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Footprints - The Play School where Safety and Learning goes together

Footprints: The Play School where Safety and Learning goes together

It happens to be one of the most cherished dreams of parents to see their beloved kids going to school and learning good things. To this end, the first ladder is playschool (pre-school) which has been in trend for last couple of decades now in India. The concept of play school came into existence so that the kids could easily adapt to the new environment of school in the absence of the parents. The kids get to play and learn while being in a play school.

But for the last few years, we have seen some terrifying reports of child abuse in many such schools. This has made many parents insecure about the safety and protection of their kids. To this end, there are few schools that go extra mile to take care of your kids by means of technology and their proactive approach and Ghaziabad-based Footprints is one such school.

Promoted by an IIT-IIM alumni, Footprints has 13000+ delighted parents.
Footprints follows a research-based curriculum called “Highscope” – a US based curriculum. With providing a home like care, it also offers a World Class Child-Adult Ratio, Live CCTV Streaming, Trained Staff and Safe and Secure Infrastructure for Child Safety. Moreover, it provides 100% Nutritious Food with No Junk Food Policy.

Delivering on the promises

We talked to one of the key figures of the school – AmitaBharadwaj, Chief Delivery Officer at Footprints. She has been at the forefront to ensure that the school delivers on its promises. The track record of the school is truly encouraging which is visible by the reviews given by the parents. We asked her how she handles the functioning of school successfully. She says, “The biggest factor that has always helped me to be successful is being present to what is so and willing to create what is possible.”

There are many things which keep her motivated to bring the best in the modus operandi of the school. Awareness regards to what are the needs of the children in early years as well as supporting parents in early child development has helped her to work towards impacting preschool industry.

Apart from this, communication plays a vital role in functioning of any organization. She agrees and says, “Communication is the key if I may say so, with all the stakeholders. It is not to speak your ideas but also to listen to your team or their experiences.” This practice helps to keep her work in actuality and complete the same within the stipulated time period.

We asked her what she would like to change in the present curriculum. She says, “I would change the way all schools conduct their curriculum in the preschools. Introducing and building ways to implement active learning approach as one of the tools to transform child development and education is the way to go.”

The school gives utmost priority to create trust among parents.Amita feels that by providing safe environment to children and staff and continuously discovering how she can do better in this field is making a huge difference in the world.

The school has a truly unique working methodology which works in accordance with a settling period where parents join the class for initial one week along with the child and foremost being in communication with Founders, Centre Directress, and Staff on regular intervals etc. Being transparent and keeping its word makes it different from the other businesses in similar domains.

As far as franchise is concerned, it meets with Potential Franchise/s to understand them and make them understand what Footprints is and where its principles lie. It emphasizes on the unique working methodology which is based on technology.

Leading from the front

We asked her what has been the most important thing for running the organization. She says, “The most important to my organization is our vision which is created inclusively on mission and built upon core values we hold as an organization.”

We asked her some of the ideal traits for being an ideal leader. She says, “Being in communication is one of the valued characteristics for a leader.I always strive to be a good listener and therefore I always listen to my franchise owners, my team-mates and most importantly parents.My words always encourage me as a leader which I keep sharing with my children and my team.Living in the moment has always helped me to get to where I am today and this is what I would advise to all who would want to set up their career.”

What would be her advice to the aspiring women entrepreneurs and leaders? She says, “The only advice I would give to all female leaders around the globe would be to always be honest to yourself and keep your word.”

Being in education sector was her dream since childhood as she learnt from her grandma that Education is the treasure which no one can steal from you. Though not in the form of teacher which she used to aspire in her childhood, she is literally making a remarkable difference in the industry by giving new dimension to the organization and leading from the front. This becomes commendable when she does it single-handedly.

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