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Sapna Handa

Become a Better Version of Yourself the NOVUS Way

In our personal, professional and social lives, there are instances when we tend to feel inferior due to our appearance, behavior and communication. We become hopeless and nervous in the absence of a proper solution to this quandary. Gradually, this leads to less confidence and low productivity in personal and profession life. So, what is the solution to this? Where to find the solution, who to approach? Today we are going to talk about a lady who has single-handedly transformed the life of a number of people who went through similar dilemmas. We are talking about none other than the pioneer in thearena of Image building – Sapna Handa. Her firm ‘NOVUS Impeccably You’ has been the place-to-go for all kind of personal, professional and social predicaments.

Her company deals with all kind of solutions – corporate, individual, personal and social in terms of Appearance, Behaviour and Communication (ABC). She is the one-stop solution to the problems pertaining to projecting your right image in society professionally, socially, personally. “I make them unleash the true potential. At the same time, I also act as catalyst in their personal growth”, asserts Sapna. She acts as a person who helps them push from one level to another by handholding them through her modules. The modules are based on her book “From Novice to Novus”.

All these modules are based on a person’s dilemmas, something on the outside which is not internally fitting into the circumstances/ or the authentic internal you. People normally face everything externally. External situation wherein they don’t have good relationship in office, externally somebody is not appreciating them as far as their appearances are concerned. People start visualizing that because of all this, they are not successful in their career. It all start from there, people start looking at them down.

Brand Creation

Half of the problems are solved when they are able to figure out that they are not good in communication skills, probably their body language is not updated or they have to update their wardrobe to lift up the professional level. When they get in touch with Sapna, she helps them choose a right attire which suits their executive level. It speaks about the kind of brand you are. She gives a unique personal style to people who have been carrying a monotonous dressing style for over a long period of time.

Depending upon the profession, she helps them make a distinction among a wide range of dressing attires. “I update their wardrobe. Clothes communicate, they speak a story. They speak about you. Long before you have entered a place, you have already announced your status through your dressing style. Be so impeccable and crisp with your dressing that people are able to associate you with your brand”, says Sapna.

If people don’t look at you as a brand, how will they approach you to make them a brand in the industry? You need to walk the talk every single day as far as your wardrobe, communication, personality are concerned. Sapna figures out the USP of her clients. How can they market their USP? She helps the way they speak, the way they walk. A lot of ground work is required during the process.

Manipulation of Yin and Yang

Apart from this, she makes people aware of ‘yin and yang’ personality traits. Being friendly, casual and informal leads to yin personality. Yin is feminine and submissive. Yang is masculine and authoritative. She creates a balance of yin and yang personality traits in people. She manipulates clothing to bring a better version of yourself. So that you are completely in harmony with yourself.

The people who are struggling and haven’t reached a ladder of success, have to bring about the subtle nuances of dressing and grooming into their everyday life so that they are perceived correctly by the audience.

Another area Sapna caters to is inner image. Some people do not have the inner respect, self-regard or self-esteem. They have such a low inner image that they cannot stand up for themselves. If low body image is combined with low self-esteem, the situation becomes disastrous. She enhances the body image and helps to deal with the way their bodies are naturally. She makes them feel comfortable in their skin by asserting that they are not thin or fat, they have figure variations.

“You can alter your figure variations with the right kind of clothing. You can camouflage your figure/body variation by the right kind of clothing silhouette or attire. Wear clothes in such a way that hides your flaws. All of us have flaws, none of us is perfect”, asserts Sapna. Do you really know who you are as a person? What are your strengths and weakness? Are you able to look at yourself realistically? People need tolook at them realistically. People need to enhance their inner strengths. Moreover, she also makes them look at their blind spots which is an area they are not aware of.

Figure out the blind spots

Sometimes we just don’t realize our weakness. She helps a person to manage their emotions so that they don’t let emotions come between intelligence. She helps her clients have better communication skills. How to become an effective communicator? “Say what you mean, and mean what you say and the result would be what you mean”, she says. You can make the communication maneuver according to you because you are the sole proprietor of making things work in your favor.

She handholds people in setting small goals if they get overwhelmed by the long-term goal. Once a person successfully achieves a short-term goal, he can create a road map for accomplishing bigger goals.This is called soft skills training which is about making you a better person. These are the soft skills in comparison to hard skills which get you promoted. She helps people to manage anger, emotions, conflicts, stress, interpersonal relationship, and to create a perfect balance between work and life, personal and professional goal.

Her book “From Novice to Novus” is a toolkit that becomes the guiding soul in a person’s journey to become a better version of themselves. You think of problems as a potential teacher. You work on your inner garden. You become body positive. You get smarter with the basics of soft skills, basics of communication skills, body language and you are able to handle your emotions better. You are able to control your stress level on day to day basis. The book will help reader in finding out who they are.

Talking about the USP of Sapna, it has to be the consistency with what she has been working for last many years to serve people better. Consistency along with labor has become her success habit. She quotes a line from her book and says, “Be persistently passionate in whatever you do, do not say it, just do it, do not just do it, prove it. Your consistent efforts will lead you to desired results”. This is the way she began her book. This has been her mantra to be successful.

Talking about leadership, Sapna says leadership is all about creating leaders. Bringing a leader out of someone. Leadership is all about putting the onus of responsibility on others.  As far as vision is concerned, it is to make a better version of people by implementing the tips of her book.

Coming to her personal life, she brings about a healthy work-life balance in her life. She assigns good quality time for family and personal life by striking a perfect balance. She cooks for them. She loves singing and aspired to become singer in her childhood. Music is safe high for her.

She has a piece of advice for aspiring women entrepreneurs and says “Fitting in is not being yourself. Try to stand out”.


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