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Letstrack - The Undisputed Leader of Tracking Industry in India

Letstrack – The Undisputed Leader of Tracking Industry in India

With the rise in technological advancements, our lives have become easier than ever. Innovation has played a major role in shaping our lives to give it a new dimension. Of late, we have seen a new breed of innovators who keep coming up with their out-of-the-box ideas. Today, we are going to talk about one such revolutionary concept—Letstrack— which has transformed the way we track moving things. Nowadays, tracking is commonplace and a routine part of our everyday lives. Be it booking a cab, to ordering food, or waiting for a delivery, there is one thing common among all these, and that is tracking.

This need of tracking is being aptly catered by New Delhi based Letstrack which provides a hardware-based GPS Security solution, giving location-based reports to analyse and make productive decisions. In other words, what it essentially means is that anything that moves can be tracked by us. The company goes through rigorous research and testing just to ensure that each and every product is used based on the requirements of the customers. For example, a small match box sized device is used to track children, providing the needed security and safety in their lives and peace of mind to the parents.

The conceptualization of the tracking software was done in an entirely different scenario. The brainchild of the idea, Vikram Kumar, while working on some projects along with his team encountered obstacles in different European countries. Letstrack used to have sales teams spread across different countries in Europe, and most of the times it got really difficult to manage and analyse the productivity of those teams. So, as it already was running a successful software business in India to serve the clients in Europe, Vikram came up with the plan to use that to simplify tracking the teams and their workings.

That spark of a thought then developed into a full-fledged software that evaluated the productivity of those teams. He saw the potential, the possibilities that were present and acted on it. That led to the launch of the software in India with a hardware-based solution to provide security to millions of families and assets.

Customers above everything

Considering the uniqueness in the concept, it has managed to garner the support of a number of clients. There are a lot of reasons why its clients absolutely love working with it, some of the more obvious ones are the quality of the products and services that it offers. This translates to its clients having the utmost level of confidence in it, pinning their trust in the firm to come up with innovative state-of-the-art products every time. They appreciate the fact that it doesn’t just offer them a great product, but also educates them about tracking and its benefits in a positive way.

It is a very customer centric and customer driven company. Everything that it does, be it designing an app, making a device or coming up with a new service, it always keeps its customers in mind. Keeping their needs and wants in the priority also sets the goal for it automatically.

The modus operandi of the firm is something that peers need to learn from. Letstrack has always been run as a family. Just like a big joint family, even it has its share of good and bad days. There are times when everyone is not on the same page, but like the whole family comes together on the dinner table and talks it out, it does the same. They listen to each other, see each other’s point of view, and have each other’s back. As the family is growing, it is growing too and making new bonds.

One of the biggest advantages is its vision. The thought that everything that moves can be tracked, is an idea so powerful that it drives everything around by itself. And that is the main differentiator between it and countless other companies. The competitors aim to sell products to people, while it aims to provide the best of customer experience and peace of mind, through safety.

Talking about the stronghold of the firm which lies in its people, the family that the company has built over the years. They are the backbone who drive the company forward. It has always believed in having key professionals at key roles. This has been the thought since day one, and also one of the reasons that it has achieved so much in such a little time. Together with these professionals the company has built a robust system which keeps on expanding. This even gets better as it goes from one service to another, and one country to another. All these and countless other reasons make it mentally and technologically superior.

Honesty and Transparency is the way to go

It is always upfront with theclients; the honesty and transparency help it maintain the unbreakable faith the clients have in the company. We all know that no technology is fully proven and perfect, and sometimes it just doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. And when that happens, the company doesn’t shy away from it, it accepts that a mistake was made and put all the resources and mind on to how to rectify it. How to make it better and solve the issue at hand. This philosophy of keeping the client on the same page where they see just how hard working and honest it is, ensures that they don’t lose their trust in it.

Apart from this, it keeps onanalysing and tracking the market and the usage pattern and habits of the customers. These two are the most important points through which it doesn’t just stay abreast but stay ahead. It keeps doing researches and surveys to ensure that it is delivering what the market demands and what its customers want. Alongside market demands, the firm needs to be prepared for the imminent challenges. Every firm happens to have a genius who is always ready with the solution of the most complex problem. Letstrack has a gem in the form of Vikram.

