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Ardent Clinical Research Services has emerged as a prominent player in India’s clinical research industry since its inception in 2014. They offer a comprehensive range of integrated clinical research services and have established operational facilities in Pune, India. The company has a strong foothold in the market by serving a diverse range of clients, including biopharmaceutical, herbal, nutraceutical, device, and generic drug companies. Ardent Clinical Research Services has successfully managed numerous clinical trials in various therapeutic indications, owing to its team’s expertise in clinical trial operations and management.

Equipped with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and adherence to regulatory principles and guidelines, Ardent Clinical Research Services provides a high level of ethical standards to ensure patient safety and confidentiality. With an extensive investigator database and technical expertise in various therapeutic research areas, the company facilitates faster patient recruitment, cost-effective trials, and world-class clinical support. Today, the company collaborates with a range of domestic and global clients such as Glenmark Pharma, MSN laboratories, Eris Life Sciences, Shilpa Medicare, Sava Healthcare, Novartis, Sanofi, and Genova Bio-pharmaceuticals, among others.

“What sets us apart from other professionals in the same domain is our distinct approach to execution, timelines, management, and transparency. We prioritize the efficient and timely completion of projects, ensuring that they are delivered within the specified timeframes. Our management style is geared towards providing world-class services to our clients, with personalized attention and support throughout the clinical research process. Additionally, we operate with a high level of transparency, maintaining open communication channels with our clients and stakeholders to keep them informed of project progress and status updates,” explains Chandu Gangadhar Devanpally, Founder & Managing Director of Ardent Clinical Research Services.

The Most Critical Decision a Leader Makes

Chandu Gangadhar Devanpally is the founder and Managing Director of Ardent Clinical Research Services. He holds a Postgraduate degree in Biochemistry and a Diploma in Clinical Research from Nagpur. Chandu started his career in the Department of Clinical Trials at Sushrut Hospital and Research Center, Nagpur, in 2007, and since then, he has gained extensive hands-on experience in End-to-End Clinical Trial Project Management, Data Management, and Business Development for Clinical Trials. Chandu is responsible for developing strategies that identify key opportunities in the ever-changing research industry for the company. He oversees planning, organizing, executing, and training subordinates on protocol-based management and the conduct of clinical trials. He also manages teams, develops business, project management, monitoring, and communication with various sponsors and vendors.

Chandu’s leadership style prioritizes supporting his team and ensuring their comfort and freedom from pressure while working. He values the input of his team members and makes decisions based on their suggestions. His goal is to foster the growth of both his company and his team members, year after year.

“As the founder, I ensure that all my employees are aware of our background and how we started. Instead of explicitly motivating them, I share our struggles and journey with them, in the hope that it may inspire them. I firmly believe that motivation comes from within, rather than just listening to motivational speakers,” he says.

Journey Ahead

Ardent Clinical Research Services aims to establish itself as one of the premier Contract Research Organizations (CROs) in India, renowned for providing top-notch services to its clients while expanding its reach to a global market. The company’s goal is to become a global CRO in the coming years by maintaining its high standards of service quality and efficient project management.

“As a company, we are operating in a rapidly growing industry with a promising future both domestically and globally. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the clinical research industry has shown remarkable resilience and growth, outpacing its pre-pandemic trajectory. As such, we believe that our company is well-positioned to capitalize on the potential opportunities within this thriving industry, which has emerged as a prime sector globally,” he states.

Ardent Clinical Research Services is currently focusing on internal improvements to facilitate its global expansion plans. The company is working on enhancing its systems, operations, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), team management, work management, timelines, and execution to prepare for entering the global market in 2023. The aim is to establish offices in the USA and Europe to expand their reach.

Chandu Gangadhar Devanpally concludes, “I believe that it is important to prioritize work, dedication, and implementation over money. While money is undoubtedly necessary, focusing on delivering high-quality work and consistently demonstrating dedication to one’s craft will eventually lead to financial success. With hard work and commitment, there will be no shortage of opportunities to earn money.”


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