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INFOZUB: Offering Innovative Services with Maximum Customer Satisfaction

INFOZUB: Offering Innovative Services with Maximum Customer Satisfaction

Digital marketing is in its booming phase, breaking the traditional marketing strategy. Digital marketing is shaping the country in a new era. On the one hand, it is the biggest challenge. Among numerous emerging start-ups, few see digital marketing as an opportunity.

INFOZUB is one such burgeoning firm which is contributing towards shaping India, in a very innovative way with maximum customer satisfaction level. Engineer turned entrepreneur Logesh Kumar’s journey has been very challenging and interesting as well.

Finding the loopholes while doing his job, Logesh Kumar, MD of INFOZUB, decided to go with Digital marketing. In October 2013, he decided to bring the change. Back in the year 2012, he found that the Indian market was ready to embrace digital marketing, but the market was grappling with the lack of innovative companies. He looked upon the opportunity and decided to fulfil the need of people. Starting from a handful of customers, the company tapped many clients.

The company got its customers through SEO. From 2013 itself, the company started ranking No.1 in Coimbatore. It helped clients reach their one-stop solution for many digital marketing needs. Since then, the company has been fulfilling the need of the customers with all its might and excellence. They have brought into use Email communication which has had a vast range and time-saving capabilities for them as phone communication is considered much tricky.

Company Strategy to Fight with Barriers

Hurdles and barriers are common in entrepreneurial life. INFOZUB is no exception, and it faced similar challenges at the initial phase. One of the biggest challenges was to educate customers about the importance of digital marketing.


INFOZUB focuses on result and customer satisfaction. Hence, they commit to their customers that they will get what they want. One hand where other companies offer everything (SEO, Graphic Design, Software Development, Web Application Development, Facebook Ads, Android / iOS App Development, etc.), INFOZUB sticks four pillars of digital marketing. (Search Engine Optimization, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads and Website Development).
The company also offers the packages to the companies at a price with the Best Quality which is the USP of INFOZUB. The price strategy of INFOZUB uplifts them in the competition space where Quality Matters. Apart from this, INFOZUB believes in commitment.

Words to the Upcoming Talents

According to Mr Logesh, the younger generation is quite aware of digital marketing and its function. Although convincing the customers is still the challenge for the young generation. People aged above 35 are not aware of digital marketing and putting them in their glass is a difficult task for the digital marketing people and young generation.


Overcoming all sorts of odds, the company focuses on customer satisfaction. INFOZUB always keeps innovating the quality of services. It makes the company different from others. It has a loyal customer base, and the reason is that they like the services of the company.
The company filters the audiences for the advertisement, which helps the client to make the reach. Instead of wage planning, the company believes in filtering the customers. Price strategy is another point which makes the company different from the others. The company helps its clients in getting the best result.

INFOZUB provides a complete report and progress every month. Since the process is well defined and automated completely, there is no place for manipulation. Every company wants internet visibility, brand responsiveness. To this end, the by-product of proper optimisation is priceless, and INFOZUB does this for them. It provides 100% customer support. Its entire focus is on Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Search Engine Optimisation and WordPress Website Development.

Client’s Classification

The company, from a very long time, is working with the automobile industry. They are aware of the dos’ and don’ts of the industry. It filters the need of the client and then pitches their services to the client with 100% result commitment.

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a thriving sector now in India. According to the product life cycle, there will be a declining stage of this too. Hence the company needs to make a strategy for declining stage. Focusing upon it, INFOZUB is ready to face any such inevitable challenges. Digital is the present trend; the company is providing its various innovative solutions and will do the same with changing trends.

Goals and Vision

At INFOZUB, the company does not provide the readymade options and services to the clients. It studies the client and then filters the need of the client. After doing this, they go on to the services. The company believes that there is an innovative approach to SEO and hence focus on the same. It majorly captures the automobile industry or long-term investment industry. In future too, the impetus is going to remain on these things.
People think a lot about long term investment. Each company wants to reach the pinnacle in the ranking of search engines. Hence INFOZUB finds the opportunity in long term investments.

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