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Mancomp: Offering fruitful study experience in the best global institutions

Of late, there has been a sudden spike in the overseas education in last few years. Indian students enrol for higher educations abroad to aspire their dreams. Taking this into consideration, it becomes necessary to seek guidance from trustworthy and experienced education consultancy firms. Today, we are going to talk about one such experiencedfirm – Mancomp. They commenced operations in the year 1988 and were the first overseas education consultancy in India to operate under a corporate banner. They represent leading universities and institutions across the globe and have sent more than 15000 students over these many years.

P Sreedharanis the Managing Director of Mancomp. He is being aptly supported by Rakhee Sathish Kumar – Director for Networking and Public relations; S. Sathish Kumar – Director for Business strategies and International relations; Rohith Satheesh – Director for Marketing; Shobha Gopalakrishnan – Senior student counsellor; SujithaSudhakaran – Student counselor and admin manager.

The company’s biggest strength is the three decades of experience in the field of overseas education consultancy which has helped transform thousands of students lives. Another biggest strength is the strong emphasis on customer satisfaction by providing highly personalized and friendly service. They truly believe that the CUSTOMER IS THE KING.As a company, their goal is to continue to guide more students interested in pursuing overseas education in the right direction and giving them a memorable and fruitful study experience in the best institutions in the world. To do so, they plan on setting up more branches all over the country and to partner with more universities from across the world to give students a wider range of study options.

“I have been in this industry for over 32 years and during this journey I have been able to network and build salient relationships”, Mr. Sreedharan asserts.

He hails from a law background and briefly served a short period with the Indian Air Force. Post this, he took up a role as an executive assistant to the Director at the First Leasing Company of India Limited. He then became the Company Secretary of First leasing. When he resigned in 1987, he was the General Manager of the organization. Post this, he realized there was a wanting in him that was propelling him to do contribute to the field of education. After gaining some insights and guidance from a few professors from IIT Madras regarding overseas education, he took the call to float Mancomp.

Getting the parents and students on the same page

However, the journey has not been an easy ride. Earlier, parents were the sole decision makers right from picking the course and deciding the study destination of the student. As years passed by, this has changed to a great extent, where the students wish to make their course and destination choices, having access to a plethora of information. “Getting the parents and students on the same page by aligning their line of thoughts has really been challenging for us”, he says. However, they work around this and derive solutions as and when needed.

The company is led by the Managing Director from the forefront and is backed by the expertise of three directors who specialize in their respective areas. Under them are their highly experienced counsellors and highly efficient administrative team.Mancomptakes pridein the success stories of its students. “We are utmost happy to know that they are doing well with their lives. There is nothing more which makes us proud than seeing the smile on the faces of them and their family. This is very evident from the testimonials and reviews we have received”, rejoices Sreedharan.

Talking about the company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace, three decades of experience they hold is one of their biggest advantages in the market. They were also the first consultancy to offer a free of charge service to all students which they even follow to this date.

Open and welcome to hearing innovative ideas

Wing Commander Tata from the Indian Airforce has had a tremendous impact on Sreedharan. He inculcated the love for books in him. Reading books has helped in inculcating encouraging creative thinking within his organization. He makes it a point to stress the importance of creativity for a business. He ensureshis staff that he is always open and welcome to hearing their ideas. Even the most apparently outlandish ideas are given a chance to be aired. Also, a certain amount of risk taking is inevitable with creative thinking, the creative flow is never penalized even though the idea may have not worked. He ensures that he is as supportive and encouraging as he can be as encouragement is key when it comes to creative thinking.

In his organization, great ideas come from good and frequent brainstorming sessions. Personnel of all divisions of the organization sit together bi-weekly to exchange thoughts and ideas. They also pay close attention to what their customers have to say as they are a vital part of the business. They then tailor ideas accordingly considering all key points from the discussions held.

The mission or purpose of a company is incomprehensible without a crisp vision. Their vision is what propels them forward. Mission is like the building block and vision is the fuel. Their core values keep them on the right track. Failing to adhere to a set values, any organization shall run the risk of falling apart.

When it comes to core values, all the leaders in the organization communicate core values by demonstrating highly professional ethics. The company’s core value is being a 100% ethical business. They do not compromise on the advice they shell out, as they want to lead their clients in the right direction. They state facts as it is, and they do not make promises that they cannot keep. Their leaders adhere to this strictly and set an example for everyone else in the organization.

Words of wisdom

Sreedharan has a vital piece of advice to share. Dedication and hard work are what got him where he is today. He also made it a point not to compromise on his personal values as it translates to the core values of the organization as well. “To anyone who wants to set off in a similar direction, have a clear vision on what you aim to do and support it with a good mission and bind it all together with your core-values”, he says.Dreams can very well be turned into reality, so dream! But remember to dream within your limits. Take one step at a time and you will get there, slowly but steadily.

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