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Redberri Corporation: Adding value in global economic, industrial and philanthropic life cycle

In recent times, technology has enabled us with many innovative solutions. Things earlier considered impossible are now being made possible by means of latest technology. The Enterprise Development of SOA Software into emerging service has also witnessed remarkable transformation. Today, we are going to talk about one such firm which has done fabulous job in the Enterprise Development.We are talking about none other than Missouri-based Redberri Corporation.

Under the leadership of its Chairman and CEO Deepak Kant Vyas, Redberri has reinvented its growth and strategically invested in Enterprise Development of SOA Software into emerging service integration in Financial Markets.Today, Redberri’s Core Technology powers world’s most popular ATM machines, Logistic and Inventory Management.Transforming and redefining opportunity with growth, Redberri is now poised with disruptive technology, cross platform compatible software, knowledge base for AI – Artificial intelligence in Medical, Research, Life Sciences and Financial transactions.

Let’s take our GPS integration with Farming: Today Redberri is poised to prepare for Food Production with technology powering through GPS to spread fertilizers on targeted areas instead of mass spreading. Thus, it saves time, resources and targets where fertilizers are needed. Working closely with seed companies, corporate farmers, and academic institutions, today they have pioneered productivity and enriched their global food production capabilities.

Progressive in adopting, restructuring, rejuvenating and repurposing existing technology

Redberri is creative, transformative, active and progressive in adopting, restructuring, rejuvenating and repurposing existing technology with innovation.The Company aims to add value in global economic,industrial and philanthropic life cycle by closely working with global academic & research institutions and partnering public entities to expand and optimize critical care health, food, medicine and productivity.

Also, by means of Medicalciti, itsvision is to create world’s first global medical portal to create global city of medical practitioners around the five continents and provide comprehensive medical resources including geo dynamic mapping, digitally connecting medical fraternity, providing one source of telemedicine, and integrating medical access to rural and underserved geo locations by building bridge to quality medical resource. So far, over 400,000 physicians in the USA have joined their soon-to-launch service and over 129,000 physicians and 89,000 alternate medicine professionals like Chiropractors, Acupuncture specialist and others are now on waiting list.

Talking about the growth of the firm, Deepak says, “As Founder, Chairman and CEO of emerging diversified global company, I am quite humbled with Redberri’s Growth, Diversification and bringing value with our innovation and unique technology and proud to bridge urban & rural divide, economic backward with progressive advanced economy in developed nations in western continents”.

He had exceptional privilege to address United Nations on behalf of world’s humanitarian organization on how business can make difference to elevate prosperity with innovation, develop economic opportunities with new technologies and bridge the gap to feed billions, empower people around the word for prosperity and progress.

To reach this far, he has stayed simple, vested in adding value, and focused on providing product or service that will make difference in common man’s life. Redberri’s innovative product and service offering have transformed and elevated lifestyle, with increase in productivity. Today farmers around the world are using Redberri GEO Farming to grow more food in same acreage of land and making more money by saving resources like fertilizers, water, and planning right produce suitable for the conditions and land.

Develop, define and distribute technology that is sustainable, unique and useful

Coming to Medicalciti, its app will provide one point of contact for world’s emergency services, medical hospitals and urgent care by providingdoctors, super specialists and clinics in real timeon your palm. It will provide you resources to research doctors with verified tracking and fully encrypted Electronic Medical records access from your providers.

Their corporate philosophy is simple – develop, define and distribute technology that is sustainable, unique and useful. “This simple belief in changing life and increasing productivity for common good has always motivated us to overcome challenges ranging from market, financial and adoptability”, Deepak asserts.

They strongly believe that business and corporate entity have power to make a difference. So, Redberri Earth Foundation has been spreading message and building mindset to choose prosperity and develop that spirit of entrepreneurs in their stakeholders around the world.

Redberri takes immense pride in having philanthropic corporate culture that strongly believes in developing human capital and collective growth. “Our staff is biggest asset that redefines our purpose and passion to grow.During recent Covid-19 Pandemic, many companies have laid off people or cut their pay, We at Redberri are proud of our culture and retained 100% of our staff and even paid bonus. This is our way of being a leader in our industry”, Deepak exclaims.

Common good defines corporate philosophy

Deepak goes by certain thumb rules which have helped him become successful. He believes in “Work is worship”. For him, common good defines corporate philosophy. He believes that commitment to service makes you successful. You take care of your customers and they will invest back in you.

Deepak has been associated with Lions Clubs International for last three decades and owe his success to this great organization. His philosophical approach is guided by Mahatma Gandhi, he has inspired business philosophy of taking care of customers and adding value to everything you offer in commerce.

Recently, their foundation has donated and unveiled life size sculpture of Mahatma Gandhi at Lions International Headquarters in Chicago. This event was attended by diplomats from several nation including China, India, South Africa and Leadership of Lions International.

Deepak has an important piece of advice to share. He says, “Lead with your heart and learn to overrule your mind”. Leadership is all about being visible and responsible as role model. Title doesn’t reinforce anything, learn to work without title and transform your business or organization by leading.Be vested, kind and use words very carefully as words have power to transform people, places and business.Believe in your goals, always remembers everyone has dreams but your determination to strive hard makes you reach and fulfil your dreams.“Let’s together spread message of goodwill, grace and gratitude”, he signs up.

About the maverick

Deepak Kant Vyas is Chairman & CEO of Redberri Corporation, Medicalciti& Redberri Earth Foundation. He is a visionary entrepreneur, civic leader, philanthropist, and social entrepreneur. Apart from this, heis a serial entrepreneur and founder of several iconic products with global success Including US Pneumatic, Aquaglobex, Medicalciti, BIE and Redberri. As a visionary businessman, Mr. Vyas has been the driving force behind Redberri group’s rapid expansion into diversified business in over 38 countries around the globe over three decades.

Deepak Vyas has distinction of serving as the President of World Affairs Council. He wasthe Chairman of Missouri District Export Council and Member of National District Export Council with unique distinction as First Missourian and Asian Indian ever to be elected to the position representing over 14 Midwestern states. He also served as Chairman for Legislative affairs to promote global trade, having closely worked with three administrations that is Clinton, Bush II and Obama administration.

His vision for company has enabled the company to start various ventures. He possesses deep-rooted commitment to philanthropy, passion to pursue economic development, launch disruptive technology platforms and invest their social entrepreneurship around the world.

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