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Basilic Fly Studio [BFS] began its journey of VFX in 2013 with talented artists all enjoying our state-of-the-art facilities while working on a whole spectrum of Visual Effects projects. We have demonstrated our capability of executing the entire spectrum of services required in the making of feature films, television and commercials. There is no doubt that Basilic Fly Studio has become one of the finest visual effects (VFX) houses with offices in Chennai, Pune, Vancouver and London.

Balakrishnan R, CEO & Managing Director, Balakrishnan directs the strategy toward profitable growth, makes overall decisions, and controls /oversees all business operations, people, & ventures. Yogalakshmi S, Director Yogalakshmi manages day-to-day business activities, company finances, and administrative functions; determines strategic objectives and policies. Prabhakar Duraiswamy, Head of Studio / Director Prabhakar oversees scheduling, workflow, and overall creative success, including personally making surethe technical and artistic quality of the shots are of high standards.

Christina Graham, MD-UK and Europe. Christina provides strategic advice and guidance, ensuring the objectives are met. She also helps in preparing and implementing comprehensive business plans. Jennifer Hargreaves, GM Business Development North America Jennifer takes care of ideas, initiatives, and activities involved in building long-term, trusting relationships with clients worldwide. Also, she is responsible for business
development. Our clients are usually of two natures – major VFX studios and direct production houses across the globe.

Basilic Fly Studio in its initial stage was a Roto, Prep, Matchmove focused company. Now, we aspire to become a full-service VFX studio offering services right from pre-production and post-production to final delivery. Toward the goal, we have successfully built CG and Comp departments with skilled artists in Chennai & Pune offices. Establishing strong creative leadership teams in Vancouver (Canada) and London (United Kingdom) can be counted as one of our achievements. And we are happy to have evolved as a strong contender in the VFX industry. We take great pride in achieving a workplace where constant learning and a “curious mindset” is rewarded. We would like to shed some light on India’s VFX industry as a whole. Indian VFX studios have already made their mark in global cinema. Thanks to the abundant talent and creativity available in India, clients are now flocking in. This was not the case about two decades back. We had to mostly rely on domestic projects which posed many challenges.

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