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Dr Kavita Khullar

Rushing to new dimensions in life…..

All that you do, do with all your might. Things done by half are never done right.

 – Ibra Fakir

‘Water flows free & wild, not aware of any boundaries or rules or traditions. Not bothered about anything gone or left behind, she eagerly rushes to new dimensions in her life knowing the best is yet to come. Learn to be like the soul of water; clean; compassionate, loving yet strong enough to endure anything. Today we are going to talk about a lady who has followed the principles of water. We are talking about none other than Dr Kavita Khullar.

The biggest factor that has helped her in becoming successful is her positive attitude while facing challenges and her trust in Almighty God. Talking about her success habits, they consist of discipline, punctuality, devotion and passion towards her profession. She has always put in efforts to give the best to the day. One little thought which she revises every morning is the one put forward by Gandhiji. He said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.”

Talking about the most important decisions she makes as a leader of her organization, she provides training to her team to focus on achieving excellence/perfection in little things. She makes them understand the importance of planning and implementation. Moreover, she teaches them team building and collaborative work.

Decisions without haste

To encourage creative thinking in the organization, she starts the day with creative morning briefing to pep up the team spirit. To stay ahead in the competition, she holds CPD sessions peer observation. One characteristic that every leader should possess is the ability to create more leaders who can impact, influence and inspire just by example and translate vision into reality.

All through her career, she has learnt to lead the battle of life. She has been the force to reckon with all these years. Her juniors see her as their idol and try to imitate her. She has set an example as to how to deal with tough situations. She takes decisions without making much haste. She keeps her temper calm while dealing with a challenging situation. She never lets herself engrossed in unnecessary debates and focuses on the bright side of a talk. She always emphasises on the positive side of a discussion. She doesn’t let negative thoughts underwhelm her energy and evades them by her positivity.

She is a nature lover and works for the upkeep of nature and pets. She is a pet lover and tries to keep them happy. Being a true humanitarian, she has done a number of philanthropic works. Being a nature lover, she loves gardening and things related to greenery. She has always been a part of greenery activity and loves greenery all around her.

Apart from this, she is a family person. She never fails to take care of her family’s happiness. Frequently, she goes along with her family and takes them to recreation.  All in all, she has taken care of all the needs of a family and understands what it takes to maintain a healthy relationship.

Battling the challenges as a leader

To ensure that she continues to grow and develop as a leader, she has been a keen learner and having educated herself in keeping with the demands of profession, she has continued by own professional development by completing post graduate degrees/diplomas. Talking about  balancing of work and life responsibilities, she follows the principle of “Work while you work play while you play”. This is the way to be happy each day.

As a female leader, in case of any challenges, she always found a way out by the grace of almighty. Giving an advice to next generation of female leaders, she says that leadership is not gender based, ability to lead is a skill and one who is able to master it can become a leader. Biggest challenge facing female leaders today is bringing about a change in mindset. When you face challenges as a leader, it is the joy of being able to find the right solution/key to the problem, the final outcome which brings satisfaction. Biggest challenge for the generation of women is to compete and survive in a man’s world without sacrificing her womanhood which is gifted by nature, a nurturer and creator.

Talking about competitors and how she differentiates from them, she just competes with herself and rest for her is an illusion that disappears with time. She doesn’t believe in a constant USP. It changes with changing times. Talking about her dream job, she always aspired to become  a Pilot. She loves heights and challenges. According to Dr Khullar, life is like an echo, all comes back- the good, the false and the true. So, give the world the best you have and the best will come back to you.

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