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IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions: Gain the scientific edge to grow your healthcare business

To sustain and grow in today’s healthcare business requires in-depth research and analysis. You need to have a scientific edge so that you could better connect with internal & external stakeholders. In a competitive & complex environment, you need to differentiate your products with your peers. Today we are going to talk about an experienced organisation which has helped several healthcare companies to gain a competitive edge in the market by offering them the scientific edge required in the market. We are talking about none other than IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions itself. The organisation is being aptly guided by experience &expertise of Dr. Anish Desai – Director of IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions.

‘IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions’ is a Healthcare startup launched by him with an intent to focus on strategic medical affairs for business growth, thereby infusing science into marketing. IntelliMed specializes in scientific, clinical & medical solutions from conceptualization/Ideation to launch. IntelliMed supports the engagement with external stakeholders, the 4Ps,i.e. Physicians, Patients, Providers & Policy Makers/Payers.IntelliMed helps to achieve market access by leveraging the healthcare drivers, the 4As i.e. Awareness, Adoption, Affordability & Access IntelliMed can support the entire life cycle management process by providing contract medical resources, to support 4Ds, Data generation, Product Differentiation and Dissemination of information along with Education and training with Diligence.

IntelliMedhas been a scientific partner for digital healthcare. It collaborates with you to build market access for Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices&Nutraceuticals. It specializes in Contract/Outsourced Medical Affairs Services.

IntelliMedhelps in differentiating your product in the crowded competitive environment. The team at IntelliMed Healthcare Solutions has the capability to manage the scientific & medical support from conceptualization to delivery. With an experience of more than 25 years in medical affairs within leading Indian & multinational, companies, the team is well equipped to cater to your scientific needs.Through their services, they provide medical, clinical & economic data, medical communication & regulatory support.

The conceptualization of IntelliMed

When Dr. Desai worked in pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, he was not getting the freedom of designing his own ideas. He had multiple areas of interest and expertise however the company would be involved in only one segment of expertise. He wanted to offer his expertise to multiple companies in different areas. So that he could actually create much more impact in the area of healthcare and the objective of better patient outcomes could be achieved. His idea was to have bigger impact in the healthcare industry.

His rich experience in academia, industry& research in different areas such as digital healthcare, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, and medical devices has given him an edge. Many people being unidimensional are not able to solve complex problems. However, he possesses a 360 degree view of the healthcare ecosystem. Working with different spectrums of companies has helped him offer different practical, innovative and pragmatic solutions. These solutions have been very well accepted& implemented by the healthcare industry.

Dr. Anish Desai has proven himself as a top-notch medical professional & thought leader through his work in leading Indian and multinational healthcare Organizations like Johnson & Johnson Medical India, Bayer Schering Pharma India,Bristol-Myers Squibb Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd &Unichem Laboratories.

He has been responsible for setting up medical, clinical, regulatory affairs and Pharmacovigilance teams. His expertise in R&D, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas have successfully generated sustainable revenue for several Organizations.

Dr. Anish Desai has been a board member of several Organizations making business decisions for portfolio introductions, product and service strategy, and being involved in providing vision, leadership & direction to achieve strategic excellence and execute as well as develop ideas for new growth opportunities at management board level.

Areas of Expertise

The organisation holds expertise in a number of domains including, Data, Differentiation, Dissemination, Clinical & Economic Evidence Generation, Customized Brand Communication, Customized Disease & Therapy Communication, Clinical Practice Guidelines, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) Engagement Initiatives, Patient Education, Continuous Medical Education (Cme’s), Science Based Digital Marketing-Tools, and field Force Training, etc.

Dr. Anish Desai has therapeutic area expertise in Diabetes & Cardiometabolic; Oncology; Dermatology; Infectious disease; Women’s Healthcare; Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery; Orthopedics & Trauma; Wound Management; and minimally access surgery,

With an extensive experience in the field of research, Dr. Anish Desai’s work is well published & presented in international and Indian peer reviewed Journals and conferences with nearly 150 publications and abstracts. His most significant contributions to the field include registering and launching nearly 50 molecules for the first time in India across therapeutic areas. Dr. Anish Desai has also worked in Drug Development & NCE Research with 2 molecules in Phase II Clinical Trials. He has capabilities in HEOR & HTA.

Dr. Anish Desai has been a reputable member of revered Organizations such as American College of Clinical Pharmacology (USA); Royal Society of Medicine (Lon.); Society of Pharmaceutical Medicine (UK); Clinical Research Professionals (USA).

Giving back to society by means of education

Given his passion for education, he has been able to ‘give back’ in capacity of a teaching faculty at acclaimed institutes such as Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), KEM Hospital (Mumbai); NMIMS- School of Pharmacy and Technology; Shri C. B. Patel Research Centre (SVKM). Dr. Anish Desai is a recipient of the prestigious Charles R. Ream “Award of excellence”; and the “U.K. Sheth award” for his stupendous work in the area of research at K.E.M. Hospital.

Talking about the goal of the company, it envisages to be the best-in-class company providing solutions for better patient care & outcomes in collaboration with digital healthcare, pharmaceutical, medical device& nutraceutical companies. Their core objective is to look at how exactly they could achieve superior clinical outcomes. They want to collaborate with the top companies which are in healthcare. The patient is at the centre of all the activities. All the activities are directed so the patient can be benefitted.

Talking about the challenges, last four months have been quite challenging. Companies’ budgets are under strain. Many projects had to be shelved due to the pandemic. Companies stopped sponsoring several projects. Connecting with people is also an arduous task these days. As the physical meetings have been stopped, it has become a much bigger challenge.

To tackle these tough times, they have a lot of brainstorming sessions, involvement of each and every person in the team. “We are transparent with our associates regarding all such things so that they understand that this is a company that doesn’t let people go and we take care of the people”. This is a company which has in spite of the pandemic not let people go. They have done a lot of digital outreach. They have been using several social media platforms and he did a lot of writing in the press so as to create awareness about the pandemic and immunity related issues. They have also launceh an innovative program ‘IntelliMed’s Surgical Training Enhancement Program ‘ISTEP for training and skill development.

Coming to his outside interests, he loves to spend his leisure time on OTT platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Voot etc. Apart from this, he is a fitness buff and never loses out on his fitness routine. Moreover, he loves to contribute for many health magazines by writing articles on nutraceutical, immunity and health. He always remains fervent to contribute for the betterment of society.

“Keep your eyes open, ears open and mouth shut. You should be watchful, observant and refrain from making any kind of statement & hasty judgement. You should be patient listener and observer. You should be open to ideas”, he concludes.

About the Director

Honorary Professor Pharmaceutical Medicine MUHS, Infectious Disease Department KEM Hospital, Mumbai. Dr. Anish Desai MD, FCP, PGDHEP is a Medical graduate from Grant Medical college & Sir J J group of hospitals Mumbai and MD from Seth G S Medical college and KEM Hospital Mumbai. He is a trained Clinical Pharmacologist and Pharmaceutical Physician with 3 decades of experience in Academia, Research, and Healthcare industry with proven leadership skills, strong business acumen, and a deep understanding of the Healthcare System, including Digital Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical& Medical device industry. He has been recognized for driving positive change, delivering solutions, developing talent and nurturing strong relationships with external stakeholders. Holding Senior Management Position for last 2 decades and involved in strategic decision making.

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