Vikram is analytical and that pushes him to solve problems and challenges of any and every kind. He takes problems and carefully break them into small parts to get to the root of it, and by breaking it down it becomes easier to solve it. He says,“Now I don’t know whether being a problem solver comes under creative or not, but it certainly helps me clear my mind and be productive as well. Other than that I meditate regularly early in the morning, it help me in focusing on things better and prepares me for the day.”

Coming out of the shadows of obstacles

In the beginning when the firm had just ventured into the sector, it was competing with over 25,000 companies. They had been doing the same thing for over 5 years and that too at a very competitive price. So the initial 18 months were particularly tough for it, as the company was asked again and again as to, what made it different or special? And every time the company would pitch its services, products to companies or customers it had to prove itself, every single day, and every single sale. But as they say, diamonds are made under pressure, it emerged victorious out of all those challenges.

The last six months have been a whirlwind. This time saw it take some giant strides. To start with, it has won over 19 awards and accolades, including Asia One India’s 100 Biggest Brands. Then it acquired the largest share in the GPS Security Services sector in India, becoming a force to reckon with. It also recently crossed a big milestone, of serving over 5 lakh happy customers. And all this put together places it as Asia’s biggest car security company. And it is looking ahead to serving more customers and making even bigger name for itself.

Regarding the opportunity in car security and tracking space, the company has a whole lot of opportunity to tap. There are many factors that are contributing to make this a possibility, like increase in number of cars on the road, organisations wanting to be efficient and keeping a tab on their employees and functioning. It is also educating people and organisations about the many uses of personal trackers. This is also bringing a positive change in people’s perspective and paving the way for it to do even better.

Reaching new milestones

Right now, on an average it is selling almost 100,000 trackers in a month in India. It is working on bumping the sales and looking at a figure of around 2M trackers in a month. When it gets there, it will command 50% share of the market. Currently it is also looking for investors to raise $8-10 million in Pre-Series A round of funding. These are some of the goals it has for now.

The company has shared its insight and expertise on various eminent platforms. RachittaJuneja, Chief Marketing Officer, has been a keynote speaker at the Annual Summit of IIM, Kashipur where they have versatile speakers from Brands like Uber, Honda. This speaks about the magnitude of the company and its services.

Apart from this, on an average, it saves 4 cars a week and almost 1 bike every day. When you step back and take a look at those numbers, you see a bigger picture of people’s lives being saved, someone’s hard earned money being protected, someone’s faith being restored that they are secured and protected. What it does today doesn’t only end with its devices working perfectly for them, but the value it adds to their lives.

When parents sit at their homes relaxing knowing that their children are safe and can be tracked in a second. When a father whose daughter leaves work at night places his confidence in it as he watches her make her way home. These are some of the countless emotions that it watches come to life because of what it does.

The company has been felicitated by many renowned media & entertainment platforms. It has been recently awarded with Asia One India’s 100 Biggest Brands. And Vikram Kumar, CEO & Founder, has also been recognised as India’s Greatest Leader (2018-2019). Before that, it was bestowed with the Top GPS Tracking Company in India by BIZZTOR EDITOR, the Innovative Start-up of the year by a popular business magazine, the “Best Vehicle Security Company in Asia” & “Best Loyalty Program” was awarded by ET NOW. These are just some of the awards, the list goes on.

It has been making waves ever since it started, and is sure that it will continue to do so.

Key Figures

Vikram Kumar is the Head Coach and Founder of Letstrack Pvt. Ltd. He has an impeccable track record of achieving market-leading levels of sales success. He has established himself across all the aspects of the mobile business, from commercial and financial management to direct supervision of sales teams. He has a knack for being involved through every process of the value chain, from product design to the consumer.

An effective presenter, expert negotiator and relationship manager, he works closely with distributors, wholesalers and retailers, tactically gaining the best possible outcomes from such relationships. He drives sales success through superlative leadership of sales people, with an instinctive ability to identify and train natural winners in selling. Over the years, he has also garnered many awards and accolades, with the most recent one being India’s 100 Greatest Leaders 2018-19 by Asia One.

RachittaJuneja – Chief Marketing Officer

She has been awarded as the CMO of the Year 2019 by Making of Developed India. Moreover, the title of Most Inspirational Women in India was conferred upon to her by an eminent business magazine. She has experience of running 2 Marketing Companies before Letstrack and a total experience of 8 years.

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