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The Podobrace Group is (online) marketleader for medical and sport supplies in Europen with Podobrace we are now active in more than 25 countries and we just expanded to Asia with our; “Podobrace Asia” department, where we also recently bought a factory (Podobrace industry) to provide our clients with even better quality and prices. In this factory with 1400 employees we currently produce braces, compression shorts, but also t-shirts, socks, hoodies, tracksuits, jackets, satin pillows sheets and towels. Worldwide we produce millions of towels and garment items every year for our clients. And with Podobrace.com we have the largest webshop for medical devices in Europe, specializing in orthopedic care and sports podology. We have been bringing the best of orthopedics, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation supplies to those in need across Holland, Belgium, Germany, and the UK. Limiting the right preventive measures and/or timely medical treatment of musculoskeletal conditions can lead to chronic pain and disability. To tackle this problem, we offer a wide range of medical care products and services that have been carefully selected to optimize the quality of life for anyone with recurring sports injuries and other orthopedic or rehabilitation requirements.

As Founder and CEO of the Podobrace Group, Bill Duin is the leader, inspirer and visionary of the whole Podobrace Group. Bill was only 24 years young when he started Podobrace with his father with nothing. Now, many years later, the company has 1500+ employees active worldwide. Under the leadership of Bill, Podobrace has become the market leader in many European countries and will continue to expand in the coming years. In 2014 he won the Rabobank Starting Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2018 IBEV Entrepreneur of the Year Award
and in 2018 also the VOWA Entrepreneur of the Year Award. But what Bill is most proud of is the starting and founding of the Gladiator Foundation. Because Bill truly believes in good karma, helping people and in the philosophy: “What you give with your left, you get back with your right”, so therefore also in the future Bill will give even more with the foundation and try to help as much people as he can, and really try to make a difference in the world, because that’s what life is truly all about and matters the most for him and the whole Podobrace
family. • Philanthropist, Serial Entrepreneur, Influencer • Founder & CEO of Podobrace Group Ltd. • Founder & CEO of Podobrace Global Trading Ltd. • Founder & CEO of Gladiator Energydrink Ltd. • Founder & CEO of the Gladiator Foundation • 2014 Rabobank Starting Entrepreneur of the Year Award • 2018 IBEV Entrepreneur of the Year Award • 2018 VOWA Entrepreneur of the Year Award Podobrace India – Narasimha Sharma Narayanam

Narasimha is an extraordinary and inspiring entrepreneur. It has always been his dream to build a successful business that would change lives. With nothing but determination, hard work, Narashimha embarked on a challenging entrepreneurial journey that would eventually lead to the establishment of Podobrace India. Despite all the odds, he was educated in England because he believed that with his gained knowledge he had the power to change lives and improve communities in his home country. After completing his degree in the UK, Narasimha was determined to pursue his dream. Now many years later he has become an influential entrepreneur and proud to really make a difference to the world with the whole Podobrace family. Your Clients • Target USA • Peppa Pig • HEMA • NDDC • Action • Kessels textile • Primex • Balin • BRÜCKNER Textile • GTN Engineering Limited

Make India a Global Manufacturing Hub With the Make in India and Atmanirbhar Bharat as our motives, we are determined to revolutionize India’s manufacturing sector. By partnering with global leaders and investing in production facilities staffed by highly qualified personnel, we will become a key player on the international stage. This monumental effort will generate game-changing progress within India’s manufacturing sector, allowing us to shape smarter solutions that push boundaries forward toward lasting success

Our Mission

Adhering to our principles, we bring the best of ourselves forward in providing superior products and services. By collaborating with leading players abroad, we open new doors for exciting possibilities that benefit all those connected to us. “A Move to Atmanirbhar Bharat”

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