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ES Celebrations Pvt Ltd - The man who builds beautiful memories

The man who builds beautiful memories

There are very few instances where we get to witness college interns carving a path out of their internships. This is the story of Karan Rughani who believed in his vision to make every experience, small or big, memorable. In a short span of time, he has established his name in the event management industry by means of his company ES Celebrations Private Limited.

During his college internship with multiple companies, Karan began to gauge the true potential of event management in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. After completing his degree from Mumbai, he decided to take the plunge and zeroed in on an industrial town in Gujarat. There were no companies there at the time that offered event management services.

Along with developing this core offering of event planning, the sharp minded Founder & CEO of ES Celebrations expanded his capabilities by providing turnkey solutions to clients, all under one roof. Events ranged from conferences, seminars, training programs to private parties, and services including booking suitable properties, banquet halls, open party lawns and catering.

His unique insightful backward integration of resources helped him carve out a niche growth rate for his company, while diversifying his team’s portfolio and maximizing client satisfaction. His agile, connected and responsive outlook meant all-year round business, rather than seasonal projects that were the industry norm.

At ES Celebrations, it is believed that no detail is too small for your big day. Their focus is on Commitment, Creativity and Enthusiasm. They are also the leading event planners in PAN India. The essence of ES Celebrations Weddings & Events lies in its enthusiastic team. It has the crème of management, a dedicated team of finest professionals and skilled manpower working for it. The team works with utmost commitment, exuberating passion in making every wedding an affair to remember!

ES Celebrations is no exception when it comes to delivering a stress free, picture perfect wedding event with serenity. It understands the importance of your incredible events, hence the energetic young team of Experts ensures a Seamless Output with its Rich Experience, Dynamic Vision and Tireless Dedication.

Ensuring the best in town service

Karan is a taskmaster who diligently trains his team to inherit his philosophy of precision, quality and detailing in their work style. It’s his mantra of planning for the expected and unexpected that has helped deliver successfully in all scenarios. Large scales functions, complex events and near impossible wedding settings, it’s all done with insight, hard work and deep planning. He is discerning in his choices and relentless in ideas. He maintains the quality of his team’s output from concepts and strategies to innovations and execution by setting the benchmark higher than the customer’s expectations.

As wedding and event planners the company will help manage and execute your dreams and aspirations into reality. Personal events are made up of those cherished moments that leave an indelible mark on hearts and are memorable. With a hawk’s eyes to detail, they contribute by providing design and services that are unparalleled by any other. As Wedding planners, they offer professional advice to guide you through the arduous task of planning your own wedding. They create a wedding that reflects your personality, style and taste within the confines of a budget. They play fairy god mother and bring joy to millions of hearts.

With the ongoing wedding season, one can’t help but notice that the Indian wedding industry is a huge one. In an Indian wedding, everyone just spends and does not think of returns. With each passing decade the Indian weddings are getting grandeur. Three decades ago, people hardly thought about the lavish wedding function that has now become a trend and may be a compulsion.

An undying spirit, inexhaustible ideas, a fastidious attitude and a great eye for detail are what define the man, Karan Rughani. His energy is rooted towards conceptualizing, planning and strategizing ways and means to creating innovative weddings that works. What defines Karan Rughani is his unfailing belief in himself, and his firm conviction that life is a matter of choice, not chance. The seeds of owning a company one day were sown long before he accomplished it. It has taken years of sheer hard work, admirable entrepreneurial skills, planning and incredible foresight to place ES Celebrations on the pedestal it is today.

Karan’s ‘never say die’ spirit emerges from his background and love for events. Though a taskmaster when needed, Karan is a natural born leader. Over the years, the teams that work with him have learnt his style of thorough, detailed and precise event management and the ability to enjoy it. His mantra of over plan, over produce, overestimate, over work has helped pull through the largest, most complex and seemingly impossible weddings and Events.

Awards and Recognitions

Fueled by a team and the pursuit for perfection, Karan has raised his company under the limelight, with several awards under his belt. The company has won:

  • Best Event Management Company in Gujarat
  • India Leadership Award
  • India 5000 MSME Award for quality excellence
  • Voted in Top 10 Most Promising Event Management Companies in India
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