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Avgi Solutions Gives High Priority to Compliance and Relationships within its Ecosystem

Founded in 2014, Avgi Solutions is an IT services company that provides customized development
solutions to software product companies. They provide value to mid-sized and large organizations
by fulfilling their IT needs through innovative and customized solutions addressing their business
needs. The company has a wide range of services focused in the areas of IT providing customized
and innovative solutions to various industry verticals across the globe. They are also known as the
Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) in the US and EU markets.

The company aims to be the most preferred employer and business partner to all its customers for
building long-term relationships. They focus on creating a positive experience, value, and long-
standing relationships within the ecosystem. The company has a team of talented people who have
created sustained value and joy for their customers through consistent and seamless delivery. They
give high priority to compliance and relationships within their ecosystem.

About the Founders

Hemant Khandeparkar, Founder & CEO, of Avgi Solutions, has over three decades of IT industry
experience. He has held a leadership position in companies like Comsat Max, HCLComnet, Oracle
Financial Services, Raffles solutions, etc. As a Director for the Infrastructure Management services
in Oracle, he set up and conceptualized the business to be recognised as a BU and significant
revenue contributor. Later, he moved to Raffles Solutions as CEO.During his journey in the IT
industry, Hemant has managed various global geographies as a Business Head. He is passionate
about building organizations and achieving growth through a strong relationship-oriented culture
across employees, customers, and business partners. At Avgi, he is responsible for the overall
operations of the business.

Sudhindra Nagaraju Venkatarao (Sudhi):

Sudhindra Venkatarao,Director of Global Sales and Marketing, of Avgi Solutions, heads the BD
team at Avgi .Sudhi has been the force in driving the organization by leading overall sales and
marketing strategy. Sudhi’s vision for Avgi is based on building the organization with empowered
people and providing a differentiated value proposition to his clients. Having a proven track record
of success in sales and marketing within information technology industry by having worked in
different countries and substantial sales experience in globally based firms, Sudhi is driven by his
passion towards excellence and entrepreneurship. Prior to Avgi, Sudhi has worked at several
multinational organisations such as Tech Mahindra, Aelia UK, Nous Infosystems and Sonata

Sudhindra holds an Bachelors in computer science and Masters of Business Administration from
University of Luton, United Kingdom.

Building Strong Teams

Avgi Solutions believes in providing flexibility, empowerment, and trust to all its employees. They
also provide a strong value system that helps them grow their business. “We have been
transparent in our business relationships which has further helped us gain the trust of our existing
customers to continue doing business with us. And most of our employees have been with us for
over 7 years,” says Hemant.

The company provides productive and constructive team-building exercises, and flexibility at the
workplace and ensures that employees are compensated as per or above the market standards.
This has made their employees continue working for them on a happy note.

Speaking about the industry, he says, “The trends are changing and valuations today are based
on perceptions rather than hard numbers. It is difficult to fathom that a number of unicorns are
running into billions of dollars of losses and continue to remain hugely loss-making year-on-year
whereas companies like ours who have organically grown are not given the due visibility and
recognition that it deserves.”

AVGI Solutions Value System: Focussing on “creating value” rather than just valuation:
WE call ourselves a services company however our core business is to build world class products for
our customers that are in the B2B space and these very products are being deployed and
successfully implemented by our customers customers who are again Fortune 500 companies or
world class organisations. In essence Avgi Solutions is a services company that builds world class
software products for our customers, adds Hemant..

Says Hemant “In a nut shell our focus has been to create value for the ecosystem and based on
sound practises of P&L and created a company that can stand on its own merit than depend on
investor funding thereby creating real value instead of inflated unrealistic valuations”

Future Endeavors

Says Hemant-The company’s goal is to continue to serve its customers with the highest level of
integrity. They believe in providing best-in-class servicesand remain focused and never mislead
their customers as they value them and believe in building trust through transparency. Networking
events and webinars have helped the company grow in the industry. Says Hemant “We want to
become a $5Mn company by 2025. For this, we are adopting new strategies and hiring new talent in
our organization,” he says.

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