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The story of Lloyd Healthcare is the story of an ordinary Indian who has dared to dream, believe in himself, and has walked towards his objective. Founded in 2011 with a team of 12 employees & handful of brands at Vijayawada, Lloyd Healthcare transgressed to a 250 Crs house in just a decade. No Wonder, Lloyd Healthcare is the youngest recipient of “CIMS Medica Healthcare Excellence Award” for 2021 & 2022.

Commitment, dedication, hard work and an unwavering belief to achieve one’s own goalpost saw Lloyd Healthcare emerge as a strong player in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The founder person, Mr Narayana Rao Vikram, understood the nuances of the pharma industry in depth as he started his career as a medical representative & rose rapidly. This enabled strong decision-making, a sharp understanding of the surroundings and a grass root connect which strengthened the company over a period.

Shri Narayana Rao Vikram believes that the single most important factor which has contributed to his success is “People”. Lloyd’s value system of ‘Ethics’, ‘Politeness’, ‘Transparency’ & ‘Role Modelling’ enshrine ‘Teamwork’. Hence, every senior of Lloyd Healthcare strives to be a good coach and role model as they understand people come with different mindsets, attitudes & experiences. The company process & system are all geared to assimilate this huge diversity of mindset and work experience for the betterment of the company thereby enabling the development of a unique working culture which has created a “Lloyd Healthcare Family”. Commitment to a good working ecosystem earned Lloyd Healthcare the “The Company with Great Work Environment” award at the 11th Grand Edition of Business Excellence, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

As a reliable & trustworthy pharmaceutical organisation, Lloyd Healthcare follows strict norms for providing quality medicines. Hence, all Lloyd Healthcare brands are manufactured with 100% Indian Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API). Around 8000 plus doctors appreciated and supported this cause and have assured to prescribe Lloyd Healthcare brands for their Indian API. This feat was recorded in “Asia Book of Records 2022”.

As a corporate, Lloyd Healthcare supports the cause of reducing its carbon footprints by using recycled paper for its promotional inputs. On the other hand, the corporate obliges its social responsibility by supporting programs for the growth of trees, saving rivers etc. On 30th Sept 2022 at India Pharma Expo, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi Lloyd Healthcare Pvt Ltd. was awarded the “Best Eco-Friendly Marketing Initiative Award “for its brand Telzox.

The company’s vision is backed up by a set of competent, well-qualified, industrious senior team with an entrepreneurial mindset. Their rich work experience enables seamless innovation on a day-to-day basis building strong processes & systems for today and tomorrow. Lloyd’s senior team understands that organisations are made only when they can create a rung of leaders who can explore, learn, innovate, and add value to existing systems and processes. Hence, the thrust to develop internal leadership is high at Lloyds.

Shri. Narayana Rao Vikram along with his board of directors have taken the organization to a new horizon where many from the industry want to join hands. The organization is currently ranked amongst the top 30 in the chronic segment of Indian pharma. The company has a vision of being a leading speciality-focused Indian pharmaceutical company offering quality medicines & aims at Rs 1000 Cr turnover from its domestic operation by 2030.

In conclusion, Lloyd Healthcare’s impressive journey over the past decade is a testament to its dedication to improving the lives of individuals affected by chronic conditions. With its specialization in cardiac and anti-diabetic medicines, a workforce of over 800 employees, a turnover of 250 crore rupees, and a focus on quality and social responsibility, Lloyd Healthcare continues to be a trusted name in the healthcare industry.

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