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Tudip Technologies: Grow your business with 3C approach

You Never Really Lose Until You Stop Trying- Dipti Agrawal, CEO of Tudip Technologies

These days we are flooded with Software developer companies and every other firm claims to be the best in the industry. However very few hold the acumen and expertise required to be called the top notch software developer firm. Today we are going to talk about a firm which has been leading the software industry by means of its seasoned expertise of more than a decade. We are talking about none other than Tudip Technologies itself.

On 5th April 2010, two young energies, Dipti Agrawal- CEO and Co-Founder, Tudip Technologies and Tushar Apshankar- CTO and Co-Founder, Tudip Technologies created a collaboration of their dreams to establish an enterprise which would focus on the clients and their requirements by customizing and providing solutions in a cost-effective way. The approach was very straightforward, to build a value-driven software service company named ‘Tudip Technologies’. Then, there was no turning back. They started with 4 people and now the firm has an employee base of 400+. The CMMi L3 Company completed 10 years of its inception on 5th April, 2020.It is redefining industry standards by providing high-quality software solutions.

Talking about the biggest strength of the company, Tudip provides the best Digital solutions for its clients throughout the world. The forward thinking and backward compatibility of Tudip makes it the most preferred choice for its clients. It has a unique business model with 3C approach i.e. Capability, Capacity and Cost Effectiveness that blends really well with the high level value it offers to clients. It has major clients from the US.

It works on cutting edge technologies. The firm is agile like a start-up but has the processes of a well-established giant enterprise. This is the unique combination it brings to the table, not found in most other development companies. Tudip has a track record of developing more than 100 products over a period of 10 years.

The pillar and role model

Tudip TechnologiesDuring her entrepreneurial voyage, Dipti learnt a lot of key lessons. “One of the key lessons we learned was to never give up on the clients. We did not leave our clients even when the chips were down. This helped us gain their trust which got us good business in the long run”, says Dipti Agrawal. She believes that being an entrepreneur, one should be ready to face new challenges because challenges bring opportunities to perform better.

Dipti Agrawal, the pillar and the role model for all Tudipians believes that dedication and hard work are the two things which are must to succeed in any business. When you love what you do, dedication and hard work comes naturally. There have been several moments when the entire team sat for several hours to deliver a quality product to clients. “Such moments are more valuable than any awards because that is what matters at the end of the day”, she exclaims.

Coming to challenges, the firms believes that every new day is a challenge and everything that you do is a new thing. “As we believe in customising things for our clients, that’s where the challenge arises”, she says. Accepting the challenge is a sign of entrepreneurship. This in turn results for the firmto perform better and serve clients.

At Tudip, the work culture is very open where every employee can approach the manager without any prior appointments for personal/professional talks. Everyone in Tudip – from new recruit to the Director – is treated the same. All employees receive the same workspace, amount of employee leave time, benefits and other allowances. It offers the freedom to live and work the way you want to. Its flexi-time policy allows employees to decide when to work and upholds expectations for a balanced lifestyle. Mutual trust and respect define its employee relationships.

At Tudip, they are like one family and they rely on each other for everything that they do at their workplace. They celebrate each and every festivals, birthdays and work anniversaries together as one big family at Tudip. They are agile, responsive, and don’t compromise on quality. They always try to be ahead of the curve to serve the best to the clients.

Company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace

Tudip Technologies is a one-stop-solutions for its clients. It excels in a number of services, some of them are listed below:

Internet of Things: It enables organizations to transform business needs into competitive differentiators by delivering innovative IoT powered solutions. From integrating the right sensors and deriving inspired insights into choosing the best-fit platform, it provides a vast range of comprehensive IoT services to its clients.

Product Engineering: It helps enterprises by delivering innovative and powerful product solutions.

Cloud Computing: It gives a greater feature velocity on the workloads that power the clients’ businesses on Cloud.

Web Development: It designs and develops a well-organized, impressive and dynamic user experience. Websites and UI for web applications with trendy features and responsiveness is its core USP.

Quality Assurance: At Tudip, they offer best-in-class IT application quality and superior client experiences.

The firm has a wide range of clients, varying in scale, in industries, regions, and in technology. Its presence is across domains like, Smart Appliances, OTT, Agriculture, Healthcare, eCommerce, eLearning and many more. Talking about some of the major clients, they include, Google, Training Amigo, Livongo, PaloAlto Networks, innit etc.

Easy-going work culture

“For us Innovation is the key to stay ahead of the curve as the market is extremely competitive and to serve better to our clients it is very important to come up with innovative solutions for our clients and use the latest technologies in order to keep our clients happy”, asserts Dipti.

When it comes to creative thinking, Tudip believes in giving chance to every individual where everybody has rights to share their ideas and POVs on things. “We as an organization have a very easy-going work culture where the new recruiter to the director communicates to each other without prior acknowledgement and discusses things very openly”, asserts Dipti.

As the employees hold the key credo at Tudip Technologies, it believes that great minds work when there is a group discussion or a brainstorming session. “We have always believed that these employees are assets to us and since these wonderful minds exists, we as a company exist! We at Tudip just do not provide jobs but we provide careers to many and hence our growth rate has always been climbing upwards”, exclaims Dipti.

When it comes to the vision of the firm, it aims to be a Global Partner and the first choice for its customers by providing leadership in specific domains to help the customers accelerate the value creation process. Talking about the mission of the company, it aims to create a niche by offering cutting-edge integrated services across technologies empowered by innovation, best in class process and best of breed technology.

Tudip fosters a culture of transparency and ownership in the collective conduct. The firm is accountable for the employee’s thoughts, actions, and communication. All the Values are “non-negotiable” and can/ will not be compromised for personal or corporate gains. Tudip consistently applies moral & principled behaviour in all the transactions, which builds trust and honesty.At Tudip Technologies, people are encouraged to get certified and learn more about various software. It has certified employees who have been certified for ISTQB. It has Google and Amazon Cloud certified engineers.

About the CEO

Dipti Agrawal is an alumnus of IBS, Hyderabad and an engineering graduate from NIT Durgapur. With her strong acumen for business, Dipti has played a vital role in shaping Tudip Technologies over the years.

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