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ABS India: The Mogul of Establishing Impeccable Communication under the Aegis of Sunil Arora

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” The lines are taken from the book, Alchemist and penned by a famous novelist of this contemporary era Paul Coelho. When you want something from pure intention, and of course project all your vital energies in the direction of achieving it, then you get it. Even in Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna said, “Forget about the result, put all your energies into the action, and then leave the rest on me.” The sacred dialect depicts the essence of living true to your purpose.

If you are in the reverie of success, do you think you can achieve it without an amalgamation of hard work and perseverance? A definite “No,” without putting efforts and calculated risk, how can this be possible? Walking on the trajectory of crosses and working towards to leap through them with charismatic potential to unfurl the flag of success in the entrepreneurial space, Sunil Arora has carved a niche in forming and managing the network of communication through his company ABS India Pvt Ltd. With a lavish experience in the industry, accompanied by great expertise, the magnate spent countless nights to build such a colossal empire.

How did the Entrepreneurial Journey start?

Ideas and opportunities can come at any time, without giving you prior signals. You ought to be very open to grab them and execute your ideas with enthusiasm and grit. When you start or create something new, you fall, you rise, but you don’t want to give up and you want to see your dream project turning into reality. Same phenomenon happened with Sunil Arora who plunged into the journey of entrepreneurship in the year 2002. He along with his colleagues decided to take the risk and set up the venture in India. He formed ABS India Pvt Ltd by taking over a French MNC operation in India & business across India, Maldives, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Bhutan. We have heard many business cases of an MNC taking over local companies, but this was one of the unique instances of an Indian company taking over MNC operations in this part of the world. Increasing the revenue and profitability were the two biggest challenges at that point of time.

The immediate aim was to live up to the expectations for the existing customers, channels & continue to grow business with profitability. Gradually, they moved from Communications to System Integration Business.

Insights of ABS India

ABS India is an ace systems integrator providing enterprise communication solutions (voice, data, wifi, applications & cloud services) consultancy, design and implementation services for large, medium and small enterprises, that helps organizations to experience IP and Convergence. ABS India enables organizations & manages the most complex communications networks connecting global locations.

Today ABS India is a preferred business partner with leading OEMs. With 24 years of enriching experience and expertise they are a one-stop shop for communications infrastructure. They have partnered with industry bellwethers for sourcing equipment and technology. At ABS India, they render end – to – end solutions, which are customizable and tailored to suit customer’s unique needs. The major value – add from ABS India is the support services that they provide to customers and create unique everlasting experience.

Based out of Bangalore with regional & branch offices across length & breadth of India, ABS India has pioneered the market with exquisite services and it never fails to cater to the exact requirements of customers through impeccable solutions and credibility. The company has more than 35 service locations across the country. Besides India, it has spread its wings to the neighboring countries like Maldives, Bangladesh & Nepal.

Talking about the work culture at ABS India, Sunil Arora believes in creating leaders, not followers and creating a transparent and open environment which empowers them to make independent decisions. Sunil Arora says , give your fullest support to leaders for all their decisions, mentor them, so that in the future, they can take the organization forward. ABS India has a decentralized structure in the organization where people work independently following the framework and guidelines.

Transparent and open culture helps in synchronizing the teams together and creation of One Team. Organization conducts multitude of team binding activities to foster good communication and team bonding across the organization. For the notable entrepreneur, it’s the team that comes first.

Vision & Mission

The vision of ABS India is quite clear without ambiguity, it always aims to be the most valued partner providing futuristic enterprise communication solutions and allen compassing services to its customers. The mission is to be bring inspiration & innovation to every employee and to give customers the most compelling sales & service experience.

Besides the core intricacies of the company, let’s look into Sunil’s Success Mantra.

Success Mantra

Empowering people and ensuring that they are given responsibilities to make decisions is one of the mantras that Sunil is following in his leadership journey. For Sunil, customers are at the core and everything revolves around them. He believes in empowering employees who can establish an unbreakable relation with customers thus enhancing them to build loyalty & brand. By understanding the actual needs of customers, they deliver solutions. These are the mantras that make Sunil Arora one of the leading entrepreneurs of the times.

“To grow as a leader, it is vital to keep abreast of the market and its trends. He keeps an eye on the strategies of other leaders and learns from them. He reads and watches the economic news about India and the world”

Keeping the balance

It’s a truth that striking balance between personal and professional lives sometimes becomes quite difficult for entrepreneurs. But, for Sunil, he has gone thru his own journey of overcoming organizational challenges, to build & manage teams to create successful model which is helping to take organization forward. He says you ought to work very hard to sustain in the market & figure out your mechanism to create a balance in life.

He spends time with family, recreation on weekends for destressing & go on vacations. He is a movie buff and watches lots of movies. Sunil plays golf on Sundays and enjoys his hobby. On a personal level he contributes his share towards charity & society.

To grow as a Leader

It is indispensable to grow, but not to be stagnant in your life. Sunil learns from his experiences, he gathers knowledge by reading and observing. To grow as a leader, it is vital to keep abreast of the market and its trends. He keeps an eye on the strategies of other leaders and learns from them. He reads and watches the economic news about India and the world. Sunil motivates his team by sharing his experiences & learnings from time to time. He engages with them for unwinding occasionally.


Moving on to his achievements, Sunil believes that his major success till now is that he has created leaders who are able to strategize & operate independently. He is modest in expressing that he takes lot of pride that today, ABS India has more than 200 families associated with it and continues to grow.

Being able to survive in the market itself is a success, profits don’t matter that much, it’s the trust that you build amongst your customers that counts. Stature in the business world is a great accomplishment that can’t be measured in terms of money. And, in today’s times, ABS India is a big name in the market that can’t be erased.

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