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Triverse: The Reliable Name for Brand Creative Agency

Triverse: The reliable name for brand creative agency

Nowadays, leading your company to the zenith of success requires a whole lot of detailing in creativity. It’s not just about assigning your project to some random creative agency, rather it’s about knowing the subtlety of the project and its prerequisites. Not every brand creative agency knows what all it takes to deliver the meaningful brand solutions. Today we are going to talk about one-of-a kind-brand creative agency that delivers tailor-made solutions as per the requirements of the clients. We are talking about none other than Triverse itself.

Triverse is a brand creative agency aimed at providing businesses with a full spectrum of creative solutions to help grow the business. From its office in Gurgaon,Triverse proudly partners established businesses and ambitious startups who like to believe in the power of branding. With a strong belief in Ideas Cause Change, Triverse applies an informed mindset behind every concept to create a meaningful brand design language.

In order to develop the best creative strategy and incorporate the right rational and emotional connect to reach the audiences, Triverse researches the key indicators related to the businesses. To ensure that its client’s brands reflect an image of quality, Triverse produces content with impeccable attention to detail within a consistent set of guidelines uniquely tailored to the brands.

Triverse has been doing this since 2008 and while at it, the agency has witnessed continuous growth in terms of its clients and people. For the ones seeking numbers, Triverse has a resource pool of 35+ people with regular retainer 25+ clients, with 100+website projects and 250+ branding projects.Triverse services include all aspects of brand communication right from brand strategy to campaign development, across all traditional and digital media.

Meenakshi Tiwari, Co-founder of the company has always believed that good employees represent a major resource in a business. Employees who feel respected and appreciated quite often produce more than expected.  “The key to business success is in winning and keeping customers; the key to winning and keeping customers is, and has always been, relationships”, she says.

Business means creating relationships

Business, according to her, is another name for relationship and this is something that she has cultivated from her employment with Oberoi Hotels and Deutsche Bank. They have contributed in a large way to her comfort in interaction with high-net worth individuals (both professionals and business), listening & looking out for those subtle signs which would tell herhow to take the conversation and the job at hand forward. These skills have contributed to shaping her as a business woman.As per Suresh, with whom I have co-founded Triverse, even the core of our business is in creating relationships of our brands with its consumers”, she says.

For a company to run successfully, it’s important to create a culture of inspiration and instill a sense of achievement in everyone you work with. It’s the right balance of warmth and professionalism which is the best hack to run a creative shop. It’s important to recognize that each team member has a different skill set and be able to modify job responsibilities accordingly. “As an entrepreneur, the art lies in knowing what job to do yourself, what to delegate, and when to step-in while interacting with a client. It’s ideal to train and teach your employees, but you should be able to judge who is going to stick-on, who to invest in”, she says.

As a leader of the organization, at the outset, she took a deliberate call on letting Triverse’s work do the talking rather than spending time on making pitches and seeking business. She took a conscious decision on ensuring that all the resources of her company are devoted in creating excellent work for their clients with the belief that good work speaks for itself. Triverse, today, gets virtually all its business due to positive word of mouth from their clients.  This also means that their growth has come from repeat business and their clients have stayed with them, growing with them. “Every day I take calls on ensuring that our overheads are within control. I like to keep it simple – spend less than what you earn. This has, perhaps, made us less aggressive, but we’re a happy and a sustainable organization”, she says.

Freedom to discover own ways

As far as creative thinking is concerned, they create a culture of inspiration. It is well instilled in the Triverse culture that it’s more important to enjoy the process rather than doing it as a job. They made a deliberate decision to hire for the attitude and not the skills.They give plenty of freedom to people to discover their own ways to work and very often they even identify their own preferred roles. There have been instances in Triverse where a copy writer has developed into a brand strategist, or a client servicing person has become a creative planner! They inculcate an “I make a difference” attitude at the agency. Everyone in its place and a place for everyone.

“On the fun side, our samosa-breaks to unwind, regular festival and birthday celebrations add a touch of excitement”, she asserts.

Talking about the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs, she says “When a female joins the workforce, she is more often than not, taken to be employable for a few years only, till the time she ‘settles’ down. And by this definition: older women, if they continue to climb up the corporate ladder and pursue careers, are then the ones who obviously haven’t ‘settled down’ or perhaps have ‘issues’ in their personal lives? This very perception of business women, linked with the unit of the family and her “role” as a wife or mother, in my opinion, comes in way of a woman truly succeeding in the corporate world”.

To continue to grow and develop as a leader, Meenakshi keeps in touch with what’s happening in the economy, industry, and the society – “Reading is a great way to keep one updated, especially now with the digitalization of content we have access to global information and that too in real time”.

About the leading lady

With a degree in Economics and an MBA in Marketing, Meenakshi has worked with the leaders of the industry. Be it TNT Skypak (courier and logistics), Oberoi Hotels (hospitality) or Deutsche Bank (finance), each one has been a globally renowned name, the number one service provider in its segment. The experience of working with these has gone a long way in shaping her personality as a confident individual, understanding the value of systematically planned work, product knowledge and the finer nuances of decoding the customer.There was a break in her career when her husband was posted to Mauritius and she chose to join him there.

It was in 2008, when Triverse was founded, that Meenakshi was back at work, and this time as a co-founder. It was time to face new challenges of creating an organization culture, its structure, corporate strategy, client nurturing, financial discipline and people management. There has been no looking back since.

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