluation, Brand Positioning, Messaging and Brand Architecture.
  2. Go-to-Market Strategy: Everything you need to meet your growth objectives with launching a new product, expansion in a new market, organising events or boosting the revenue. Helping you to deliver and capture most value through an integrated strategy to action marketing, the company strives hard.
  3. In-Depth Market Analysis: We guide you through the deep change management process that is required for dramatic improvements in your business performance, market analysis and trends, identification of demand segments within key verticals and partnership opportunities.
  4. Financial Matrix: Before startups launch a brand, product or a campaign, it is crucial to understand the return on investment, financial liability and the profit projections as per the market so that it has a clear success matrix and an understanding of cost-benefit analysis.
  5. Growth Strategy: Having a reliable growth model is imperative for both startups and their potential investors. A growth model predicts the company growth and burn-rate, in accordance with past and present data. Creating a well-educated business model can be an incredibly complex task if you don’t know how to translate your objectives into an easy to operate action plan.

They strategize to create an impact whilst analyzing, introspecting and studying the market, people, behavior, psychology, and most importantly, business. “I believe in fair-play and opportunities, that’s the reason I make sure that in Impact Study, we focus on impact-driven projects with the startups to provide them with strategic consulting that brings brand thinking to the business execution.”

After successfully launching more than 18+ products, in just a couple of years, they recognized that most of the startups rupture because they mostly pay towards and invest in technology and product creation. The central focus of actually knowing how to develop a brand that sells or develops a strategic go-to-market strategy is majorly ignored. It is obvious that hiring a naive business strategist who has absolutely no knowledge of brand implementation or hiring the design companies to work on the brands that have zero idea of business execution is a waste of resources. Having seen how the things are, Impact Study Biz provides strategies which take your brand and business hand in hand, and give actual execution steps keeping your business goals and target audience in mind.

Mission and Vision

The values are the strongest pillars of Impact Study Biz’s existence, and they give expression to their thoughts, words and actions. “We cannot do justice to our vision or mission without our core values.” Using values to make decisions, means that they make a deliberate and conscious choice to focus on what is imperative. It’s their code of ethics that drive actions towards their vision and mission. “We are Authentic, Visionary and dynamic. We are real, we don’t fake. We are original in our thoughts and actions for all stakeholders involved, employees, clients, investors etc. We bring our best, we don’t settle for “good enough.” We try new things, innovate, find new opportunities and know how to stay the course. We envision what they want the future to look like, and then strategize on how to get there. We are driven by optimism, and pay close attention to what we do for our clients.

Hard Work pays off

It’s easy to daydream and think of becoming a billionaire or creating an influence in the society through your product or service, but is it really true? Of Course, the answer is No. It takes countless sleepless nights, perseverance and grit to start from scratch and build the empire of your never dying dreams. Walking on the same pedestal, the business tycoon, Chahat Aggarwal believes in hard work and dedication to achieve what you dream of. She says, “Once we make up our minds and become goal-oriented, success is not far away.”

Impact Study Biz is built on the same cornerstones of intense efforts, resilience and creativity. The two quintessential driving mantras of making Impact Study Biz big are discussed. First of all, they are client-centric and believe in trying to fulfill the requirements of their clients by putting every ounce of effort. Secondly, they strive hard towards becoming the best by delivering innovative and sustainable solutions.

Strategies in the pandemic

2020 is proven to be the worst year for the economy of India as our GDP slipped to 23.9 per cent, which is a huge setback for businesses and industries. In this topsy-turvy situation, Impact Study Biz’s pivotal achievement has been to foresee the economic changes for the year 2020. On the same notion, they go for ‘a client-first- approach,’ in which they provide solutions in the situation of crisis to the startups. Erstwhile, they have transcribed a report which can help them adapt to the new technologically-driven world, with rigorous and in-depth research on financial data, market volatility, trade sanctions and consumer behavior. Consequently, this leads them to determine how the economy will react and what companies need to survive and thrive. Fortunately, the Company’s predictions have been positive and correct numerous times, which have helped their clients not just to sustain but grow consciously, even during COVID-19.

 Mantras of being successful

Creating certain habits can lead you to the acme of success, and Chahat Aggarwal has proven to be the epitome of it.

“Developing certain habits is very essential in order for us to learn and continue growing in all the aspects of our life. “

According to her, the following habits ought to be nurtured for being in the position she is in today, but many people follow other regimes to gather the same or more success, it depends.

  • Practice a Creative Skill – “Sometimes one’s job does not push their creative self, so it becomes crucial to invest time to indulge into something you enjoy. It could range from painting, dancing or even playing an instrument. When the mind is allowed to wander, it gives you fresh ideas and the opportunity to find new perspectives, which in turn also boosts performance at work.  I personally love to paint, write and continue my journey with Graphic Designing, which gives me the canvas to explore design in unique and diverse styles.”
  •  Frequent Catch-ups – “With frequent meetings with my team and clients, I am in touch with the aspects where we are excelling and the points where we need to push a little harder. It not only keeps me informed, but allows me to foresee certain results and give a chance to actively do problem solving.”
  •   Stay focused – “My vision is very task-driven and result oriented, which is the core reason for my timely and efficient working style. As much as I enjoy taking up multiple projects and challenging myself to do something new, I make sure to focus on delivering the best quality of work.“
  • Curiosity – Being curious is a sign that you are constantly learning, making one more resilient. The curiosity for developing new angles to my business keeps me going and learning new techniques. I am an avid reader and never stop learning.
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