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Global Interscope: Globally acclaimed pool designer in India

“We are the prime example of perfection, class, and professionalism”

– Mr Rahul Krishna Chadalawada, Director at Global Interscope

Mankind has always been fascinated by the aesthetic features that works as “icing on the cake”. There are a number of components that make things look appealing and eye-pleasing. Among a number of things, a tailored pool is one such attractive feature that makes a property look sassy and classy. In the last few years, pool designs have seen a great transformation. Changing track from conventional structures, firms have come to terms with designs — customized with technologies and creative human intervention. Be it indoor or outdoor, if you are looking to change and upgrade any particular space into any area of relaxation and enjoyment, modern swimming pool designers can lead you to a whole new heavenly experience.

Today we are going to talk about one such pool designing firm which has offered a new insight into the modern swimming pool designing landscape. We are talking about none other than Hyderabad based Global Interscope Enterprises. They have carved a niche by means of their state-of-the-art technology and an adept workforce. By spotting the scope to revolutionize homes, it has provided a stellar collection of innovative pool designs making use of its creativity. By combining ingenuity with technology, Global Interscope has become the epitome of one-stop shop for pool construction and maintenance.Global Interscope is one of the leading swimming pool designers, renovators, and contractors, for both commercial and residential arena.

Over the years, by means of its seasoned expertise, the company has created spectacular Swimming pools for both indoor and outdoor areas. They are also working as channel partners for Drainvac               Central Vacuum Systems Retractable roofs,Water Softeners and Purifiers from 3M.

They are working in this industry for quite a long time and their designing concepts have got recognition and they have partnershipwith many brands worldwide like Bio-Design Pools, FRP Pools, and Stainless steel Pools. They also supply equipment related to swimming pools like Heat pumps, EspaPumps & Pneumatics, Tiles, Filters, and LED Lights.

Combining technology with adept manpower

Global Interscope is a prized designer, renovator and contractor of experimental swimming pools, for both commercial and residential areas. Headquartered in the IT Hub of India – Hyderabad, the company possesses expertise in sketching out spectacular swimming pools.Global Interscope was incorporated in 2012. In the initial years, the real estate was going through some rough patches and was yet to bloom, which made it difficult for them to create their stature. However, with time and perseverance, they marketed their business and attracted notable builders and architects.

Combining technology with adept manpower, Global Interscope lays down a trove of pool designing and execution services namely Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing works, Turnkey Civil Works, Pool Equipment& Accessories, Under water exercise equipment, Pool Tiling & Lighting, Waterproofing, Pool Renovation works, Poolside Furniture, Pool Maintenance & Chemicals.

After completing almost a decade, in the industry, Global Interscope has become a preferable choice in the region.To ensure the serenity and neatness, every pool is equipped with a water filtration care system, which ensures a clean pool throughout the year. They have deals with key players to accommodate Life style Products in their services like Central Vacuum Systems, Retractable enclosures, Water Purifiers and Softeners, etc.

The Company also provides a team of technical experts for testing quality concerns like PH balance. They’re further equipped, with an advance monitoring system that ensures optimal quality in work.

Crafting long-lasting and innovative pools

By infusing quality with innovation, Global Interscope has devised a wide range of posh pool designs namely Skimmer pools, Infinity pools, Steel panel pools, FRP pools, Bio-design pools, Acrylic panel pools and much more. The company has employed a team of creative professionals, who work together on a single concept – craft long-lasting and innovative pools, that embellishes the image of the property.

The process of designing is categorized into five distinct parts — meeting, sketching, feedback, quotation & execution. Designers perform a detailed survey to determine equipment room space, balancing tank space, drainage plans, light points, mechanical and plumbing schematics, helping them to draw a layout of the pool structure. Clients can also amend luxurious add-ons like heat pumps, fountains, cascades, water bodies, etc. to give the pool an extravagant look.

However, last few months have been tough for the pool industry on account of its luxurious nature. People prioritize essentials over luxurious things in the times of emergency. Owing to this, the industry is going through a testing time. Identical to other verticals, pool constructions have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Swimming pool industry still is an untapped market in India and successful deals can only take place through timely payments. To ensure an autonomous business, Global Interscope is enlightening their clients about the pandemic;in addition to, selling their products and services. To solve client queries, they have ensured, “7 days a week” customer service. Also, they make sure; their staffs are healthy and are working with safety.

Milestonesforeseeing plausibleprospects

Over a period of continuous growth and market recognition, Global Interscope has built a strong presence in the Indian market. Along with Hyderabad, the Company has built branches in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam as well. For its revolutionary designs, the company is enlisted in “10 Most Promising Swimming pool consultants 2020”, by couple of well-known business magazines.

As of now, the company is working on multiple projects. They are building an experience zone, where clients can visit and have a live experience of different types of pool and find the preferable one, for their property. Also, Global Interscope is working on an innovative project to provide hard pool covers, where one can park a car on the pool surface.

Despite tough times, the company has always been positive and optimistic about the future prospects. It is positive that things will change soon and the country will grow stronger.

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