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Skynet Experts: The Expertise of IT and Operation by a team of IIT and IIM Alumni

In recent times, IT &Operation has emerged as the most useful domain in industry. Almost all the industries are dependent on IT domain. To operate hassle-free, companies require services of expertsholding immense experience in IT and management. There are a number of such firms but barely do we see firms having expertise of top management and tech schools. Today we are going to talk about a firm which hold expertise in technology, management, and skill development and evaluation field. We are talking about none other than Skynet Experts itself. Skynet Experts is an ISO 9001:2015 company which was established by a team of IIT, IIM alumni, and PhD Holders in the field of IT and Operation.

They have an extensive experience in the field of technology, education and training.They offer an array of services in Assessments, Business Consultancy, Proctoring and Product developments.Skynet Experts encompasses a highly professional team having decades of experience in technology, management, and skill development and evaluation field. They work with leading University, Skill Universities, States and Competency councils in the sector. Using latest technological tools and AI based assessment tools, they assess the talent and help their clients in selecting perfect workforce which will act as a business growth catalyst for them.

Last year, they established a record in the ASIA Book of Records and India Book of Records by evaluating 3000 candidates in a single day on 15 July 2019, on World Skills Day. Their access to more than one million applicants through their online assessment platform makes them robust. They conducted assessments in more than 15 states and certified 3.5 million candidates across 12+ sectors with Sector Skill Councils which includes Telecom, Sports, Rubber, and Domestic Sector Skill Council. They work with leading MNC’s under RPL Project (Recognition of Prior Learning) and are recruitment partners as well. They conduct entry level and lateral evaluations for many corporate clients. They have delivered assessments in Automobile, Beauty & Wellness, Construction, Electrical, Gem & Jewelry, Retail, Rubber, Telecom, Hospitality, IT, Mining, and Sales, etc.

As millions of livelihoods have been shattered and there is growing uncertainty, Skynet Experts has come out with a one of a kind Online Learning Solution and AI Based Online Objective, Subjective Assessment Solution. They have launched the Online learning management system which is a boon during these testing times of social distancing. Skynet Experts Pvt. Ltd is a complete end-to-end Technology solution offering company, consulting, content development, Online Learning, assessment delivery platform and assessment management services, Domestic and International Placements.

Optimizing Educational Assessment with AI

What makes their platform different from the other assessment platform is their AI, ML, CMM Level 5 with the Six Sigma Black Belt Standards of Quality, and the capability of their online assessment platform to assess more than one million applicants, making their platform robust and scalable. Skynet Experts encompasses a highly professional team having decades of experience in technology, management, and skill development and evaluation field.

As per a research, the smart learning market size is anticipated to reach USD 56.5 billion by 2024. Factors driving the growth of this market include the proliferation of connected devices in the education sector, adoption of e-Learning solutions and growing use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques in smart learning.

Educational Assessment is the need of the era and it is the critical piece of the learning process as it determines whether or not the course’s learning objectives have been met. Moreover, educational assessments help in having a successful career. According to Technavio’s latest report on education testing and assessment, market analysis forecasts this market to register a CAGR of 5 per cent by 2022.

A good career assessment helps candidates increase their self-awareness and their understanding of the job market. Most career assessments follow the methodology that a student/candidate needs to understand their interests, aptitudes, values and skills to determine what their real interests are and where exactly they fit in the job market. While recruiting an employee, organizations look for certain skillsets and the education system helps student develop a certain set of skillsets. However, identifying the right candidate with the required skillset is a huge challenge today.

This is where Pune based Skynet Experts comes into the picture. As a leading educational assessment company, Skynet Experts provides the most innovative and hi-tech solution to assess today’s graduates for their jobs. Skynet’s AI based online assessment platform helps the company to assess the candidate’s career interest and helps them find the perfect job.

Committed towards development of the backbone of country

Skynet’s mission is to unlock opportunity through education for India’s workforce. They are also committed towards development of the backbone of our country i.e. Women and the farmers of India. Their upcoming projects are in Women Self-development and Entrepreneurship. Self-defense in partnerships with Maharashtra Government and Maharashtra Police. A project for Farmers and Agriculture is expected to start by September 2020. Apart from this, Tribal and Rural population programs are to be started very soon. As the Government of India is fostering several international collaborations with developed and industrialized countries, Skynet also plans to expand in Nepal, Malaysia, Thailand and Middle-East to bring in best practices and deep local knowledge to each of its engagements, through global alliances and partnerships.

They have been studying the market inside and outside India. The current pandemic has put the business on a standstill, however, they are positive that they will overcome this situation. They would consider collaboration as a main strategy and utilize the weakness and covering them into opportunities would be their main focus in order to scale to the new heights which they have drawn. Hard work and perseverance are the two points which have led them to the stage which they are at today. Talking about the challenges the company has faced, the biggest challenge is great competition in the field of assessment. They have overcome this challenge with the help of utilizing and adopting the latest technology.

Apart from this, the company loves to educate the backward class for future technology and working towards making the villages self-sufficient.

Talking about the expertise of the company, it has always kept itself updated with the changing needs of the market. A consultant has to bring in and demonstrate specific methodological know-how, expertise in an industry or industries as well as functional areas. However, new challenges, new clients’ needs and demands require more. Much of management consultants’ value lies in their functional know-how and expertise.

