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Change Institutes - Embracing the change and setting new benchmark

Change Institutes: Embracing the change and setting new benchmark

I Rise the Best when I fall my Worst – Roshni Javiad

Bangalore based Change Institutes is a dynamic and growing company for six years with a focus on value based learning. It has a team driven towards “excellence” It is an organization encompassing the right skills incorporated to specialize in corporate training, employability programs for the education industry, customized packages for expats. The company believes in specialization and that’s how it stands out.

We talked to Roshni Javiad, Founder of the company, about how has been her journey. We asked her about some of the vital aspects of her career. She says, “I have always believed in following passion and feels extremely content about it.” She goes by the principle “Like what you do”. Discipline and Consistency has been the vital aspects in her career which has given new horizons to her career.

She emphasizes on unique Pedagogy and Business Development. She opines that one should be bound with Vision and Core Values and mission follows automatically.

We asked how does she ensures the continuous success of the firm. She has a straightforward answer to that – “By Creating Leaders better than me and increasing efficacy and quality consistently in terms of the Services offered”. She wants to create more leaders and not get caught up with Power Struggle.


The endeavorof the company is to provide simple, strong, fast, dynamic and responsive experience to the customers in their quest for searching the best man-power available. It possesses well trained staff having the medley of speed and experience who help to find the best possible talent, in the most demanding niche skill areas too. It recognizes its responsibility to influence the careers and lives through itsinsight, advice and solution. It makes things easier for the clients by multiple screening prior to final interviewing of candidates, increasing the probability of success & cutting on precious time of corporate. As a partnership, it values long-term relationship with the clients.

When it comes to mass interviews, it manages them with the client’s demand without disturbing the routine activities at the premises of the valued customer. The business is divided and focused on the verticals based approach in BFSI, CEI, FRLS, IT, Hotels, Resorts & Hospitals, News Paper, Media, Production and Animation. Domain expertise across verticals more than 60% of business is repeat business from existing clients.

The firm finds its relevance among eminent organizations such as CII which will be using its strong existing database. CII will also consider looking at advertising in the leading media section to get quick flow of CV’s. CII also advertise the job in its website, and also advertise in the various subscribed job portals. Team dedicated for this assignment will also source first hand CV’s from its network (Network – existing candidate database). CII will also provide office space to conduct interviews (if required).

Benefits to Institutes and Corporates

The company has pre-defined plans to help increased brand equity of an institute by improving the intake quality and thereby enhancing brand equity. Students are made better equipped to understand functional integration & get a complete business perspective. Not only this, it also assists them in faculty development by providing an excellent opportunity for faculty development to be able to further excel while handling various subjects in the curriculum.

The company offers a whole lot of benefits to corporates. It provides employee readiness which helps in improving the intake quality and thereby enhancing brand equity. Moreover, it assists with improved teamwork by means of which students will be better equipped to understand functional integration & get a complete business perspective. Apart from this, it aids them in the achievement of business goals. It also offers an excellent opportunity for faculty development to be able to further excel while handling various subjects in the curriculum.

The company upskills, unlearns and learns regularly. It participates in National or International conferences. It keeps itself abreast of the changes or latest pedagogy in terms Training globally.


The company has a rich a client base including, Wipro, Toyota, Titan, Oracle, Shimzu Constructions (Japan), ICD security solutions, Novas’ global LTD, Travtech, Samsung, CMR law college, WLC college of mgmt., Tasmac college of mgmt., Baldwin’s Law college, RCC college of mgmt., Kamala group of institutions – Hyderabad Vagdevi group of institutions Ivory Coast student’s association, GRV Business Mgmt Academy etc, The Residency school (for ELT) Ananta Vidyaniketan ( for ELT), Nandini (for ELT), Style studio, Timken IT private ltd, Venkateshwara group of Institutions – Coimbatore Hotel, Elite Royal Yodleee IT TVS (NGO) Redington. It has a number of International clients in countries including, Mexico, Germany, France and Columbia.

Talking about the work-life balance, she knows how to strike a chord between work and life. She says, “I love both (home and work) and value both. I love to work out every day to manage stress and enjoy my Salsa dancing too.”

Roshni wants to inspire women who are limited with Geographical and Religious borders. She wants them to understand that there is no need of external motivation if you keep yourself motivated in every single moment irrespective of any phase of life. She wants them to embrace the change and be prepared to accept Change the way the company has been exploring and Challenge Traditional Teaching/Training and experiment with Contemporary Pedagogy.

Golden Words

She wants to share what she has learnt from her exciting journey.

She says, “First, identity your Goal or Dream. Today most of them are lost in the maze. Then follow with Discipline and Consistency. Develop Effective Communication and an amiable persona with good Networking skills. Never give up on your dreams. Be OPEN TO CHANGE, Experiment with Change never be caught up in the web of Religious and geographical borders, not back out due to the obstacles during this process, distribute Leadership.”

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