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Aalthaa Design Solutions: Designs that Speak Volume about Creativity

Aalthaa Design Solutions: Designs that Speak Volume about Creativity

Creativity is one of the most admired qualities in any domain and it becomes extremely important when talked about designing. A professional who is enriched with creativity can craft dynamic and trendsetting designs. Today we are going to talk about one such lady with a whole lot of seasoned expertise and competence in designing. She is none other than the founder of AALTHAA DESIGN SOLUTIONS – Pallavi Das.

AALTHAA DESIGN SOLUTIONS is a creative desk that offers design solutions in the realm of textile/fashion/wall art and other related areas of design. It was founded with the sole intention of being able to offer good design to a larger section of people. This Mumbai based company has earned immense glory and goodwill of its satiated clients.

The biggest factors that have helped Pallavi become successful are consistency and not giving up even when the going went tough sometimes. She sticks to her instincts and never cheats work in terms of quality and aesthetics. She maintains consistency through all waters be it troubled or calm.

As a leader, she never hesitates from doing heart to heart talk about the importance of being consistent and the creation of quality work. She explains to her team that the power of decision that lies with them, makes all the difference in the design they offer and that they had the power to make that difference. To encourage creative thinking, she urges them to start their thought from a point of wishful thinking and then figure out ways of how to achieve that.

Teamwork that makes the difference

Leaders should have thought through the entire game before the first step. It’s possible that many things would change as work went along, but they would then have thought about backups as well. “I believe a leader is as strong as the weakest link in the team so it’s never they, it’s always us”, says Pallavi.

There are many challenges being faced by women leaders like Pallavi. They still have a bigger role in bringing up families and thus, they seldom get to use their full potential as a professional since their day and time is completely divided amongst ten other things. It’s a stereotype that women entrepreneurs have men joining them in their businesses to handle numbers and other technical aspects of the business. “In my sphere of work, initially it seemed that other business owners who I started work with were surprised that I was the decision-maker cum spokesperson of my business and not a man”, asserts Pallavi.

Talking about the growth of the company, she has ensured growth and development by taking many vital steps. It’s important that people keep themselves abreast and updated of ever-changing technology, systems, consumer psychology and behavior and hacks. “I try to keep myself updated through social media, interaction with buyers and consumers, attending seminars, research travel and market observance.”

But nothing is hunky-dory in an entrepreneur’s life, more so in case of female entrepreneurs. One of the biggest obstacles that a woman entrepreneur has to go through is the work-life balance. Pallavi manages to make a work-life balance despite finding it the biggest challenge. She manages her work, child, her educational needs, home management amongst many other things through structuring her time. “I slot out my day and stick to my timings. Conversely, I follow absolutely no structure of time during weekends”, says Pallavi

Making the dream come true

She encourages herself in testing times by talking with her self-conscience. She says,“I have everything it takes to overcome hard times and that this too shall pass.

They are very few people who are able to make their dream come true. She is one such rare person to turn her dream into reality. “You won’t believe it, but my dream as a kid was to become a designer. As a child, I wanted to make things look great. I learnt in design school the importance of functionality and aesthetics and later on as a professional, I have learnt how to commercialize it to everyone’s benefit.”

Talking about competitors, she says, “My biggest competitors are other designers who offer designs as freelancers to the same consumers in the industry. However, our design signature and orientation to detail and quality is our differentiator and our loyal customers are even prepared to pay us a premium for our designs.”

She feels fortunate enough to study fashion design in a fabulous institute like NIFT and gain very valuable professional experience over 18 years working with few other reputed labels like Evoluzione, TCNS, SATYAPAUL. The AALTHAA studio puts together all these years of experience in addition to the creative and technical knowhow that her team possesses and offers design potential to the world. This is its USP.

She has advice to next-generation female entrepreneurs cum leaders. She says, “Society has put down a list of ‘things-to-do” for every female that is born. Don’t be slaved by it. Make your own list.”When you do what you enjoy doing and what you are good at, it acts as a lifelong impetus to your hard work.  So follow your instincts.

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