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Established in 2012, Orangestar Logistics Pvt Ltd is a diversified business group that has rapidly grown to become one of the leading end-to-end logistics providers and supply chain solution providers in Asia. Orangestar Logistics has its headquarters in India and has a global presence through a network of dedicated partners. The company is the preferred logistics and supply chain partner for leading brands in India. They have added significant competencies in recent years and have become a top integrated logistics player with a network of over 10 self-owned offices in India and partnerships with more than 100 well-known logistics companies worldwide.

Orangestar Logistics stands out from competitors with its diverse service portfolio, including International Couriers, Air Freight, Sea Freight, Third Country, and Customs Clearance. The company’s commitment to honoring its promises and client-centric approach ensures customer satisfaction. With a professional team and continuous research and development, Orangestar Logistics offers new routes and products, strengthening its competitive edge.

“Our company offers customers a range of delivery options to meet their deadlines, providing them with the freedom to choose the most suitable transport mode at a fair cost. By partnering with us, customers can simplify their supply chain and reduce the need for multiple suppliers. We are committed to delivering more choices, certainty, and value to our customers,” Lokesh Kanwar, Founder & Director, Orangestar Logistics.

Orangestar Logistics provides global shipping services, simplifying the shipping process and providing a dedicated point of contact for customers. With a single invoice for all shipments, they offer a dependable and seamless shipping experience.

Speaking about the challenges, Lokesh says, “Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Freight Forwarding industry experienced a shortage of space with airlines and shipping lines, causing freight rates to increase and concerns for our customers. Our close relationships with Prime Air carriers and shipping lines enabled us to provide timely upliftment of their cargo at the best available rates. We appreciate our customers’ support in maintaining our creditworthiness with carriers during reduced credit periods.”

In the freight forwarding industry, several trends have emerged that are worth noting. For example, there is a move toward digitalization, with increasing integration of AI & ML to improve efficiency and capabilities while reducing the need for human hours. Real-time analytics and tracking have also improved thanks to advanced technologies such as RFID chips, enabling managers and industry leaders to identify and anticipate problems, and offer precise delivery times to customers. Additionally, last-mile delivery remains a challenge for logistics companies, but there are efforts to make it more efficient, including the deployment of autonomous drones and overhauls to supply chain models.

“We at Orangestar Logistics have embraced the use of AI and ML in our operations. We have automated our process of extracting and generating key information for shipping documents, allowing for more efficient and accurate data management. Our connectivity with Air Lines & Shipping Lines and other partners has improved, enabling a seamless exchange of information. We have also created a central hub for simplifying coordination with all parties involved in the booking process. This has not only improved our operations but also allowed us to provide better services to our customers,” he states.

Journey Ahead

Orangestar Logistics aims to establish itself as a renowned provider of high-quality international logistics services (air and sea) in India. The company intends to achieve this goal by constantly updating its logistics systems to keep pace with technological advancements. The collective and committed efforts of every member of Orangestar Logistics will play a critical role in achieving this objective. By pursuing excellence, the company aims to deliver value to its customers consistently.

“We are planning to launch an app-based program to cater to the B2C segment shortly. Our company is also entering the Project cargo space. We have started utilizing AI techniques to improve our services further. To enhance the skills of our employees, we have introduced a training and development program. Additionally, we are collaborating with our overseas agents to develop specialized service offerings for our customers,” he concludes.

About the Founder

Lokesh Kanwar, One of the founding member of Orangestar Logistics, plays a key role in developing the company’s vision and business plan that sets it apart from competitors in the industry. With a Master’s degree in Sales & Marketing from IMC in New Delhi and over 18 years of experience in sales, Lokesh has worked with well-known firms such as TNT, DHL, Oman Air, China Airlines, and Gati. He possesses extensive knowledge in shipping by air, sea,  which has been acquired over several decades.


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