The real value from a consulting engagement, however, is increasingly received by the ability of the consultant to influence and improve the operations or direction of a client’s business in the long run through innovative, actionable solutions and a complex market environment for a fair or adequate price. This requires multiple specialist know-how due to the current convergence of strategy and marketing of strategy and technology, of conceptual and implementation support and software-based data collection and consultative data interpretation.

Open culture and friendly environment

Talking about the future plans, the company is aspiring to see more financial investment in ongoing education and professional development. If you have good people, it’s so much easier and more efficient to keep them around than to hire new ones, but you can’t expect them to magically upskill every year without some deliberate plan and budget to make it happen. The company is proud of its team the most as they have been always supporting and always ready to go that extra mile when they decide to work on any projects.

For any firm, leadership holds immense value to the entire team. The most difficult part of managing people is earning their respect while being new to the team. To balance this, the company makes sure to be approachable and genuinely interested in them as humans, but also make sure they know that it’s a place of business and that meeting or exceeding expectations is the name of the game, above all else. Owning a business is very appealing to people for many reasons. You get to be your own boss, work with amazing people, create your own schedule and turn a passion into a career. There is nothing easy about it. An innovative idea, having a right talent, building a network across the industry and the hard work had helped them to taste success.

The leaders of the organization don’t get involved in every decision as the firm has a capable team. But when it comes to vision, strategy, or key positions, the leaders insist on being involved. This is because of the belief that vision and the strategy determine what kind of people you need.

When it comes to creative thinking, they encourage people to work in groups. That way, ideas can be shared along with responsibility and the credit for success. Not every idea is going to be a great idea but it is important not to ridicule people who are brave enough to think differently from the rest of the people. Hence, Skynet takes utmost care and precautions and listen to their employees. The company’s open culture and friendly environment is what encourages them to do that.

Employees are their most important resource for generating ideas. They are close to the processes, products and customers, know them best and are thus able to identify potential for improvement and innovation. It is essential that they keep the necessary foresight and do not become blinkered in their work. The best ideas are born in more than one head. They promote the exchange of communication and ideas among the employees through open office structure, brainstorming and meetings.

Talking about the risks, going global was the biggest risk which turned out to be a great positive for the company.

All about leadership

Skynet believes in true leadership. It believes that leaders need to show, not just tell. If professionalism is a priority, make sure you display the same at all times and treat everyone you interact with both in-person and online with courtesy. There’s a difference between a leader and a boss. While both are in charge, a leader shares the spotlight and is comfortable crediting others. The employees will appreciate it, and the clients will, too. Effective communication is imperative, both in the office and in life. Great leaders make sure they are heard and understood, but they also know the importance of listening. As the saying goes, time is money. So, of course, you should keep the communication short, crisp and clear and other time wasters during meetings.

“If you trust your team to do their job, there should be no need for micromanaging, and meetings can run swiftly. Even the kindest, most caring leader has limits. Set your boundaries and stick to them. No man is an island, as they say. The best leaders out there know when they need help, and they know where to turn to in order to get it. Nobody can know everything, so finding someone you trust for advice when things get tough can make all of the difference. While many people advise keeping emotions separate from matters of business, business is ultimately about relationships between people”, says Dr. Rajesh Joshi, CMD of Skynet.

To make these relationships last, you need to be emotionally intelligent — to be sensitive to different points of view and different backgrounds. When using your head to do what’s best for your company, don’t forget to have a heart. It’s also alright to make mistakes, but learn from the mistakes and avoid repeating it. And never stop improving, also be sure to keep your mind open to new ideas and possibilities

Vision, focus, consistency, sustenance and family support are the things which has helped them to get where they are.

We are mostly influenced by the environment and our attitudes. Environment and attitudes are two inseparable entities and they influence each other. But the attitudes of the people exert more influence on the environment. Though we are responsible for molding the environment in which we are placed, we always find it difficult to break the inherent barriers of development, thereby becoming the prisoner of the environment in which there is the creator. But the attitudes of man are not static, they are ever changing. Man, in his attempt to improve his lot, constantly endeavors to conceive new ideas and better ideas and indulges in experiment on them.

So we should constantly look towards changing our attitude. This process leads to changed attitudes and the changed environment and further gives us wings to fly there up in the horizon and achieve our dreams.

Brains behind the company

Dr. Rajesh Joshi is a great visionary heading the company as the Chairman and Managing Director. He is an alumnus of IIT and IIM. Apart from this, he is a PhD holder in IT and operations, Princes 2 Certified, PMP Certified, and has worked for HCL, Microsoft on development of native tools and designed and deployed lots of large-scale projects. For the last ten years, he is into policy designing for the central and state of India, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The Operations are headed by Dr. Rupali Joshi. She has 20 years of experience in the diversified sectors of Health Insurance, Corporate Insurance broking, and healthcare. Moreover, she is a Six Sigma Black belt and also a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner and ICF Coach. She has worked for reputed organizations such as Aon Global Insurance Brokers, Marsh&McClennan Insurance brokers. She brings in rich experience in managing business operations with expertise in the areas of Strategy & Planning, Process Management, Customer Service Delivery, and the implementation of techno commercial projects and the management of large teams

The Information Technology team is the backbone of any organization. Its IT team is headed by Mr. Dev data Sathe who has more than two decades of experience. He has worked for Lupin Pharma, IBM and has an extensive experience in IT Products development, software programming and Web and Applications development.

The International business is led by Dr. Firoz Syed who has over 20+ years of experience in diverse arenas including IT services, education and placement industry within India and abroad.

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