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Yugasa Software Labs: Top class Software developer

Saying that 21st century belongs to Software would not be an exaggeration. We are flooded with apps of different kinds. They have made our life so smooth and simple that it has become almost impossible to live without our favorite apps or software. Today we are going to talk about a firm which has carved a niche in the software market owing to its topnotch services. By means of uprightness and dedication towards its commitments, the firm has not only become the favorite of Indian clients but it has carved a niche among many European clients too. Not only this, its services are in huge demand in the US as well. We are talking about none other than the Gurugram based firm Yugasa Software Labs itself.

Yugasa Software Labs was incorporated as a private limited company by Mrs. Shashi Mittal and Mr. Ashish Mittal. Since its incorporation, the team has served its clients with high-quality software development services across the globe, with a motto of “Developing Big for Everyone”.Yugasa is an award-winning company, delivering custom software solutions around mobility and artificial intelligence. They have worked for clients in 25 countries so far and 80% of the business comes from repeat clientele.Mrs. Shashi (MD) and MrAshish (CEO)  are aptly supported by the other key officials of the company including Shobhit Srivastava (CTO), Manish Pradhan (CMO), Pratyancha Mishra (VP Sales), Vikash Kumar (Creo Lead Consultant) and Umang Bhatnagar (Head HR) among others.

Talking about the competitive advantage of the company, it comes on board with a lot of unique factors that makes it different from their competitors. It handholds clients even after the delivery of the project. Most of the services based software development companies take responsibility to design, develop, and then deliver the project. When such a project is delivered to the client, it is destined that he will encounter problems after going live. Yugasa, instead, hand holds the client even at this stage to make sure that he gets success out of the project which he has developed from them.

Yet another unique offering that Yugasa brings on the table is its competency in artificial intelligence. The firm has developed its own chatbot named Yubo. It is an artificially intelligent and NLP based product. Some of the recent web development projects have Yubo pre-installed in their deliveries. They propose websites and mobile apps with chatbots to keep their clients ahead of their competition. It has become the epitome of Top agency working in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Client satisfaction matters the most

When it comes to the strength of the company, the firm always evaluates candidates on the basis of their technical skills and at the same time, it also gives an equal weightage to their emotional quotient and integrity towards their work. Every member at Yugasa was tested on these parameters and only those who qualified in all respects were always onboarded. That has enabled it to manage multiple deliveries simultaneously and a considerably low attrition rate. “Holding such a team and our competency to adopt newer technologies and challenges is our biggest strength”, exclaims Ashish.

Talking about the goal of the company, its BHAG or Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Itwants to become the first choice for those US and European companies who are in the business of developing AI and Machine Learning products and want to hire talent in India. Itfurther aims to launch the world’s best bot assistants serving businesses of all domains. To achieve these goals, the firm doesn’t shy away from arranging more resources for the team.

Apart from this, it is ready to get on board with its customers by investing technically in potential business ideas and ensure that such promising businesses should grow faster after having Yugasa as technology partners instead of having the firm as just being a technology vendor.

All throughout its journey, the firm stayed resolute to ensuring the best RoI to the clients, acting as technology consultants, and by keeping itself ready with new technology and latest market trends.

Extensive industry experience

When it comes to challenges, it had to go through two major challenges.

  • Managing cost prudentially: For a startup, it’s very important to very judiciously spend the money. Any penny spent on facilities or infrastructure which is not needed at that particular time costs much more than it may cost to an established company.
  • Getting and retaining the talent pool: It had a mantra of not compromising with the work quality since the very beginning. And the job market is becoming more and more volatile. Retaining good talent is definitely a challenge for a bootstrapped company.

It has been successful in handling both these challenges quite well because of the extensive industry experience its management has.

Talking about the hierarchy of the firm, it is more like a family. Everyone in the team holds an equal say. They have a Development team reporting to Project Heads and Project Heads updating the progress to CTO. The sales team is headed by VP Sales who takes care of all sales team members. The marketing team is headed by the Chief Marketing Officer who takes care of digital and offline marketing and branding. The admin team is taken care of by the HR Head. “I am proud of our team and our ability to work on projects of any complexity and achieving our commitments”, he says.

To work with honesty and dedication, Ashish finds his inspiration from his father. “It’s my father since my childhood who has been a guide, a friend, and an inspiration. He used to wake me and my brother up early in the morning to deliver a lecture or to share his experience on a fresh topic almost every day. His teachings have saved us from many of those unseen problems which could have troubled us if he had not delivered those lectures. His continuous preaching to me and my brother made us intelligent and mature socially, mentally, and physically”, he says emotionally.

Acknowledge failure

To encourage creative thinking within the organization, they make sure efforts have been made in the areas of people, processes, and tools to promote creativity from idea to launch and to the end of a product/offering existence. Understanding that innovation does not stop once you release a product to the market is important – it continues to play a major role throughout the product lifecycle. What makes an organization and a person more creative and more innovative is being able to acknowledge failure. Creating a culture that isn’t afraid to fail is important. In reality, we have to celebrate failure, learn from it, and move on quickly.

Employees are a vital resource for generating ideas. They are close to the processes, products, and customers, they know them best and can, therefore, recognize scope for change and creativity.

When it comes to the core values of the company, they are doing best to ensure that client gets most out of his money he spends, empathy, teamwork, transparency, and constant learning.These core values are continuously transferred to the existing members and to the new joiners during informal discussions, or during project meetings. Apart from this, we make sure that we do Townhall meetings every third Saturday of a month and talk about these values.

Earlier around these core values and team building activities by HR remain the most prominent ways of convincing the significance of its score values to every team member. There are mailers from the HR team which talks about such values in one way or the other so that people on board should keep reminding about the reasons to adhere to these values.

At the end, Ashish has a piece of advice. Irrespective of whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or an individual contributor, the best advice which I have got through my experience of working as an employee as well as a service provider is, to be honest with what you do. This creates a brand and shows up slowly but remarkably. Being honest will always give you the energy to do more. Be honest with your employer, be honest with your employees, and be honest with your clients. That is the gist of it”, he concludes.

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