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JCasp Technologies: A Strategically Rich Web, and Mobile Development Company Offering User-Friendly Solutions

Follow your dreams, do what your heart tells you to do, without being worried about an outsider’s opinion” Jemit Sanghvi

An uninterruptedly rising web and mobile development company, JCasp Technologies offers real-life solutions to its clients across the globe in UI/UX, CRMS, Mobile applications, and other modern technology domains. The company has come a long way from the day of its inception in 2010, they have bolstered their services towards a more customer-centered and cost-effective outlook.


Under the able leadership of Jemit Sanghvi, CEO & Founder, the company today tracks innovative market trends integrating them into their services. He strongly believes that the future of the country is dependent on technology given that the potential is high to make an effective dent in the sphere around the world. They offer services to help a company create an online presence and believe that without an online identity, a company is just half done. They provide 360-degree consultation services to clients and help them achieve their tech goals and business objectives.


JCasp Technologies has a motivated team of seasoned software professionals who are driven by the aspiration to equip your organizational ventures with the application firepower of their agile, scalable, and robust solutions. The company emphasizes on comprehensive embracing of all aspects of information technology to make their solutions intuitive, fast-paced, innovative, broad-based, cost-effective, and far-reaching; thus, appealing to the widest array of prospects for their clients. In the initial few years, the company was delved into Facebook application development. With time they gained confidence and earned unalloyed client appreciation and loyalty. They further advanced into other areas of applications’ development to better cater to the needs of our esteemed clients.


In a conversation with the editorial team of the Business View Magazine, the founder, Jemit Sanghvi talks about the company, goals, challenges, leadership role, industry, and more. Read ahead for the excerpts from the conversation. 


What goal do you have for the future?

At present, our ambit of offerings encompasses web application development, Custom CRMs, mobile apps designing, web designing, UI/UX, and an entire array of digital activities by utilizing the potential of state-of-the-art development frameworks. We have met innumerable goals that we set for ourselves and we understand your needs and as such desire to offer 360-degree services under one roof. In the future, we look forward to reaching the CMM Level and have multiple branches of the Company all around the world.


What have been the biggest challenges you’ve had to overcome?

I have always been interested in technology and the way it provides solutions for businesses. All my education life was about studying engineering, post which, I started working to make a difference in the corporate world. I had to face innumerable challenges in the due course of the decision-making process and after that as well. Primarily I decided to quit a cushy job and pave my path towards the entrepreneurial journey and start my firm. Then came the factor of financing my dream and building a professionally skilled team of experts from their respective fields from scratch. 


I turned into visionary, set company objectives, and ensured matching them. I had to deal with a lot of unknown variables like whether the business will be viable or not. Since I was in charge, I had to make all the decisions and make all the rules which sometimes was extremely difficult but I made it through. 


What has the scenario been for the industry and the company over the years, what has changed, and is there anything that you like to change? 


A lot of things have changed like today, there are more service providers in the industry than there were earlier. And this is why the competition has amplified as everyone is trying to outdo the other in terms of product efficiency and service delivery. In this scenario I would like to constantly perform efficiently, I would want my company to do better than it already is, without putting a strain on company resources or the people that work at JCasp Technologies. 


My organization is made of professionally skilled experts that have been handpicked exclusively to do the jobs they are doing because they are the best at it. I am the proudest of my efficient team, they never back down. No matter what challenges are thrown at them, they are always able to tackle it with ease and deliver brilliant results. 


What do you see as the most difficult task being in leadership?

Being a leader means setting a good example for other employees to follow. I try to make sure I set a good example via my actions and work ethics so that my employees too can feel motivated to put in their best. One of the biggest and the most effective factors that have helped me be successful is my perseverance, it has helped me hold strong and not give up in circumstances that were difficult and would easily breakdown a strong mind. This habit has rewarded me well.  

One of the most important decisions that I have taken as a leader in my organization is to deal with things without bias. As a leader, you sometimes need to make difficult decisions that might seem harsh in the short term but will pay off in the further. As an organization leader, you always have to prioritize your actions so that you clearly know what is important and what is not. 


How do you encourage creative thinking within your organization?

I encourage all employees to participate in brainstorming sessions so they can contribute their inputs and feel they are making an important difference in influencing company decisions. I also encourage employees to maintain work/life balance in order to keep their creative juices flowing. 

 Some of the best ideas come from within the organization over a trivial conversation and it turns into a great contribution to the table. No matter who suggests the idea, we have an open mind and respect every proposal irrespective of the position of the employee. 


From the role of leadership, I always advise everyone to be humble. No matter where one reaches in life it is vital to be grounded, keep your eyes and ears open, and always listen to your employees at every level. Never be arrogant or difficult to approach, and you will be loved by co-workers. This has personally helped me reach where I have today and this is what I advise people looking to move in the direction I did. Keep a few pointers in your head like set your objectives from the very beginning, have tangible goals, and stick to them. Make long term and short-term career plans and most importantly, stay abreast with technology so you know what to implement and when. 


What do you do when you are not at work?

When I am not busy doing my work and meeting professional goals, I like to spend my time with my family. I like to go out with my kids and work out to stay fit. Staying fit is vital, only a good body and a balanced mind can achieve bigger goals in life. I also like to play a variety of indoor and outdoor games, I am interested in cricket, tennis, and billiards. I like networking and music is a break we all enjoy. 

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