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When it comes to getting legal aid, we always try to get the assistance of best law firms with tried and tested seasoned expertise. Half your case is won the moment you approach a topnotch lawyer or law firm. Today we are going to talk about a law firm which consistsof best-in-industry expertise in all sorts of legal requirements. We are talking about none other than Nuli and Nuli law firm.

The Law Firm Nuli and Nuli, Advocates and Consultants, is a Delhi based firm with branch offices at Bengaluru, Belgaum and associates in different parts of the country. The firm Nuli and Nuli has been rated at No.9, by Legally India as one of the 2018’s busiest Firms at the Supreme Court of India.The Law Firm is a one-stop shopfor all legal requirements of a client. Their main areas of expertise and specialization are Civil and Criminal Litigation, Dispute Resolution.

The Law Firm also specializes in areas of Corporate matters, Matrimonial issues, Land Acquisition matters, Commercial Contracts, Real Estate, Information Technology, Intellectual Property Rights, Property matters, Strategic planning and related matters. The Law firm provides extensive and in-depth legal research and Legal services.

Talking about the biggest strength of the organization, it is the cumulative effort of the individuals and team work that is associated with the organization. When it comes to the objective of the firm, it is to render best possible quality service to the clientele within the parameters of law. The ultimate objective is to create a sense of confidence to every litigant access to justice.

Immense exposure to apex court

The founder of the firm, Sanjay M Nuli, has been committed to this profession for the last 17 years. His forte lies in Litigation and Dispute Resolution. “My educational background has given me broader perspective to adopt to the newer trends and changes in the profession as I have had various honors and degrees to my credit including a Masters of Philosophy in Labor Studies. Apart from this, I hold a Masters of Law degree in Environmental Law”, he says.

During the time of Masters, he gained the advantage of being associated with Atlas Legal (U.S based law firm) as a Legal and Research Consultant where he gained insight into U.S. Law System. Before coming to the Supreme Court, he has had the advantage of having practiced at the High Court of Karnataka and various other trial courts at Bangalore, in the law chambers of Advocate Subba Reddy.

His formative years of practice at the Supreme Court of India has been under the guidance of the legendry Mr. Gopal Subramanium, Senior Counsel (Former Solicitor General of India), New Delhi, with immense exposure in practice and procedure at the Supreme Court of India, High Court of Delhi, other apex commissions and Tribunals at Delhi.

Since January 2008, he has been practicing independently at the Supreme Court of India and has been the founder of the Law Firm Nuli and Nuli. He hadthe opportunity of being appointed as the Amicus Curiae in various matters by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission.

Battling the challenges

His fascination towards law has been there with him since his formative years. He was very clear right from the early years that he would pursue law in the years ahead. Even at a time when people around him never had law as an option, his passion towards law got him to the position he is today.

He had his share of struggles during his formative years in Delhi where initially he had to acclimatize himself with the extreme weather conditions in Delhi. This was something which he was not familiar with as he came from a place like Bangalore and Belgaum where the weather is generally quite pleasant. The other challenge was the cultural shock which is very different from somebody coming from the South. It was quite a challenge even on the financial front with not much of savings on hand and where he had stopped taking any help from hisparents right from the college days.

The idea to get into the profession came from his father. He was heavily influenced by his father, he had seen him practice law. “It was at that point in time that rekindled my passion to take up law. But by the time I started pursuing my law, he was already out of the profession. It was after a few initial years of practice of Bangalore that I had shifted to Delhi and joined the office of Mr. Gopal Subramanium, Sr Counsel. This inspired me and gave me the confidence of being in the profession. It was after a year and a half of practice under Mr. Gopal Subramanium, Sr Counsel. It gave me the confidence to go independent and after that I set up the firm”, he asserts.

Talking about his outside interest, he has great interest in history. It is our history that helps in understanding our present and shaping our future. Apart from this, he has interest in travel. He loves to know different cultures, traditions, making new friends. He is more of a people’s person. Not only this, he isquite passionate about his bikes and cars. He likes keeping himself in tune with the latest technological innovations.

Receptive to new and creative ideas

One of the biggest strengths that he draw is from my family. “Apart from my parents, it is particularly my wife and daughter Karishma who have supported me throughout my journey. They have been a pillar of strength and have also given me the space to pursue what I am passionate about. The other most important factor is the close friends that I have who have also attributed immensely to my success”, he says. He believes in a concept of life, according to which one has to be intelligent oneself or if not, it is important to have intelligent people around one. So he makes it a point to have the people with right approach around him who are creative and more technologically savvy. This, in turn, helps him to understand and keep peace with the changing times and bridge the generation gap.

Apart from this, he is also somebody who is quite receptive to new and creative ideas coming from the team that he works with. “There is one important aspect of work pattern that I have followed all throughout is that the work assignment to each individual in the firm is assigned on the basis of that individual interest and strength so that I can get the best out of that individual”, he adds.

He is open to views expressed by others in life and in the organization. He self-analyzes the views and ideas expressed by others and ultimately take the final call.

His advice to others is to have self-belief and do not limit your thoughts of what you can achieve in life. Always seek and follow advice from people whom you look upon and who have achieved in their respective spheres. Don’t seek advice from somebody who just hold you back.

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