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In recent times, a number of law firms have emerged to help clients get legal help. To offer legal aid, a personal touch is necessary. Today we are going to talk about a law firm which understands this necessity and tries to create a bond helpful to bring around sustainable solutions. We are talking about none other than Delhi based law firm- Legal Experts India Advocates & Legal Consultants. The firm was founded by a young and dynamic lawyer Samar Inam Khan.

Talking about the strength of the firm, it has a team of expert lawyers having similar ideology who take part in group discussions frequently. It was 2003 when he started his career. “When I entered in chambers I saw many of the lawyers working for years still working as junior lawyers. That gave me kick start, I gave a thought, and I concluded as to why they are still practicing as junior lawyers. I found that’s because they are depended upon their seniors”, asserts Samar Inam Khan. So he decided that if that could be his future, better leave senior only so he may be independent. That was the conclusion he drew and left.

Nevertheless, when he started at his own, he was the only one who was part of Legal Experts India. He used to think why he left his senior. Thereafter, he decided there will be no junior& no senior in his office, and the team will be a team only and that’s the firm’s biggest strength. Usually juniors works whole day on computers to search judgments & research. The firm offers them the liberty to appear before the court so that they get confidence. Legal Experts India wants major clients in Corporate, Arbitration, Matrimonial & IP cases but the major goal is to let their juniors learn that much that they become the firm’s competitors.

Strengthening the foundation of firms

As far as experience is concerned, Samar initially started career with 138 N.I Act cases. Thereafter, a number of Matrimonial cases such as Divorce, 498 A IPC, Domestic Violence Act, Criminal matters, step by step entered in the world of corporate practice. He was appointed as Sole Arbitrator in more than 250 cases, Trademark cases. He was involved in and advised upon M&A. Apart from this, he conducted enquiries with senior staff of Companies for any activity going wrong within the Company. He represented before the Courts, Quasi-judicial or administrative agencies of Government. He interpreted laws, rulings, and regulations for individuals business. He was deeply involved in Drafting and Vetting of Contracts.

He represented developers, owners, institutional investors, companies, firms, with extensive experience in drafting and negotiating with full range of commercial agreements required for different projects regularly. He worked with the individuals for the settling up and foundation of a company. He was deeply involved in the setup of a company with prior agreements between the individuals. He advises as to how the company will start working and how the initial compliances will be done, settling up the core team with the Directors to how company may focus on its foundation and achieve its milestone. He helps to create a company in a way it may work smoothly and hassle free. (Institutional & Legal)

To taste success, Samar was never afraid of taking risk.“If you want success, you have to take risks, Law Practice is a business in a way, if you don’t take risk and pain you can’t succeed”, he asserts.

Battling all sorts of challenges

As far as challenges are concerned, the challenge was whether he would start individual practice without having a mentor? Would he get cases? “Then I saw that many admired people were practicing as junior advocates, even after 15 and more years. This is when he decided to quit this senior-junior phenomenon. He focused on starting his own practice. He went through a lot of tough times. There was a time when he didn’t have money to have Lunch. There was a time when people around him made jokes on him. He faced monetary issues,would hardly earn Rs. 1500/- per month, but he never quit thereafter and day by day things changed and changed forever.

Samar is a crusader of Equality. And not just before law but in all senses. He is known as a feminist lawyer for plenty of reasons. He demands equal rights, not just justice. He says, “Violence against women has been normalized in India and Activism is the only way to curb this, so I chose this Activism part”. Many women don’t want to pursue cases against their husband, so counselling them is important.Social Service and practicing free of cost gives him satisfaction that he pursued a good course.

Talking about his outside interests, Activism and Social Workform major part of his outside interests. “Many times I appeared for free before the Court for the needy and poor who cannot afford a good lawyer”, he exclaims. He and his teammates are working against Covid-19 by providing Ration to the needy and want to continue this.

For Samar, choosing Law as his profession has an interesting story attached. Initially, he was a theatre person and wanted to choose that as a profession. His grandfather those days was on death bed, and he wanted Samar to choose law.He took his wish as last will and chose Law.

His parents have helped him become a first time lawyer. They always trusted him and supported him. Apart from this, he gives credit to few people whom he met in Court especially Mr R.K Vashishtha (Late), Samar took him as his mentor.

Helping associates grow

Talking about his leadership capabilities, primarily he is the only person who decided to start the firm. He takes responsibility if any junior commits some mistake. He lets them know how to proceed the case further.Secondary, if something wrong happens, he always takes responsibility as if it’s only his mistake. So his associates and staff are always comfortable working freely.Thirdly, he lets his staff take independent cases at their own and earn and help them focus on the case.

To encourage creative within his organization, creativity comes from common work or goals, some level of skill and freedom to experiment. It’s a byproduct of accountability. It only needs small group discussion on cases, taking opinions of young blood. Experiment, learn, make mistakes and incrementally move forward.So, after one win, let them enjoy, free them, don’t bound them. You are not alone who have achieved the target but the team. So don’t ever cage them is the theory.Talking about the great ideas, they come from the team and the group discussions.

There are several aspects which place him apart from peers. Almost every Law Firm and senior takes new comers as just a junior. He treats them as Associate. He says, “I don’t hear Sir from them, I let them work freely, no time limitations. We laugh together to let the stress out”.

For the first time Lawyers, his advice is totake risks. Many Lawyers will try to discourage you, let them do so, let them do their work. Be focused, work hard, concentrate on your work for few years and you will get what you want. “To the people who engage us as Lawyer, we work for you, we don’t see from which caste, creed, religion you belong to, we usually work till morning and then appear before court, we work too hard, trust us, and never conceal anything from your Lawyer”, he finishes off.

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