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Trikolaa Tech - In The World of Design, Here Is Trikolaa With A New Taste Of Innovation

In The World of Design, Here Is Trikolaa With A New Taste Of Innovation

In today’s time where innovation is the key, constantly being updated with designs and colors that never get old is imperative. In the world of designing, the Indian market saw a lot of fondness and eyeballs towards 3D design as a concept. This is when Trikolaa Tech entered the market in 2014 to give the 3D design a better future with some zest of innovation. The CEO and Founder – Mr Harsh Juthani, combined his technological knowledge with creativity to shape the company in becoming a one-stop solution to bringing design into reality. His constant belief in the 3D printing industry has endless opportunities along with continuous research, development and growth have led to many exciting projects and deliverables.


Trikolaa is the leading manufacturer of 3D printers and service providers in India. The company helps in product development after effectively assessing various needs of customers. They also offer their own line of 3D printers & filaments and act as a one-stop solution for Product Development providing 3D Design, RPT, Low batch production and Mass Production.

They believe in providing latest generation technology products for industrial related areas which gives an edge over the conventional technologies in inspection & design. These presented products are easy to use and do not require maintenance up to several years.

Our services:

  1. Rapid prototyping
  2. Architectural modeling and Product Model
  3. Jewellery model making
  4. 3d Design and Low batch Manufacturing
  5. Workshops for 3d printing technology.


Trikolaa believes in providing new ideas and designs after brainstorming and working together with the client which helps in a better understanding of the requirement. Well-timed execution and excellent quality ensure a long term relationship with all our clients as we believe in providing great customer experiences and satisfaction. We believe in making sure the experience is nothing short of delightful, which immediately starts building customer loyalty.Since we are the starters of this technology, it gives us a good advantage amongst the others and what makes us different is that we provide complete end to end solutions right from designing to RPT etc. The team at Trikolaa aims at delivering high-quality products by giving it at an edge over others since the objective is clearly to make Trikolaa an established brand from a company. Building a network and having a strong partnership after channelizing and planning effectively has pushed us to further cope up with the fast paced growth the company has seen over the years.


Since the upcoming talent is the future of the industry, they should be nourished and nurtured in a proper way. Being creative is imperious as creativity lies in the heart of a great designer. If there are times that one has glitches in coming up with ideas, gather inspiration from the vast corners of the Internet or keep your eyes open whenever you travel. Being Passionate and enjoying your work is of utmost importance and like they say, ‘”Accept both compliments and criticism since it always takes both sun and rain for a flower to grow!” Therefore, if one is not open to constructive criticism, then you are not open to growth overall. So keep learning, keep working harder and keep growing!


To continue sharing a mutually beneficial relationship with all its clients, the company strongly believes in a few aspects that attract continuous and long term associations.

  1. Consistent with delivering top-notch quality products.
  2. Timely execution
  3. Great team bandwidth to cater to all kinds of requirements.
  4. Cost-efficient
  5. On-point suggestions to overcome client glitches
  6. Fine creativity giving it an edge over the competition
  7. Great customer experiences and satisfaction
  8. Continuous research and development to be on top of all industry modernisms

EFFECT OF AI (Artificial Intelligence), web, Google cloud ON 3D world

3D printing is converting ideas into reality where a machine of the size of a microwave, when mixed with ideas and creativity can create wonders. This industry has great advantages for designers since one can actually look at their creations live at a considerably lesser cost but with the same fit and finish they had imagined it to be. Right from body organs to functional instruments, AI is here to change the course of the world by bringing time-saving technological techniques.


The success we have established in our 5-plus years has been based on our core values. Those core values are built on biblical principles and are the driving force behind our direction—focusing on integrity, responsibility, skill, valuing employees and safely delivering a quality project. As a reminder of who we are and why we conduct business the way we do, our mission and vision statements are prominently displayed on every page. We strive to be sought out as a trusted firm that provides successful projects. We believe the best way to accomplish this is to develop our employees to be the best they can be both personally and professionally. The company constantly works upon the creativity and challenges one has to face during the project helping them evolve and pushing to achieve sore heights in the next 5 years. This helps them gain more confidence making it fun-environment to solve for all their queries and allowing flow creativity and flexibility within the time. We also continuously work on people, try new ideas and help in finding business solutions to problems.

POINT OF VIEW ON ‘Make-in-India’

Company point on Make-in-India is quite clear where we feel that the real initiatives are not been taken to prove the word. The government is trying to bring more FDI & MNC’S instead of supporting our national industrialists and making some special policies for the dying small scale & suffering medium scale industries &organization.

FDI will surely increase the national revenue & create job opportunities, but in search of light one can surely not burn his house. Similarly, we believe that the progress of our people is the real progress of the nation. However, it is pleasing to know that the youth of this generation is quite motivated and thrived to have their own start-up ensuring a positive belief in the overall though of Make in India!

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