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Established in 2016, Ceekay Logistics Pvt. Ltd. acts as a solution provider to a range of stakeholders involved in international trade, including importers, exporters, CHAs, and freight forwarders. The company’s philosophy revolves around the idea of aggregation and outsourcing, providing multiple services to all parties involved. They focus on identifying areas of problem for logistic companies through market research and provide solutions to address them. They constantly add more services and value for their customers and become their preferred service provider. The company’s vision is to consistently deliver integrated end-to-end logistics solutions that create opportunities for everyone while providing customers with consistent value.
“We pride ourselves on being one of the few companies in the logistics industry that offers unique and specialized services. Our differentiation lies in our approach of acting as an aggregator in the fastest-growing industry of the country. As a company, we are highly adaptable to the varying requirements of our clients and operate on a customer-centric model that prioritizes flexibility,” says Chandra Prakash Gothwal, Managing Director of Ceekay Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
The company serves a wide range of clients involved in international trade, including custom brokers, international freight forwarders, importers, and exporters. Some of the well-known companies that the organization serves include Kuehne Nagel Pvt. Ltd., Maersk (Damco Division), Allcargo Logistics Limited, Man Logistics India Pvt. Ltd., Rhenus Logistics India Pvt. Ltd., Hellmann Worldwide Logistics India Pvt. Ltd., Dachser India Pvt. Ltd., AIT Worldwide Logistics India Pvt. Ltd., Nilkamal Limited, VIP Industries, and Century Enka Ltd.

The logistics industry, much like many other industries, is undergoing widespread digitalization globally. In order to keep up with this trend, Ceekay Logistics is upgrading its systems and registering with the necessary authorities to ensure that it can provide its services promptly when needed. They are constantly improving their systems to offer smooth and seamless services. Moreover, there is a growing popularity in the trend of aggregation, with online bidding and spot rates gaining traction.
He adds, “In my opinion, future businesses will rely more on systems and analytics for decision-making, as opposed to today’s feedback-based approach that is more dependent on personal relationships. The decision-making process will become more logical and less subjective. Furthermore, I anticipate that artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other similar technologies will replace a significant portion of jobs that are currently performed by humans.”

Journey Ahead

Ceekay Logistics aims to establish itself as one of the largest shared service hubs, providing multiple services to importers, exporters, CHAs, forwarders, and other parties involved in international logistics and supply chain management. The company’s vision is to offer an extensive range of services to cater the needs of its clients and to become a go-to service provider in the logistics and supply chain industry.
“As a company, we have recently implemented various strategies to achieve our growth goals. These include a focus on innovation and pushing boundaries, diversifying our product offerings through both forward and backward integration, adopting a competitive pricing strategy, and enhancing our customer relations strategy. Our objective is to leverage these strategies to expand our operations, establish new setups across India, and continue our growth trajectory,” he asserts.
He concludes, “We firmly believe in collaborating with our partners and stakeholders to achieve our goals. We are dedicated to solving the market’s challenges by offering the most effective solutions possible. Our market knowledge and experienced team are the driving forces behind the success of our existing services. We are inspired by the quote, “Opportunities lie in the midst of difficulties,” and we strive to seize opportunities and fill gaps in the market. We are committed to giving our all in everything we do to achieve success through collaboration and innovation.”

About the Managing Director

Chandra Prakash Gothwal, the Promoter and Managing Director of Ceekay Logistics has 18 years of experience in the liner, CFS, and manifestation business. He is responsible for the overall business activities and actively seeks partnerships to promote growth and expansion. He places great importance on clients, both external and internal, and ensures that any decision made does not affect their relationship with them.

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