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DETEL India: Connecting 40 Crore Indians with its Vision

Detel India: Connecting 40 Crore Indians with its Vision

In the last several years, India has seen a new wave of startup culture. People have been coming up with their own set of unique ideas and innovations. Some have become quite successful while some of them are in the course of making their name in the market. However, there are some which have earned a cult status for themselves in the market. They have earned a separate fan base for the kind of work and unique vision they have in their mind.

Almost a decade back, Indians along with the entire globe were surprised when Ratan Tata (the Indian conglomerate) announced that he would sell a car so cheap that it would come under $2000 (INR approx. 1,00,000). Entire business community was shell shocked. They could not believe what he said. A whole lot of people in and outside India mocked him. People were just not able to grasp the fact that a car could be sold for such a cheap price. But what followed in a few months later led everyone to wonder and their respect for RatanTatan, Chairman Emeritus of the Tata Group, saw no limits.

You must be wondering why I am talking about RatanTata. Because today we are going to talk about a person who holds a vision as strong as Ratan Tata held once. However, let me make it clear to you I am not drawing a comparison, it’s just that I am trying to introduce you with the grand vision of the person which is somewhat similar to what Ratan Tata had. We are talking about none other than Yogesh Bhatia himself. He is the emerging startup unicorn who single handedly brought storm in the Indian electronics market. His firm Detel India launched a number of economical and sustainable products which has made people wonder how he could do this.

Working on a grand vision

Yogesh Bhatia started the company in Aug 2017 with a vision to connecting 40 crore indianslaunched the most economical feature phone in the world at Rs 299 and exactly 2 month later with the most economical TV in the world, a 19” TV at Rs 3999.

Talking about the biggest strength of the company, it makes products which offer more value for money, enable technology for anyone and everyone. The company is working towards its goal which is to be an accessible and a sustainable brand.It is working towards making its after sales service as friendly and reliable as possible.

Since its inception, the company has been steadfast on the path of sticking to the vision of #connecting40croreindians. The company has always had a clear vision to target unconnected segments of the society. All this while, the company has also been looking to convert the organizational structure at par with the companies of international standard.

The company believes in creativity and out-of-the-box methods to sell its products. In Chennai, they launched Detel TV and phone on hawker stall. Similarly, in Haryana, they launched them through milk vendors and dabbawala in Mumbai. In Jaipur, they did it by means of craftsmen, panwari in Hyderabad, sabjiwala in Lucknow. All in all, the company has adopted several creative measures to make its reach among a wider section of India.

Talking about his outside interests, Yogesh enjoys family time whenever he gets leisure time out of his busy schedule.

According to Yogesh Bhatia, most difficult task in being a leader is the challenge to differentiate between choosing practical decisions over emotional ones with regards to team and channel partner. The biggest factors that have helped him become a successful leader are clarity in thoughts towards the outcome of every project he undertakes, networking and conviction in the vision of the company.He takes pride in the ethics and values followed in the company from top to bottom.

Encouraging creative thinking

Yogesh finds his inspiration from ShilpaAjwani (ex MD Tupperware) and Bhawna Agarwal (CEO NDTV Gadget 360). These are the people who have kindled a fire in him to do something which is beyond imagination.

As a leader of the organization, there are some of the decisions he make which are of vital values. This includes giving direction to every team member and be a teammate to all of them. In the company, there is a mechanism to encourage creative thinking. While travelling officially or personally, he shares his thoughts and gives ideas to the team according to what he sees and observes and allows them to explore them individually. Apart from this, the core values of the organization are communicated by practicing them and delivering them eventually.

He believes in always giving your team a conducive environment to work so that they can give to their best capability. He advises people to meet and greet everyone you come acrossand interact with them. He says everyone must do networking, follow up and conviction to endorse what you are there for. YB as he is fondly called is known for his exemplary self belief, positive attitude and dynamism believes and practices ethical business etiquettes to make brand Detel the most reliable, economical and sustainable brand.

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