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Preeya Malik

Preeya Malik: The First Choice For Investment Immigration

When it comes to investment immigration, who will be your first choice? You would name several firms but only a few have the expertise required to deal with the requirements needed. Today we are going to talk about one such reliable firm. We are talking about none other than Step Global. Step Global is a consultancy firm which specializes in investment immigration. It is a team of highly experienced and globally licensed lawyers, real estate professionals, and immigration professionals that can assist you through the investment migration process for over 30 countries worldwide.

People from the company are helping families migrate to other countries, and providing them with new opportunities they would not have had otherwise. “Giving people this chance is a beautiful thing. I love seeing all the families we have helped over the years, to hear their stories, and find out how happy they are now. This is what we do to make a difference in this world”, says Preeya Malik, MD of Step Global. She emphasizes on the importance to realize that success doesn’t come from one source, but it comes from the team you put together and the people that help you reach those points of success.

There are many people in the same industry, doing what they do. As per Preeya, what makes them different is that they come from a place of legal background and knowledge. They are not simply individuals who have decided to enter the field. Rather they have trained for this for many years, and can therefore provide the in-depth and accurate insight that many others cannot.


She is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and each step that you take is all part of the journey you need to go through as both an individual and business. Some of the most important decisions that she make pertain to her team. She emphasizes on how to manage each person individually while within that team. How to make everything function cohesively, while treating each person like an individual with independent ideas, is a balancing act.

To encourage creative thinking within her organization, they have an open door policy. Everyone is free to express their own ideas when it comes to their job function and/or role, and she is always willing to hear someone out because they are the ones who know that part of the business most intimately.

“For me, core values are the most important to our organization. For example, we have a saying in our office on the wall which says “success is a decision”. I believe when people work within their core values or the core values of a company, the vision becomes clearer and the mission can be fulfilled quicker and better than those organizations where core values remain unclear”, opines Preeya Malik.

She says that every leader should possess a strong sense of emotional intelligence. They should also possess the ability to listen to and understand those around you, whether your team, clients or consumers. This marks the strength of a leader whom other people can respect.


Talking about female leadership, she says female leaders have been given enormous opportunity these days. She further says that the days when females were challenged as leaders or individuals in important positions are slowly moving behind us. “I do think that depending on the industry you’re in, there are still some people who will fail to take you seriously. However, I also believe that asserting yourself as a woman, is an important part to breaking that”, she asserts.

To grow and develop as a leader, she reads a lot. She thinks that we can learn so much from books about values, life, experiences. We never stop learning and keeping an open mind to this most definitely helps you grow and develop.

To balance work and life responsibilities, she makes sure to take some time away from my phone each week. She also usually does not look at her laptop when she gets home from the office unless it is something important. She spends time instead with friends, family, reading, and calming her mind.

Talking about her journey so far, she says there have been times when it has been difficult to be taken seriously among a very few select group of people, especially next to male counterparts. However, for the most part, being a female has actually helped propel her career.

Talking about her source of encouragement, she says that being able to look back on everything you have previously accomplished, and remembering that those accomplishments were also not easy, helps to push you forward in challenging times.

Her determination has helped her get to where she is today. She has spent many years training and studying to get where she is today. She has extreme passion for what she does and without this she wouldn’t be where she is today. “My biggest advice to anyone whatever industry and career they chose to pursue, would be to follow your dream. Go into an industry that you are passion about, one you love and one that will give you fulfillment”, she says.

She advises people not to be afraid to take risks. She says success is a direct result of how much you are willing to do to get there. Don’t let challenges hold you down, allow them to push you forward and use them as leverage to move to new heights. Don’t be afraid to work hard and assert yourself as a female leader. Females have so much perspective, experience, and knowledge to provide to any industry. Be confident in those abilities and what you bring to the table, and don’t let anyone dissuade you from that.

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