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You are an exceptional creation destined to fulfill your journey – Dr. Ahmad Moradi, Netstairs founder

In recent years, the virtual world has seen a whole lot of advancements and transformed the way we live. Few years back what seemed impossible to us has now become a reality, only because of the virtual world. Today we are going to talk about a visionary maverick who single-handedly changed the contours of virtual world by means of his video-first approach. We are talking about none other than the founder of NETSTAIRS® – Dr. Ahmad Moradi. With 20 years of proven “video-first” technology innovation and patents, NETSTAIRS® builds “Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) for Real-Time Digital Economy”.

The impetus of the company is on Virtual Private Cloud with Host Interactive Broadcast, Collaboration, and Communications Platform as a Service.  It comes with different integrated video streaming and WebRTC real-time services. Inside each platform, channels & rooms have intelligent media streaming. Events and meetings come alive with group video conferencing. They are ideal for team collaboration, and communications as a service. Today, the need to vertically integrate real-time video- first into web services have become more crucial. This way, they could integrate with workflow & embed content through the use of web browser. At NETSTAIRS®, they provide Consulting (Know-How), Technology, and or both.

Talking about the vision of Dr. Moradi, his vision throughout the course of NETSTAIRS services has always been around “video-first” strategy. Its goals continues to remain active with Video-First Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) iBCC-PaaS technology.  As a know-how provider, the company consults clients with planned architectural IaaS, PaaS, & SaaS resided over VPC.  Backed by 20+ years of delivering proven results serving global brands, major leading production houses, and building intelligent media middleware into leading CDN services such as Akamai, they have earned global patents for their innovation.

Coupled with the use of Open Source and Licensed Technologies, they create a new dimension in making VPC iBCC-PaaS available to target clients with CAPEX and OPEX models. It allows clients to integrate own infrastructure, CMS platform, and software-as-a-service as embeddable. NETSTAIRS empowers its channel partners and clients to enjoy state-of-the-art real-time communications as a service.

Beacon of light

To reach this far, he dedicated himself to working smarter and harder without losing his focus. He believed in higher energies even at some of the most crucial time when he would question to seek divine answers. This approach has become the beacon of light guiding him as his prescribed duties without attachment steering the company toward its VMGO. After 40+ years of being an ICT veteran, he continues to enjoy innovating new technologies, business models, and financial engineering models that has the potential to yield 10X equity to the marketplace.  It is his daily mantra as his company strives to excel.

“I build product and services around the future.  I let universe take own course of action while keeping open mind on outcome. Therefore, I enjoy the journey, as success is only a perceived point of perception based on a given human frequency of thought”, Dr. Moradi asserts.

Talking about the challenges, one of the biggest challenges he encountered was being patient while being ahead of time. A decade ago, he learned that 80% of population in 2020-2025 will be on some form of “TELE”. Therefore, he had to bet his future, reduce gross margin of errors while delivering over 60% EBITDA.  After this, growth required resource expansion.  One of the biggest challenges has always been the market education. The company invented “Room” in 2008.  They had to endure time and patiently wait where public now is cognizant of room concept which recently had been substantially promoted by third party service providers.

 A firm believer of karma yoga

When it comes to outside interests, spirituality is his primary outside interest. He is a firm believer of karma yoga. So far, he has read many old scripts, books, watched videos, examined documentaries on humanity’s past. Apart from this, he loves innovation of new products and services that could best serve humanity with his footprint as he passes through the pearl string of life.

Talking about leadership, he views leadership as an energy that comes from within. One may acquire know-how and obtain new techniques. However, entrepreneurship is a “Gut feeling”. It is an addiction like adrenaline that constantly flows through every molecule of one’s body and it is indescribable.  It is an indescribable “High”. When this energy is fueled with frequency of hard times (like polishing a rough diamond), sheer commitment to vision, mission, goal, and objectives makes one unstoppable.  So, the most difficult in leadership is setting examples by doing it.  Get involved with team. Teach them well and equip them with the right set of knowledge.  Watch them grow and leave the results to higher energies.

When it comes to the single biggest factor that has helped him become successful, it has to be lord Krishna. As an ISKCON devotee since 1976, his spiritual realization along with association with great souls (mahatmas) has been the hallmark of his valued journey.  “I am grateful for their teachings, associations, and cherish their contribution throughout my life”, he says.  He further adds, “Along the road we also meet undesirable energies that consume valued resources.  Leave them behind.  Recognize time wasters”.  Managing most valued treasure “TIME” will lead one to a peaceful and successful journey at many frequencies of life – as we travel through time and space.

He has a piece of advice for budding entrepreneurs. He says, “You are unique. No one is like you. Be yourself. No one could possibly compete with you. You are an exceptional creation destined to fulfill your journey.  Just define and remember your constitutional position.  Remain humble and walk with humility while embracing the higher energies that guide you.  Deep inside, you know what is right and what could be wrong.  Hence, trust your guts and offer the glory to divine energies who granted you the ability to become aware so you could give and teach others – a true gift of life”.

About the founder

He is currently Founder, Chairman, CEO, and President of MAXWELL RAND, Inc., and NETSTAIRS.COM, Inc.  Ahmad Moradi is a visionary knowledge engineer with a focus on business, technology, and wealth / equity structure.  With hands-on experience in human interaction, organizational behavior, art, science, and knowledge, he has introduced many new business models, products, and solutions throughout his 40+ years of career.  As a serial entrepreneur, specializing in Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Strategic Business Growth with a focus on PhD studies in AI, he spent his career on specific industries such as Health IT,STB, DTH, OTT Broadcast, online video-first content delivery, digital media, interactive streaming, e-RX, EHR, Tele-Health, Arrhythmia healthcare services, securities & law, internet, intranet, network management, PC Manufacturing, M&A, and infrastructural networking. He brings a wealth of creative know-how and experience thus mitigating risk.

Awards and Milestones
  • He was elected as 2005, and 2004 Florida Businessman of the Year.
  • He has been awarded as Businessman of the Year for 2003 by the United States Presidential Business Commission.
  • He became Honorary Co-Chairman of Business Advisory Council awarded by National Leadership Council and National Republican Congressional Committee (2003).
  • He was awarded NRCC Congressional Order of Merit.
  • In 2002, he was elected as an Honorary Chairman of The United States Presidential Business Commission earning him a Ronald Reagan Gold Medal for his contribution.
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