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Poonam Soni: The Sparkling Journey from a Name to a Brand

Poonam Soni: The Sparkling Journey from a Name to a Brand

It takes a “Himalayan courage” and unsurmountable dedication to carve a brand out of your name.Today we are going to talk about a person who never got bogged down by competitors at any point of her career. We are talking about none other than Poonam Soni–a name which has established herself as the unbeaten brand in the jewelry industry.

Mumbai-based Poonam Soni started functioning in 1989 as a proprietorship firm. Today it is a private limited company by the name Poonam Soni Signature Line pvt Ltd and also a proprietorship called Jewels Eleven. The former sells the fine collection jewels from the brand “Poonam Soni” and the latter sells fashion jewelry – “My Gemme”. Both companies function like corporates with independent setups of administration, design creation, sales, and accounts. However, the functioning of each is different and unique.

The biggest factors that have helped the brand – Poonam Soni — become a successful one is the brand building, design revolution, and the company setup. The brand has been set up on its own working styles and modules, opening unique paths and experimentation. Instinct has played a big part in growing this brand.  Moreover, discipline, time management, dedication and the art to deliver also make Poonam Soni stand apart from the crowd. Poonam Soni is a health buff and she likes to stick to her health routine, and follows spiritual philosophy religiously.She says, “No is not a part of our dictionary.”

The designer is known as the pioneer of luxury jewels in India and has retained its position as the leading luxury brand of the country for three decades. She is the highest awarded designer of the country the first to take her label to international shores.

Recognizable from a distance

Talking about the USP of the brand Poonam Soni, it is their style of jewelry which is color oriented, fusion with multi materials, dimensional, unique, and singular and hand crafted. A Poonam Soni piece is recognizable from a distance. They have a strong brand identity of design. This design strength has also helped them evolve a unique business of redesigning the clients existing jewels to works of art. Apart from this, artjewelry has equally helped them carve a niche in the industry.

They have fused canvas paintings into jewels with artists like Laxman Shrestha. One of their prized collections is galloping horses of Nawaz Modi Singhania which Poonam Soni herself has embedded with jewels into hand bracelets and cuffs.They are trendsetters and path breakers in the jewelry business of unique jewels, marketing and brand building.

The ability of Poonam Sonito be unique, consistent and heart to heart customer relations have helped them build an indomitable, respected and trusted luxury jewelry brand. Their ability to evolve with the changing times, remain on top of design and styles have immensely have them catapult an image which sets the brand apart from peers. Moreover, having a disciplined corporate set up which is different from the way the jewelry industry functions, especially in India, has given them an edge.

Leadership skills

As a leader, Poonam Soni takes immense care of vision behind a design. Moreover, brand management and crisis management make a big part of her leadership skills. She is a firm believer of creativity within the organization. She ensures this by creating an atmosphere of equality, harmony, freedom of speech and brainstorming sessions where inputs are very valued. There is no vertical hierarchy, only horizontal decision of specialized areas.

She believes that every leader must be having working according to some core values inculcating respect, discipline and time management. Apart from this, a leader should keep the mission intact and should keep striving to deliver the best. She ensures growth and development by means of innovation. She finds it easy to adapt to changing times. She says, “I am like a sponge. I don’t stick to old ideas or philosophies – it is stagnation for me. I keep learning at every stage.”

On the work-life balance front, she takes support of spiritual growth which expanded her life. She asserts, “My Buddhist philosophy helped to expand my life to balance both beautifully. I enjoy taking multi-million deal decisions as much as I enjoy Sunday cooking for my kids.” People often get deterred by obstacles, but Poonam never let challenges discourage her. She finds it exciting to excel in challenging circumstances. Challenges are springboards to growth. After a challenge, you come out stronger and more confident.

We asked her at which point did she realize her entrepreneurial and leadership acumen. To which she says, “I always had a conviction that I was going to be successful and powerful. I wanted to be on the top in whichever field she took. I always wanted to excel. I was truly very ambitious and wanted to break the mould and do things which would get her accolades.”

Contemporaries not competitors

For the next generation of female leaders, she has a piece of advice. She says, “Be secure and confident in your strength. Women have the added advantage of multitasking more efficiently and the opportunity to balance family and work – imbibe values in family, an environment of compassion, respect and gratitude – it empowers women leaders more.” Along with talent, discipline and time management – honesty and good relations goes a long way.

She believes in contemporaries not competitors. She says, “In business growth, there is no place for insecurity but definitely place for inspiration.” Poonam Soni is a standalone unique luxury brand which has grown through path breaking designs, setting their own growth pattern, unique customization and personalization of customer’s needs. Their three decade growth is not through commercialization or multi stores but it is a unique growth of a boutique luxury brand. They still retain and encourage hand craftsmanship. The International luxury lobby has labeled Poonam Sonias Designer to the Collector in all the Masters books of Jewelry.

“I strongly feel that my strength to evolve, change with the times and conviction and courage to try the different route has created the brand Poonam Soni. I enjoyed being a forerunner in design and a pioneer in Collection Jewels. Little did I realize that I would also be giving seminars on how to build brands.  I think my conviction in myself brought me to this”, exclaims Poonam Soni.

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