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Jubilant Biosys Limited provides clients, comprehensive drug discovery, contract research, development and manufacturing services. The Company is a part of the Jubilant Pharmova family of companies, which is one of the flagship companies of the Jubilant Bhartia Group (*).

We service clients via our global team of 1120+ scientists, supported by our proprietary AI/ML accelerated drug discovery platform while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and excellence in execution through our world-class QMS, Project Management, ESG and HSE protocols.

We use flexible business models, investments in new technologies and rigorously robust supply chains ensured by internal capacity and a qualified network of external manufacturing partners. We have a global team of 1120 scientists who have qualifications ranging from MSc, PhDs and Post Docs from the reputed universities of India and the world. This is our real talent pool. However, from a leadership perspective our business is led by Mr Giuliano Perfetti who is an Italian national and the CEO of the company. He is the driving force of the company under his guidance the team stays motivated and is always ready to contribute their best. Giuliano has deep industry knowledge backed by his experience of working with some of the leading big pharma.

To put his role & responsibilities in words it will be prudent to say that company is progressing well under his supervision, guidance and support. He is assisted by functional leaders in scm, Finance, HR, BD, EHS and Marketing. The leadership team gives strategic direction to the business. The CCMDs of our business is Mr Shyam Bhartia and Mr Hari Bhartia who are also promoters of the Jubilant Bhartia Group to which we belong.

In brief our clients fall under the categories of Pharma Innovators: We have clients who are the leading bio techs, big pharma companies, niche biotech’s, start-ups, academia, leading universities of the world, chemical conglomerates who work with us. Client confidentiality is key for us so we cannot name specific entities. The goal of our company is to become leading global “trusted partner in science” and provide world class differentiating services in Integrated Drug Discovery, development and manufacturing. Enable our clients to make the end product commercially available and filing of valuable patents. We are happy to inform you that in the last three years of our aggressive growth we have helped all our clients successfully do all of this with no failures of any kind. We are exceptionally proud of this work that we have done.

We would like the world to know we are a very young company. We started in 2006. We started with a contract of USD 500 dollars and now we are working on projects worth millions of dollars. We have doubled in the last 2 years both in revenue, manpower, the number of sites we operate in etc. We are nimble and young and we want to create our space in the global CRO market. Our client approach is personal and professional and 90% of our clients do not leave us and because of our work when our clients branch out they ensure they take us with them. We are very proud of this space we have created in the clients’ hearts and minds.

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