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De Box, Tailored Solutions giving wings to your Idea

De Box, Tailored Solutions giving wings to your Idea

Each happy customer is like planting a tree today which will give you fruits tomorrow

De Box

In recent times, emergence of entrepreneurs has increased over the years with the growing trend of start-ups in India, especially in IT sector. As per NASSCOM, India added 1,200 new technology startups in 2018 as against 1,000 last year. Now there are about 7,700 tech startups in the country, making it the third largest in the world.

The pace of growth in the number of start-ups added to the Indian ecosystem doubled to 15% year-on-year in 2018, with total funding also doubling to $4.2 billion. Among numerous such start-ups, De Box is a burgeoning company which is adding value to the new-age entrepreneurship in the Indian market.

De Box is a Business Process and Strategy Consulting company that uses Technology to deliver impactful and sustainable results by “Thinking out of the box”. It strongly believes that future belongs to the organizations that seamlessly connect business processes and business strategy through a robust IT enabled platform, and therefore it helps clients doing that precisely.

Helping you meet the future demands

It believes in “Leadership through Constant Innovation”. Innovation helps to visualize current and future opportunities. Businesses which are successful don’t only respond to the current needs of their customers, but usually predict the future trends and come up with an idea, service or product that can meet the future demand quickly and effectively. This is exactly what De Box do to stay ahead of its competition as trends, technology or markets shift.

Its Mantra for Innovation can be defined in two simple words: Simple and Specific. The role of IT is evolving at a record pace. Businesses are accelerating their digital transformation by connecting more devices, digitizing existing processes and launching new digital offerings. The whole idea of this digital transformation was to make life easier, which at times is ignored.

The company keeps a look on the ongoing trends and how it can add value to them. Moreover, it keeps a bird view on technologies to find if it is really helping in achieving Business Goals or it’s just creating bigger over heads. After analyzing the needs of clients,it acts as a catalyst by helping its customers achieve their Business Goals by simplifying the technology implementation and making it more specific and personalized to address their business needs.

Battling out initial obstacles

But all this is not hunky dory, there are some hindrances attached to them. The biggest challenge that De Box faced in initial stage was to win the trust of the customers. As it’s very difficult for the customers to find a right technology partner who promises less and delivers more. And to make them rely on De Box when most of them have already burnt their fingers, was a crucial task. But the company managed to win their trust with its tailor made services and cutting edge technology.

Its target customers vary from any Industry looking to automate their business processes (CRM/ERP/MobileApp) and seeking its help in their Brand and Marketing (Go to Market Strategy, Dynamic Website & Digital Marketing). It has its existing customers from very different Industries namely, Travel, Education, Telecommunication, Construction, Manufacturing, Garments, Exports, etc.

When it comes to growth trajectory, Research & Development decides the future growth trajectory of the organization. At De Box,R&D is a crucial component of innovation and a key factor in developing new competitive advantages, and therefore the company has a dedicated team that spends time on exploring new ideas and implementing it.

Team work that makes the difference

Apart from this, the company abides by healthy competition in the market. Competition is very important to keep the team challenged and motivates them to innovate. Apart from product development, competition also helps in constantly raising the bar for customer services. In absence of competition, the company tends to become its own competitor, which is a bigger challenge.

The company believes in Team Work and that can be seen clearly in its office where executives from Junior Executive to Directors sit together on same floor. It strongly follows its Core Values:

D – Develop Environment of Trust in the Organization

E – Ethical Practices followed by everyone

B – Best Quality Product and Services Delivered

O – Ownership Demonstrated by Each Employee like an Entrepreneur

X – Exceed Customer Expectation Every time

It believes that its people are the most important assets.

Setting benchmark in the domain

The company has won trust of good number of customers in India and internationally which helped it get three prestigious awards: Best Travel CRM Award, Top 20 Most Promising Travel Technology Solutions Providers and 20 Most Promising CRM Solution Providers 2019.

Apart from the work front,the company is very active in promoting fitness among every group of people. It started a Cycling & Running Group in Feb 2014 to promote fitness and spend a happy & healthy life. Now the group is among the top few groups of Delhi NCR, with more than 200 members participating in Marathons, Cycle Expeditions, Cycle Races in India and Internationally.

The company has some really important messages for Budding Entrepreneurs which can help them tackle challenging situations:

  1. When you start your business, ‘Burn All the Boats on the Island’ which means never consider an option to exit. It will help you in overcoming the adverse situations of distress without considering giving-up option.
  2. Strong Faith on Unseen & Ultimate Power known as Almighty, always keeps you hopeful even in no visible solution situations.
  1. Vision, Mission & Values should be the Real Driving Force and not just Wall Hangings at the office or Quotes on the Website.
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