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RESOLV: Game-Changer App for Lawyers And Mediators

For many years, law has remained a domain which went untouched or isolated from technological advancements. But there has always been a potential for the implementation of technology in the law field. Today we are going to talk about a LawTech enthusiast who has filled this vacuum by her innovative app called RESOLV. We are talking about none other than Lawyer turned Entrepreneur Anishka Prasad. Starting her career off in commercial disputes and litigation in New Zealand, gave Anishka a sound understanding of the process of dispute resolution and mediation. Being a process driven person, Anishka identified the lack of tools available to lawyers to give them the confidence of relying on secure and consistent record keeping of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) processes employed by them.

Combining her experience and knowledge of legal practice with her passion for LawTech, she founded RESOLV to better enable fellow practitioners.Talking about the biggest strength of the app, the concept of RESOLV has turned out tobe a game-changer app for lawyers and mediators that has carefully considered the workflow process involved in a mediation or dispute resolution that no other lawtechapp can provide at this stage. It will revolutionize the way in which lawyers do their jobs and not only save their time and resources but also guarantee integrity of process, which is one of the primary concerns of every lawyer.Having the ability to record, transcribe and store these sessions, with that level of accuracy and reliability has not been demonstrated by any of RESOLV’s incumbent competitors.

The idea to start this business came from experience of practicing law and spotting the gaps of workflow that could be made more cost effective and efficient for a legal practice. She attempted to reduce overheads and increasing profitability of law firms. The app has a USP that makes it different from the other businesses in similar domains. It thinks about the user experience or the legal market in great detail and aims to deliver results which maybe considered as a bonus or above the expectations of its target market, as proven in various simulations engaged in during the R&D phase.

App that consolidates various workflows

The challenges faced by her target market of lawyers and mediators have been identified as a global need, to which a uniformed solution can be applied through her app that consolidates these workflows. The RESOLV teamhas prepared a concise set of deliverables and gauged market expectations during the Covid-19 pandemic to gain assurance that there is high demand for a work from home app for lawyers, which goes beyond a video session and generates useful data post meetings to equip their practices. The market feedback she has received to date has been very positive and lawyers and mediators have shown confidence in how RESOLV can be part of their daily work lives. She aims to provide a seamless online dispute resolution experience for lawyers and law firms globally with cyber security as a core focus.

She chose a well-defined path to reach here. She researched a lot about the market needs in this particular domain. She put to use market research relying on data collected from the Law Society UK, Civil Mediation Council (UK) and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK). Apart from this, she also spoke to various practitioners in the legal industry. Henceforth, the pain-points of conducting a seamless mediation session were highlighted. “We have chosen to engage with the very same sources where we have received our research information to develop a plan of action for progressing development of the app project”, she says. RESOLV will be developed for use on smartphones, at present a prototype exists for iOS and Google Play. Her team is working towards further refining this into an MVP version for subscribers. Even having access to the nearest state-of-art technological has presented itself with significant functionality barriers for users, which has solidified her need to further this project.

Synchronize with Existing Databases

While developing the app, she went through and battled a number of challenges. Developing an app that is technologically viable for a global market, and is easily transferrable across platforms with ease was a major obstacle. Moreover, she also faced challenges to cope up with the ability to synchronize with existing databases. Apart from this, designing an app that is not jurisdictionally confined to a market or area of law and legal practice was a matter of concern.

There are a number of factors that has helped her become successful. Those factors consist of persistence, tenacity, and discipline. “I am a routine and process driven person, I like structure in work”, adds Anishka.

We talked with her regarding the important decisions a leader of an organization should make. She says, “Keeping a lean budget and reaching development goals and deliverables within those defined parameters and targets is one of the most vital aspects of decision making”. This is done while taking into consideration the overall strategy and vision for the company. To encourage creative thinking, she questions the processes and finds more efficient ways of solving problems.

As far as great ideas are concerned, they come from experiences that she has had during work and life. Networking and building business relationships with peers helped her become an influential person. She says there is something to be learnt from everyone in life. She advises that if you have a dream that does not let you sleep at night, do not stop until it becomes your reality.

Talking about her outside interests, she is passionate about trying to cook different cuisines and travelling. Anishka also hosts a podcast on Spotify which features guests from the legal community globally, who are passionate about lawtech.



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