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Law Office of Shimpy Arman Sharma: The Law Firm with one-to-one Relationship

Whenever we talk about law firm, we are surrounded by the thought of a place consisting of several lawyers having expertise in varied domains. It is more or less the similar story with all the law firms. The question is then how to make a choice among such law firms when you are looking one for your law-related requirements. Among a number of traits of a law firm, one must look for one-to-one relationship. If a law firm is having good track record of maintaining such relationship with its clients’ then you must prioritize that law firm over others irrespective of other benefits. This is because until and unless a law firm is able to decipher your dilemma, it won’t be able to offer you a feasible solution.

Today we are going to talk about one such law firm which believes in maintaining one-to-one relationship with all its clients. We are talking about none other than Delhi-based Law Office of Shimpy Arman Sharma. It gives utmost importance to this particular trait. The firm believes in giving honest opinions and keep work on priority. Talking about the experience of the key person Shimpy Sharma in the law field, the name behind the firm has more than 16 years of experience as a leading lawyer. “I have worked in various branches such as Real estate, Employer-employee issues, Companies, IPR, RERA, Civil Suit, Criminal Cases, family partition. I have appeared in various Courts pan India and successfully represented our clients before High Court and Supreme Court of India”, asserts Shimpy.

When it comes to achieve the client’s goals as a lawyer, it requires a whole lot of efforts to make things work in the favor of a client. It is a combination of hard work and smart work along with lots of research. Further, your work will force your clients to give referral to other person/s, which is biggest testimonial for our work. According to Shimpy, by means of her good work, she gets numerous referrals through her satisfied clients. Moreover, she says, I am proud of my skilled colleagues, and strategic decisions taken by us which makes us better than others.” My solicitation of work and representation before Court has made me successful.

Against all odds

The path to reach here has not been an easy one for Shimpy. She studied law from Punjab University, Chandigarh in 2003. Being a first generation lawyer, she did not find good opportunities in Chandigarh. This encouraged her to shift base from Chandigarh to Delhi. “I came with a promise to myself that against all odds, I will surely make mark in Delhi. I am glad that Delhi accepted me. The biggest support came from my husband and my in-laws!”, she exclaims.

She had to overcome several challenges before making it big in the law domain. Before being a professional lawyer, she was an introvert girl which was a major hurdle in the path of becoming a lawyer. In the law arena, you are supposed to be an extrovert to bring facts without any hesitation. Gradually, over a period of time, she possessed a fair degree of maturity and ability by means of her perseverance, dedication and devotion. This has helped her think and change track whenever a new and anticipated twist comes up in personal or professional life.

Talking about the transformations ongoing in the law domain, Shimpy says that she would like to make it a paperless law firm with an extensive clientele base from all over the world.

We talked with her about some common myths that surround people’s notion of what a litigation lawyer does. She says, “The people has a notion that litigation is not a field where women can do well. Apart from this, they have a notion that litigation lawyer charge money for no work. They don’t see that lawyers charge money for their strategies, ideas and presentation.”

Aligning work culture to achieve client’s goal

As a leader of her organization, she takes a number of important decisions. The strategical planning along with human touch among employees and aligning work culture to achieve clients’ goal are some of them. Apart from this,to encourage creative thinking within her organization, she asks her associates and colleagues to keep themselves updated with law, current affairs and recent judgments. Talking about the great ideas, they come from inputs received from clients.Patience and smart work along with complete dedication to achieve result and habit to understand each case files in depth have helped her get to where she is today.

For those who want to set off in a similar direction, Shimpy advices there is no shortcut to success, so work till you hit the target. Lawyer should “Remain calm under pressure”. Apart from this, she says,“Trust your lawyer and try to make comfort level with him.”

Talking about her outside interests, she enjoys vacations and loves to visit various countries. Apart from this, driving with her son and playing music of his choice makes her day.As far as the goal of the firm is concerned, it is more driven towards client satisfaction. A happy and satisfied client is what it aspires for.

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