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Rohit Reddy: A personification of Style and Brilliance

In the end, every ounce of effort counts- Rohit Reddy, Founder of Signature Developers

Real Estate has always been the most sought after asset for everyone. To get a property of their choice, people aspire to rely on the best-in-industry real estate developers. When it comes to newfangled ideas, people seek the advice of innovative real estate developers. In recent times, people have envisioned their own ideas by means of real estate developers. They seek a property which speaks a story about them. And to make this happen, people need to find someone who knows the intricacies of the latest trends and innovations prevalent in the domain of real estate. Today we are going to talk about a person who has made his name in real estate by means of his unique style statement. We are talking about none other than Hyderabad based Rohit Reddy, founder of Signature Developers.

Behind every magnificent creation lies someone’s passion, someone’s relentless dedication, and above all, a remarkable vision. In the case of Signature Developers, it’s Rohit Reddy. A successful second-generation entrepreneur, his venture, Signature Developers, is collaborating with the biggest names, to bring to Hyderabad the best theme parks and real estate developments like high end residences, hotels, stadia, etc. Each of its projects is meticulously planned and executed by the best talent available to ensure nothing less than the best. Under his aegis, the brand continues to focus on homes that are exceptionally luxurious, perfectly positioned and family-friendly; and hence becoming the owner’s legacy for generations ahead.

Rohit’sreal estate projects are well-researched and thought out before coming to their realization stage. He has mastered the art of conceptualizing a project which is not only magnanimous but speaks about its clients. In a very short span of time, he has evolved to be one of the most innovative and visionary entrepreneurs. His dedication, devotion and commitment as a real estate developer has helped his firm grow manifold since its inception. As an entrepreneur, he has come a long way from the time he began work as a real estate developer.

Larger than life

Rohit or RR, as he is fondly known, is an enigma – a conundrum of personalities. Everything about him is extraordinary, larger than life – be it his dreams, his passion for fitness, his flair for fashion and fine living, orhis quest to build the biggest and most luxurious iconic structures. He strives to be a name that everybody knows – not just in Hyderabad, but the across the world. Rohit is passionately driven – working tirelessly, completely hands-on in his approach. He is an extrovertwith a quiet side, a man whose dreams are his own.

Talking about the biggest strength of Signature Developers right now, it is the Company’s unique positioning in the luxury space with emphasis on design, credibility and delivery.When it comes to the goal of the Company, it wants to be seen as every discerning customer’s aspiration to own a Signature Developers’ home and become a part of the Signature family. “We will continue to ensure that our projects are delivered on time, without losing out on our current advantage and passion for design, luxury positioning and one of its kind of project,”says Rohit.

Talking about the path taken to get where he is today, it has been a journey of hard work, unflinching determination and self-belief. The path of discipline and hard work which he took in the world of fitness has also impacted him in other spheres of life such as the creation of Signature Developers.

When it comes to the biggest challenges Rohithas had to overcome, it would have to be the uncertainty of the real estate market. “Adding to that, Signature One was my first and Hyderabad’s most luxurious project – I didn’t know if the market would accept its delivery and timing,” saysRohit. He faced these challenges head on and defeated them with his vision, passion and single focused pursuit with belief in his ideas.

No compromise on quality and finishes

To fulfill his dream of bringing the best of luxury real estate to the people of Hyderabad, he has worked hard in putting together the best and the right team, with no compromises on quality and finishes, as therein lies true luxury. “I have long understood that people are ready to pay for quality and more so if they have the right delivery credentials,”says Rohit. Signature Developers has become the epitome of best-in-industry real estate projects. To understand the need of clients and trending projects, the firm keeps itself updated with everything that is in vogue in the industry. It keeps a tab on the latest innovations in the industry and adapts itself to the changing requirements of the clients.

To make this happen, it needs conviction and a strong mindset. One needs to be free-spirited and full of creativity. Rohit ensures this by being involved in a number different spheres. When it comes to the outside interests, Rohit loves to travel, swim and to take care of his mind and body. Both physical and mental fitness are of great importance to him. Apart from this, he is ably supported by his teammates.

