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Liftup Consultancy - The lady who embraced failure and bounced back

The lady who embraced failure and bounced back

Witnessing failure and overcoming that failure has always been a motivating story for people. We have seen people successfully taking the bull by the horns and emerging victorious. It becomes more fascinating when this comes from a lady who has embraced motherhood Difficulties but didn’t give up on her aspirations to make a name for herself in the industry. Today, we are going to talk about one such person, Nancy Hatgaonkar.

Six years back in the year 2013, Nancy laid the foundation stone for Liftup Consultancy. She wanted to carve a niche in the consultancy sector by means of the worldly wise know-how that she had been providing to her bosses during her long corporate stint. She thought if her ideas could work for them why won’t they work for her own firm. And this is how the thought of working for her own firm ignited.

In no time, the company started offering recruitment services to many major firms and made its place among some big names in the industry. It became their favourite when it came to avail recruitment services. The recruitment services are specialized in some sectors. The company began with Engineering and that too elevator and firefighting industry. Right now, the company has cemented its place in this domain as a brand. Not only in India but in overseas industry to, the company has established itself as one of the big names in this particular sector.

Not only this, it was also doing well in its other domain – Corporate Retail. For four years, recruitment worked wonders but things didn’t work out after four years. It was being difficult for her to handle the dual responsibility simultaneously. A sort of blockage erupted after four years of successfully running the firm.

Bounce back like a champion

She became clueless and hopeless taking into consideration the future of the firm. Things were really not great at that point of time. She was losing interest day in and day out. Not only this, she was surrounded by laziness as well. There is an adage which goes like this – “It doesn’t matter you win or lose what matters is that how hard you battled it out”. Tackling procrastination is one of the biggest things that every human being finds in his/her life. And Nancy is someone to take inspiration from.

She restarted the business from scratch6 Monthsback and began the recruitment drive in not only recruitment but retail business, which is individual and corporate business both. The satisfaction and trust of clients motivated her to join the battle again. Recently, she has started the retail business in corporate sector also. The hard work that she put on during those four years are bearing fruits now and kept her enthused even after a low period in her career.

We asked her about her journey. She says, “So far the journey has been a huge roller coaster ride. The big the downfall, the more hard hitting it becomes. It needs a lot of courage to overcome that failure and bounce back.” After the downfall, her confidence was completely shaken. She says,“It was like peanuts. But now it is mountain.” She came back like a true champion.

The failure has made her more cautious and has heightened herwhat she calls in her own terms “matured confidence”. The biggest challenge she tackled was the mental blockage, the reluctance she had for herself. Nothing is bigger than your failure for yourself. The moment you think you have failed nothing can awake you up.

A force to reckon with

We also asked her about how she strikes a chord in work and life. Talking about work-life balance she says, “It’s not about 50-50 between personal and professional life. It’s about when to prioritize what.  It’s about when it is needed.”

In terms of future plans, it aspires to be the one stop shop for corporate houses looking for corporate gift items such as New Year gifts or Diwali gifts. They won’t feel the need to call a number of vendors. They can call the company for all the services at one place. For growth, the company is looking to channelize all the energy and make contacts and create big connections.

It is looking to grow as much as it can but without putting number games, without any target. Apart from this, the process of hiring is in full swing.

The company and Nancy herself has received many awards. She has been felicitated with Certificate of Merit Participation. Recently, she was awarded with Top 150 Women Entrepreneur Award in SME Industry. Liftup Consultancy has been awarded with Great Companies Certificate. She also got a certificate in air rifle participation. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Nancy was fortunate enough to share dais with the eminent media baron Subhash Chandra.

She is a true champion and a force to reckon with among aspiring women entrepreneurs.

About the lady

Nancy is an avid biker known for her love for bikes. Moreover, she loves cooking and feels happy to satiate the taste buds of people. She enjoys a massive fan following on social media platforms, where her admirers keep her motivated all the time.

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