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Nutrify Today is an innovative company that is transforming the nutraceutical industry by leveraging emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Led by Mr. Amit Srivastava, a pharmacist with extensive experience in the field, and supported by a team of industry experts.

Nutrify Today aims to democratize the nutraceutical supply chain and accelerate the commercialization process. Their flagship product, Nutrify Genie, is a curated AI engine that combines 2.5 million scientific and commercial resources on a single platform to design, develop, and commercialize ethical nutraceuticals in record time. This Indian innovation has positioned Nutrify Today as a global thought leader in advanced ethical nutraceuticals, and they are actively contributing to the growth of the industry through collaborations and policy advocacy.

Key Figures in the Company

Amit Srivastava – Founder and Chief Catalyst: Mr. Srivastava is the visionary leader driving the company towards its goals. With his background in pharmacy and expertise in nutraceutical ingredients and medical foods, he brings valuable insights and strategic direction to Nutrify Today.

Priyanka Srivastava – Co-founder and HR Director: Mrs. Srivastava, a gold-medalist MBA in HR, is responsible for creating a robust team at Nutrify Today. She has developed a sustainable business model that promotes remote working and empowers employees to achieve their targets with 100% freedom. It is with her smart Hybrid methodology for working that Nutrify Today has earned coveted “Great Place to work” certification.

Dr. Anand Swaroop – Co-founder and US Entry Lead: Dr. Swaroop is spearheading Nutrify Today’s expansion into the US market. His expertise in the nutraceutical industry and strong network contribute to the company’s
global reach.

Khasim MTI – Director of IT and Operations: Mr. MTI is driving innovation in AI technologies to enable the nutraceutical industry to design, develop, and commercialize differentiated products. His expertise ensures that Nutrify Today stays at the forefront of technological advancements.


Nutrify Today serves a wide range of clients, including pharmaceutical companies with an interest in nutraceuticals, large nutraceutical companies, and ingredients and contract manufacturing companies. Some notable clients include Euro Alliance, Jubilant Pharma, Bharat Serum, Legacy Health-Switzerland, Fuji Chemicals, and IFF.

Company Goals and Achievements

The primary goal of Nutrify Today is to create a democratized nutraceutical supply chain that promotes responsible commercialization worldwide. To achieve this, they have developed several groundbreaking innovations and achieved notable milestones, including:

1. World’s first nutraceutical industry networking mobile platform.

2 First nutraceutical industry Radio Podcast channel.

3. World’s first Idea to commercialization Curated AI platform with over 1.2 million scientific and commercial

4. World’s first Nutraceutical academy powered by esteemed institutions such as IIT Jammu, Monteux Institute of Business Development-Switzerland, and Centurion University.

These achievements have garnered significant industry recognition and have established Nutrify Today as a leading player in the nutraceutical sector. They have successfully commercialized ethical nutraceutical brands such as Nurturance, Esperer Nutrition, and Nanoveda. Additionally, Nutrify Today launched the world’s first global nutraceutical summit,, and has trained over 15,000 industry executives through the Nutrify Today Academy.

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