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CSD Autism Services: Impeccable Autism care services for individuals of all ages

We can’t discover new oceans until we find the courage to lose sight of the shore”- Pete Pallares, Founder & CEO of CSD Autism Services

In everyone’s life, there comes a time which inspire us to do our bit for the wellbeing of others with disabilities or different ways to learn, or like Pete says it, “Not really a disability but the opposite the way I see it — an ability to do something others can’t”.Today we are going to talk about an individual who himself experienced in his own skin what is growing up with some challenges. Once he learned to manage powerful tools that became the source of inspiration to establish an autism care center and company. We are talking about none other than Pete Pallares himself.

Pete Pallares is the founder and CEO of the Center for Social Dynamics (CSD) and the Pedro Pallares Autism Foundation. Pete was born and raised in Barcelona, Catalunya but made the Bay Area his home 25 years ago.What is special about Pete that he doesn’t take himself very seriously but takes what he does very seriously, especially his job and all the lives under his care.

Talking about CSD, it provides services for individuals of all ages and their families diagnosed with Autism. Not only it treats the symptoms of Autism but it also diagnoses them. CSD focuses on services for all cultures and background with a very diverse group of clinicians.

Coming to the idea of CSD, in his childhood, Pete was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. The difficulties he went through inspired him to focus in helping others with the same challenges at a very early age. He wanted to help others understand how to help people with the same unique way to learn. Higher education then happened and experiences in different companies continued his professional development.

Making sure all families receive the best services

Pete loves what he does, he has been doing it all his life. He aspires to continue to push his industry, keep innovating and making sure all families receive the best services. Apart from this, he aims to dive into civil rights and public policy too. He asserts, “Keep bringing technology to our space is a must to make it as effective as possible”. Apart from this, even more important is to keep creating, motivating and inspiring the next generation of practitioners and administrators in the industry, the ones that come with more energy and ideas.

Talking about the biggest challenges during his journey, obstacles came early onin the form of working capital. “We grew so fast that it feltlike we had to find capital constantly which was challenging”. However, over a period of time, he managed to overcome those challenges.

In the last several years, Autism industry has transformed a lot. Autism space made a huge turn around in 2012 in Ca and shortly after in the rest of the US. The Autism mandate was signed and the industry changed for good and forever. The involvement of technology is taking it to a new place and innovative thinking that focus on outcomes will even take it further.

The firm is working on itsability to understand newer generations better. It aims to know how they communicate and relate. It also strives to modernize the company from top to bottom by means of technology.

CSD takes immense pleasure in all the families it has treated and helped throughout the past 8 years. Apart from this, Pete feels proud ofthe great group of people he has surrounded himself with. They are the force that motivates him by how hard they work and care for one another. “I won’t lie, also getting all the recognition we have been getting in the last 5 years is also a proud moment”, Pete rejoices.

True to himself and to what he believes

Every business leader has his own set of difficulties during his entrepreneurial journey. According to Pete, “Dealing with people who have a hard time understanding your vision or direction is always a difficult task”. For Pete, people with poor attitudes and their violation of values is simply intolerable.

Nevertheless, there are a number of factors that have helped Pete become successful. He stays true to himself and true to what he believes. “I love what I do to an extreme, I don’t worry what people or trends say”, he says. You have to believe in what you want to do. Surround yourself with the right kind of people.

As a leader of his organization, he analyzes and strategizes all opportunities that have come along. He sticks to his ideas and instincts and brings key people to help him scale the growth.

Pete loves to encourage creative thinking within his organization. He has created an environment that tolerates and accepts mistakes. He makes time for ideas and creativity and invites people to think out-of-the-box as well as to encourage them to leave their comfort and safe zones. “A thought becomes an idea, and idea develops into a plan and a plan into a strategy, execution is next”, he says. An idea without the proper treatment is a wish! …and you want to stay away from those.

Heloves people that come with idea even if they are bizarre. He tries to encourage an environment where ideas flow naturally and people understand the importance of this type of thinking. “I can’t live a life in a box and our industry needs innovation constantly but only a few have it”, he asserts.

Never shy away from taking risks

To reach the new growth avenues, Pete never shy away from taking risks. He says, “Leave the comfort of a secure job, secure relationship and secure environment. We can’t discover new oceans until we find the courage to lose sight of the shore”.

For those going into a leadership for the first time, they should understand their values then lead by example, be emotionally aware and involved. They should know their strengths and more so their weaknesses and combine humility with assertiveness. Be demanding but fair as well as integral but vulnerable. The leader is the person that brings a little magic to the moment.

Pete has a piece of advice for people. He says, “Be true to yourself, don’t be afraid of the acceptance from other of your work. If you feel too safe in an area, time to move to another one where you have to adapt and innovate. Also, if you want to improve your organization, you have to improve yourself and the organization gets pulled up with you”.

When he is completely exhausted from work, playing music makes him have an out of body experience every time he grab his bass. “It’s the only time of the day or week I don’t feel I am me and it feels good”, he exclaims. Surrounding himself with friends, finding a beach and having beer with them comes right after. Moreover, talking to his Mom makes his day.

In 2017, he started The Pedro Pallares Foundation. This is slated to be his fulltime job when he grow up. The foundation focuses on helping all individuals with Autism and the future practitioners of industry nationally and internationally where key values of our society take a priority. Those key values are nothing but equality, empathy, diversity, tolerance and unity.“I am very excited of devoting more time in the near future with the foundation”, he concludes.

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