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Letstrack: The Undisputed Leader in Tracking Devices

Letstrack: The Undisputed Leader in Tracking Devices

In this fast-paced world, we have been witnessing transformation like never before. Almost every day, we come across some unique innovations that shape our lives. One such innovation is the tracking device. Of late, the tracking devices have proved their worth in many timely occasions. They ensure the safety of our loved ones. People from the field are making a difference by securing vehicles and people’s lives. Today we are going to talk about Letstrack – a firm which has carved its niche in the tracking industry.

Letstrack is a UK-based MNC which has been recognized as“Asia’s largest vehicle security company” and is now “world’s first voice-integrated vehicle security company” too. With Letstrack vehicle security device, you can now talk to your vehicle. The vision behind the brand is – “Anything that moves can be tracked”, and it does so through the power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

The path-breaking and industry-defining features and services of the company have led Letstrack to win 17 awards in the last 3 years, “100 Greatest Brands in India being one of them. They have software and hardware solutions to add security to people’s life and productivity to businesses. They are the market leader and they believe in constantly innovating themselves. This is their USP.

Dreamer cum Believer

Behind the successful journey of the company lies the firm hand of Rachita Juneja – Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of the company. She has been a force to reckon with. The biggest factor that has helped her become successful is that she dreams a lot, believes in her dreams and does not believe in the word “NO”. She always tries to improve herself. “Everyone knows inside where they lack. This habit I have recently developed is I try things I think I won’t be able to do. I can’t, therefore, I must”, she says.

Deciding the course of the company is one of the most important decisions she makes as a leader of her organization. “Everyone has the same 24 hours and where to invest your time is a very important decision. I say no to a lot of things which will make me a lot of money because we are building a brand”, she says.

She continuously works for the betterment of her organization. For encouraging creative thinking within her organisation, she always motivates people to read and work on themselves. “A lot of my team members have joined courses, attend seminars to boost themselves and expand their horizon”, she says.

The company is working on the vision that anything that moves needs tracking. Apart from this, it is working on a mission to make this world a safer place to live in. The core values of the company are honesty, transparency, passion, perseverance, integrity, responsibility and excellence. Rachita believes that vision for the team members and resilience along with positivity to work towards the vision are the traits that every leader should possess.

Sailing through the challenges

Talking about the challenges she has faced so far, she says “To deal with male ego is a challenge but women not demanding enough from themselves is a bigger challenge” To conquer challenges, she believes in evolving continuously so as to ensure growth and development as a leader.

She has always maintained a distance from negativity. She advises people not to pay attention to the noise or the limiting thoughts of people that this or that can’t be done. She says, “Even if bill gates come to you and say this can’t be done then don’t listen to him because there’s always a first.”

In the testing times, she encourages herself by means of vision and by developing an unwavering belief in the vision. And belief is a self – fulfilling prophecy. When you believe or have faith in certain things, they start moving towards you.

Apart from Letstrack, she is quite passionate about works pertaining to the camera. She went to the National School of Drama because her dream job was to be in front of or behind the camera. “I haven’t given up on it, production is in the cards”, she asserts.

We asked her about her competitors and she is least bothered about the competition. She is focused on her own product line. She says, “There are 23000 more companies in our industry, we are the market leader so I don’t consider others competition, however cliché that might sound. We are able to differentiate from them because they are here to make money and we are here to build a brand.”

Her business partner Vikram Kumar has helped her a lot. He is very proactive and believes in excellence and this makes him a great mentor and coach.

She has a piece of advice for the readers. “There are two ways to a successful life. For the lucky ones, do what you love or find ways to love what you do. Always look at the silver lining”, she concludes.

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