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DigiLive: The burgeoning of a future unicorn in Digital Marketing

In recent years, Digital Marketing has become one of the key aspects to grow your business with a quick pace. It helps to cater to target audience in a very systematic and agile manner. To make the most out of it, many digital marketing companies have been tapping to this new wing of marketing. In numerous such firms, several start-ups have been making there presence count. DIGILIVE is one such startup.

DIGILIVE offers services like E-commerce Marketplace, Mobile Applications, Web Development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Optimization, Graphic Design, Lead Generation, Software Development, ERP System, E-mail Marketing, Promotional Videos, etc. All these services give a chance to take your business on the top, with a lot of profit. Because everything is going digital now.

DIGILIVE was launched on 19 Feb 2019 by Mr. Vikash Sorout (Founder & CEO) as a Digital Marketing Company in DLF Cyber City. In the beginning, the company was only promoting businesses online and was providing good business to its clients. After few months, it started with E-commerce, Mobile applications, Web Development, Software Development, ERP Systems Etc. In June 2019, the company inaugurated its second office in Singapore with all its services.

To the point services

The firm has been a center of attraction for many clients and which is very much appropriate considering the growth it has seen in such a small period of time. What fascinates its clients towards the company? It has to be, without a pinch of doubt, prompt support response and timely Project Delivery with clean desired work. Beating about the bush is thing of the past now. Just on the basis of big advertisement you can’t guarantee satisfied clients. You have to deliver what customers look for.

Customers don’t want to waste their time rather they keep looking to invest their precious time. To this end, the company has been steadfast since its inception. In a short span of time, it has catered to many valuable clients. The satisfaction quotient offered by DIGILIVE has helped the company get good mouth publicity which helps to get new clients frequently. Not only this, the rate of repeat customer is also quite good.

Whatever the company has achieved in such a short span of time is all thanks to the sense of well-being and Team Bonding. The company doesn’t believe in hierarchy, all the team members are treated equally. Employees can reach to the management directly having an iota of doubt or problem pertaining to any professional problem. The environment of company is such that it never makes one feel the absence of home. Every person is very cordial and helping.

Taking fast strides

Despite being the fact that company is a burgeoning one in the market, it takes pride in being one of the fastest growing start-ups. It has carved a niche for itself in certain segments including, Creative Designing, Application Development, Web Development, Social Media, and Paid Media etc. It has got the knack and knowledge needed to deliver tailored services.

One of the ways the company has grown fast it its ability to retain most of its clients. Client Retention is a crucial aspect for any company to grow in the long run. There will be times when you won’t be having new clients to deal with then you need to stick to your served clients. You need to make sure that they don’t turn to other competitors. To assure this, your services need to be spot on from the word go. This is exactly what the company has being doing from the beginning.

Digital Marketing is a domain that is very dynamic and keep changing on day to day basis. It is very important to stay relevant in this fast paced industry. People working in this field need to keep exploring more and more so that they could keep learning the new process and technology. DIGILIVE has given liberty to its workforce to initiate on their own.

This leads to an unbreakable faith of the client in the services. Moreover, good communication and obsession about details are the other parameters that leads to unbreakable faith of clients in your services. The future of the company is in capable hands.

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