Talking about the Company’s hierarchy, his mother Pratima Reddy is the Chairman while he is the Managing Director. There are professionals handling the rest, but they are hands-on in their approach. The Company takes pride in the recall value of their brand name. Their first building was named “Signature One” and now every other building in the city has the word “one” in it. “Imitation is the best form of flattery,” says Rohit.

Rohit is a style freak, he loves to experiment with his attires. Talking about his favorite style of attire, Rohit says, “My clothes, shoes, and lifestyle are my greatest extravagance. I have earned it hence I have no bones of hiding it. I am very spontaneous with my choices. I like it easy and relaxed. So smart casuals are my favorite. As is popularly said, when you take care of yourself, you look good. And when you look good, you feel good.”

David Beckham is the inspiration

Rohit takes his style inspiration from the great footballer David Beckham. Rohit says, “He is a trend-setter and one of the most well-groomed men on earth.”Rohit pinpoints the most difficult task in being a stylist leader, saying that people often assume that all you have to offer are your style and looks. They do not look beyond to see the person behind, who is intelligent, hardworking and compassionate, trying to work towards his goals like everyone else. Rohit never misses out on making a balanced style statement which reflects his hard work and compassion along with his style that speaks about him as an individual.

The excellent medley of style and intelligence together with brilliance have made him a successful cum stylish leader. The biggest factors that have helped him to be successful and stylish leader are hard work and the desire to reach the best of his potential. “And of course, my mom’s guidance and an unflinching belief in my decisions,” adds Rohit.

The best thing about being a stylist is that when you look the part of being a developer whose buildings exude luxury, you compliment your work. “My customers are always excited to meet me because of my work on Signature Developers and my glamorous lifestyle which I share snippets of through my social media. It’s nice to be an inspiration and impact people positively,” says Rohit.

People often wonder what their favourite icons or inspirations do when they are not engrossed in their work. Talking about Rohit, when he is not working, he is found thinking about work. Real estate projects take years to reach their completion, from the moment the idea is conceived and is at the drawing board stage, to its concept planning, making of blueprints, getting approvals, its actual construction, working on selling the product – there’s never a dull moment. “I’m almost always working. All said, despite my rigorous schedule at work, I do make sure to train my body on a daily basis. Fitness is key to a healthy mind and body, which aids in boosting my performance at work too,” says Rohit.

Growth as an undisputed leader

All these years, Rohithas grown up as an undisputed leader. When it comes to taking decisions as the leader of the organization, the most important decision he had to make was to take a call on the direction in which his Company would move. He was clear that he wanted to move towards being a luxury brand which one aspires to own. To become a luxury brand, Rohit endorses creative thinking within the organization, he encourages open discussions and the flow of ideas. He believes that everyone in his team has valuable ideas to offer and he likes learning from everyone he meets or works with.

When it comes to innovative ideas, there are many vital sources. In the organization, the greatest ideas come from his Mom. She is a visionary.“I admire her passion for work and her commitment to persist. She is a constant source of encouragement for our Company and guides us whenever we turn to her,”says Rohit. His advice to somebody taking up a leadership position for the first time would be to “get ready to fail because failure is natural and the best way to learn. When you make mistakes in the beginning, don’t be frazzled, they are in fact a boon, not a bane. Everybody walks on a different path but the goal can be similar. More than giving advice, I’d say that learning from your own mistakes while on the job is unprecedented.”

Apart from style, fitness keeps him on his toes and has an invigorating impact on him. He simply can’t imagine his life without a fitness regime. “Fitness, for me, has been a way of life. What began as a hobby is now a habit. I thank my trainer and buddy Faiyaz Ali Khan for it. Fitness has helped me focus and redirect my energies in the correct places. My regime is a mix of cardio, kick boxing, Pilates, swimming and strength training”, exclaims Rohit. He is a teetotaler and non-smoker. For him, even carbonated drinks are a taboo and he totally advocates clean living. He further states that if the by-product is looking good and feeling invincible, it’s worth a try. He recommends everyone to stay fit.

To emerge as a successful entrepreneur cum leader, consistency is the key. As they say, “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.” Though Rohit is doing great in the domain of real estate, he wishes he had stepped into it slightly earlier, it would’ve given him the chance to fall in love with it earlier. His modus operandi is something that sets him apart from his peers in the industry. “My style simply works on the basis of putting faith in my team and thinking as a customer, not a developer,” says Rohit.


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