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India’s digital market continues to experience rapid growth, creating a strong demand for public cloud service providers. This surge in demand is driven by large enterprises, digital natives, and small and medium-sized businesses seeking digital innovation. In response to this growth, Bootlabs was established in 2019 as a Bangalore-based firm specializing in boutique consulting and product-based solutions in the areas of DevSecOps and Cloud Technologies, and that is where we designed Sailor – which is simplifying cloud.

We have extensive capability of multiple Hyperscalers:

As a trusted partner of Google and AWS, Bootlabs offers a comprehensive range of services, including Cloud Consulting, 360 Degree Ops Digital Transformation, Cloud Assessment & Cloud Migration, and Platform Engineering with a focus on DevSecOps, SRE (Site Reliability Engineering), and building Cloud Accelerators. The company’s mission is to accelerate cloud adoption by leveraging cutting-edge technologies while minimizing
the total cost of ownership. They facilitate organizational transformation to support rapid application development and consistent releases.

With over a decade of experience in Cloud Adoption Journeys, Bootlabs has gained expertise in various areas,
including Multicloud, Cloud Governance, Cloud-based Migration, SRE, and Auto Scalability. The company is
currently developing a SaaS platform called ‘Sailor,’ which aims to simplify and customize cloud adoption through a self-service model, incorporating cloud governance and infrastructure creation.

Multiskilled Team with capability to build infra on clients preferred cloud The team working on Sailor in Bootlabs is driven by a passion for building future-ready intelligent enterprises. They provide accelerators, cloud platforms, security checklists, and cloud operation solutions tailored to the demands of the current business landscape. The company’s founder and CEO, Ramkumar Sambasivan, started his journey as a developer and transitioned into DevOps due to the increasing complexity of managing distributed systems. Motivated by the desire to simplify the Cloud journey for everyone, he laid the foundation stone for Sailor in 2021.

The core team at Bootlabs consists of developers and DevOps engineers who bring a wealth of technical expertise to the table. This expertise has been instrumental in driving the company’s success. Additionally, Bootlabs places great importance on nurturing new leaders and engineers through training and project opportunities. We have helped organisations get the right clarity on cloud both India and abroad As the fastest-growing company in the cloud management and development sector, Bootlabs has achieved remarkable business momentum, generating revenue exceeding one million USD and aiming for an eight-fold growth within the year. We have been chosen cloud accelerator by Mahindra group, Sanabil investments, Astrazeneca, any many similar organisations who trusted us to initiate their cloud journeys.

Sailor has been first choice of distributors in cloud ecosystem Sailor is a game-changing cloud management platform that empowers businesses with seamless, efficient, and customized cloud adoption. With its Low Code/No Code approach, businesses can leverage the full potential of cloud infrastructure without being limited by technical complexities. Sailor’s unified control panel, simplified self-service platform, enhanced visibility and control, and robust security and governance features make it an invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes. Thus it was identified as a user experience product in cloud space particularly in Technology Innovation Forum, 2023 by J.P. Morgan Chase.

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