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CONCURED: The real-time content audit and strategy tool for impactful content creators

Learn how to sell, learn how to be resilient, and stay motivated. Also, strive for fitness, be active, and maintain a work/life balance. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

Tom Salvat

Founded in 2015, Concured was built to help content marketers in recognizing and refining the interests of their audience to deliver content that educates, inspires, and at the same time, makes a positive impact.

For someone who believes in the idea of content marketing strongly, Tom Salvat, CEO & Founder of Concured, is spearheading the industry and ensuring that the company is the ‘go-to place’ for content creators. The company has incessantly worked hard for 5 years towards innovating and automating the overriding, prolonged, and arduous tasks of researching, optimizing, and creating content. These three buckets arenecessaryto deliver customers the right content that amplifies leads, sales, and traffic, boosting the value of their online presence.

“We constantly seek feedback from our partners, customers, and industry experts on what we can do to help content creators. We regularly hold feedback sessions, adjust our tools, and innovate using AI to help them achieve their goals”, Tom adds further.

The Business View Magazine, in a conversation with Tom, had the opportunity to learn about Concured. We discussed what the founder thinks about the industry, being in a leadership role, and what advice hehas for those thinking of starting out – read on to know more.

What was the path you took to get to where you are today?

I started my career in Customer Success for a big technology company which taught me how important customers are and how to ensure the best possible experience with a supplier. I then moved into marketing and advertising with the UK’s largest cinema chain where I worked with brands to creatively position them in front of targeted audiences in movie theatres. This taught me the importance of audience insights, creative content, and relevance. This positionled me to take on a senior role with one of Europe’s largest Content Agencies and the UK’s national news agency, ‘The Press Association’. Here I developed my understanding of digital marketing, content, and distribution. I was lured into the VC backed startup world in 2013 and have spent the last 7 years building AI content businesses in Europe and North America. I am motivated to make content creators’ lives easier and more profitable using AI.

What have been the biggest challenges and lessons learned on the way?

In the process of founding a company, there are innumerable big challenges that’ll come your way. Having said that, one of the biggest is managing stress, time, and to continue moving forward come what may. Resilience is one of the key attributes of an entrepreneur. And primarily one of the biggest lessons learned on the way was the importance of talent. It’s always worth investing as much as possible in the best you can afford. Without amazing people around, I could not have done what I do. At the start, it’s easy to cut corners with small budgets and think that “it will do” but it catches up to you. If I could go back in time, one thing I would do differently is to give our product away for FREE for feedback earlier in our journey so there is less guesswork in product development.

How has this industry changed over the years?

Content Marketing has grown hugely over the last 10 years, from an idea to a multibillion-dollar industry. The same challenges remain, however. Most content marketing is guesswork, with over 60% of marketers feeling they are failing and nearly 70% of content not providing any ROI. Now it has become more about the industry. I wish companies were more patient when it comes to content. The returns vs. pure advertising is up to 8 times better, but it can take more than a year to achieve the same. Companies often stop too early and then try again for 6 months a year later.

 What do you see as the most difficult task being in a leadership role?

The hardest part of leadership is balancing your responsibilities. You feel the pressure of satisfying employees, shareholders, and customers, along with friends and family. And that’s not always possible. So, you always have to make tough decisions that you know will be unpopular, but you can hope they are for the greater good. Although, when I talk about my organization one of the things that I am primarily proud of is my understanding team. I am proud of the amazing, patient, and highly efficient team of professionals working with me.

What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful?

I would say there are 2 key factors. Firstly, I think that the sales aspect is one of the most important attributes in business. The ability to sell yourself, an idea, a concept, an investment, and more are vital to success. The second is resilience. You set yourself up to take a thousand knocks as an entrepreneur, and your ability to dust yourself off and keep going is the key.

 What are the most important decisions you make as a leader of your organization?

As the CEO you set the vision for the company and also inspire the culture. Every day you set the tone for the business and make decisions that impact everyone. I encourage creative thinking within the organization. Everyone at Concured has a voice and is encouraged to bring their thoughts to the table. When you are innovating it’s vital that everyone contributes and is heard and that is the key to our success and speed. There is some time set apart in every meeting that’s dedicated to sharing thoughts and discussing the pros and cons of all ideas. And one thing to understand is that great data comes generally from data, more the information-more the data. The team members bring in data and insights that help churn the mental wheels for better ideas.

 What do you do when you are not at work?

I enjoy walking, playing sports, driving, going to the gym, etc. I am a keen tennis and Padel player, and also hold a car racing license. I enjoy cooking and travelling and I am always looking to try or experience something new that inspires new thinking or personal growth.

What advice would you give someone going into a leadership position for the first time?

Strap yourself in! Be prepared to not always be popular, but always share the reasons behind your decisions to your team. Invest in your team and support them as much as you can as they are the key to your success.


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