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MyGate was started in Bengaluru, India in 2016 by former Indian Air Force pilot Vijay Arisetty along with Shreyans Daga and Abhishek Kumar to address efficiency and security gaps at the gates of communities. The simplicity of this innovative app – and its positive impact on residents, managing committee members, guards and the overall community-led to strong organic adoption in many Indian metros. From here, MyGate has built on its original idea to create the most comprehensive solution, impacting every aspect of community living.

Residents can use the MyGate app to communicate with neighbours, discuss matters of the community and society on internal discussion forums, manage visitors (guests, deliveries, cabs etc.), maintain attendance record, and salary payments for daily help, discover services, pay society maintenance bills, among much else. The all in one app has set a new standard for modern community management, ensuring convenient living or working experience for residents, RWA, security personnels and all other stakeholders within a gated community.

Overview of MyGate’s comprehensive community management solution

Community: The largest selection of community features to keep residents happy (eg. Helpdesk, Amenities Booking, Dues Payments), manage staff easily (eg. Attendance), and save costs via complete digitisation (eg. Resident Intercom, Communications module).

Security: A premium gate entry experience for all types of visitors, an easier time for the security guard and a safer community for your residents. All made possible with the world’s most experienced & robust visitor approval system.

Accounting: A powerful tool to take care of all community accounting needs, from expense management and invoice generation to balance sheet creation and audit-ready reports.

Beyond its core functionalities, MyGate also offers a range of value-added services such as a real estate listing space, a peer-to-peer marketplace, airport cab rentals & various other home services.

Current Scale of MyGate

MyGate is the largest community app in the world, with 25,000 communities and 3.5 million homes in all major metros and, increasingly, has found favor even in smaller cities and towns. Every year, the app facilitates over 1 billion check-ins, helps resolve over 6 million tickets and enables collection of $300 million in dues. Since their launch in 2016, it has also trained over 1.7 lakh guards on its platform. From Bengaluru to Bilaspur, MyGate is everywhere!

Stringent data privacy policies

MyGate sets the bar high when it comes to prioritizing data privacy in the realm of community management & security services. By implementing GDPR guidelines, adhering to data minimization, encryption and purpose limitation principles, granting granular user control, protecting data when shared with third-party vendors, and conducting regular security audits, MyGate ensures that user information is safeguarded and treated with the utmost confidentiality. With MyGate, residents can enjoy the benefits of advanced features while maintaining trust in the app’s commitment to data privacy.

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